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Gold Wedding Throne Chairs Wholesale

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We are the manufacturer of wooden king Throne chairs in China, we do business for wooden kind Throne chairs wholesale, we can produce our high back chairs more than 800 pieces per month. Our high back chairs widely using in weddings, parties, event, and hotels as groom chairs and bride chairs. We selling our Royal Queen King throne chair rental bride and groom chair for wedding white king throne bridal chair to the USA and Middle east marketing.

Main Features of Royal Throne Chairs Wholesale:

100% Solid wood Frame, including oak, birch wood, or pinewood
High Density Foam 45 kg / m3
Hand  Crafted designs
Different height and difference colors
No-stackable original designs
Other names: wedding king chairs, throne king chairs, high back king chair
MOQ: 2 pieces per model with other chair or table orders
Can produce according to customers’ designs
Packing CBM: Two pieces will be one box, one box is 1.8 CBM.
Loading quantity: 36 pieces for one 20 ft container, 100 pieces for one 40 HQ container
HS code: 9401619000

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We are one Royal Throne Chairs Wholesale and manufacturer in China, we do business for throne chairs wholesale
from 1998, supply ability is 900 pieces monthly. Let us show you all the details of our Royal Throne Chairs
Wholesale. Please choose the different models you like as following. Also, we can produce these high-back chairs
depend on your draft or pictures.

single seat throne chairs

king chairs wholesale

color throne chairs

King Throne Chair manufacturer

Do you have a fabric color swatch for our reference?

Yes, you can choose the fabric color from our samples as following.

fabric color for throne chairs

blue throne chairs

The back of throne chairs is made of PU leather, fabric, velvet, with buttons.
We also produce the big size of wooden high back chairs more than 3 m in height. We ship a sofa to the USA with
seats for two people.

Royal Throne Chairs Wholesale silver
Which color is more popular?

The golden wooden frame can be matched with cloth seat bags of different colors, or leather seat bags, or inlaid with
transparent buttons. Under the cloth or leather is a soft sponge and golden carved patterns, which make the royal
chairs look noble.

gold Royal Throne Chairs Wholesale
Let us observe the details of these noble chairs from different angles. At the wedding, the bride and groom will sit on
this elegant chair and hold a beautiful ceremony. The whole chair is very spectacular and imposing.

Royal Throne Chairs
In many classic royal style weddings, you can also see red or purple styles with golden frames on the exterior, which
are equally memorable.

We also have a Black fabric one with a gold frame and crystal button

black royal chair

Our factory can also produce these two colors throne chair. The sponge is featured by softness,
good air permeability, strong back elasticity, and is not easy to be deformed. The fabric is high-grade
velvet, which feels comfortable and soft, and can also be selected according to customer requirements.

king chair

As we all know, in terms of colors, you can choose from gold, silver, red, purple, blue, green, and many other options.

color throne chairs

72” highback throne chairs wholesale 72” highback throne chairs
King Throne Chair supplier King Throne Chair wholesale

Yellow color as well

Yellow throne chairs manufacture

Sometime, we prepare some ready stocks in our factory for prompt delivery.

Royal throne chairs manufacturer

Production Process of Royal Throne Chairs Wholesale

So do you know how to produce these groom and bride chairs?

We have more than 60 experience workers to produce these bride chairs, from the following pictures, you can
see the details of draft, carving, polishing, our workers can carve nice designs including flowers, and we will sand
and paint nice different colors, including gold, silver, white and black as well.

production processing of king chairs

The connecting between wooden parts, we will use nail and glue, we use dry wood material to avoid
broken. We not only produce wooden throne chairs but also we offering resin royal chairs as well. We do business
for Royal Throne Chairs Wholesale for more than 15 years, and all the chairs can be with your logo.

This is a wedding royal throne chair made in our factory. The workmanship is very careful in every place.

royal throne chair wholesale

pink throne chair

king throne chair

gold wedding royal throne chair

white royal throne chair

elegant throne chair

king throne chair

king throne chair factory

gold king throne chair supplier

Do you have more models?

More than 65% of customers choose the single sofa we displayed above, which we also call the royal chair. At the
same time, we can also produce other styles. Below we list three other styles for your reference. Among them, the
queen chair is divided into two types with armrests and without armrests.
We also can produce other models as well.

King chairs

Sometimes, you call these chairs King Chairs or The King Chair as well,gold leather with gold frame.

gold king chairs wholesale king chairs gold wood king chairs gold

This one is simple and bright, and many times, people use it in the lobby of a hotel or in children’s birthday parties.


Below are the queen chairs with and without armrests, which are extremely popular in Middle Eastern countries.

queen chairs with arms

queen chair armless

Can you produce Royal chairs wood for kids?

As we all know, in many children’s birthday parties, queuing, or stage plays, we need many such children’s sofas to
play the emperor, queen, and other activities. At this time, we need children’s royal chairs. The main feature of
children’s chairs is the choice of colors, which can be richer and more colorful than adult chairs.

throne chairs for kids
white and gold royal chairs for kids
At the same time, we also produce two-seater, children’s styles and children’s sizes to match single-seater chairs.

two seats for kids

How about the package of these big chairs?

We use a strong wood box for these chairs, so it will be very safe during transportation as the pictures. And
also, sometimes, our customer asks us to pack the throne chairs with whole wooden boxes, no any damage.

Royal throne chair manufacturer

Two pieces will be one box, one box is 1.8 CBM. package size 185 x 94 x 104 cm (2 pieces)

package for wooden throne chairs

Another very strong package using plywood boxes as well

Total weight: 105 kg ( 2 pieces)

packing of throne chair

Let us show you the pictures of the gallery, some kings chairs using in the hotel lobby, restaurant, nail salon shop,
pedicure shop and wedding parties.

Normally, your wedding needs 2 seats of Throne big chairs or 3 seats of throne big chairs.

The size is 165 x 85 x 125 cm for 2 people chairs, bride and groom will seat here during the wedding, we also call it
as love-seats, The packing size is 195 x 95 x 135 cm, the volume will be at 2.5 CBM of the wooden box.

Royal Throne Chairs for sale

2 people seats of Royal chair

The size for 3 people’s chairs is 210 x 85 x 123 cm, the package is 215x95x135, the CBM is 2.8 cm.

Royal Throne Chairs supplier

We are the supplier and manufacturer of wedding sofas in China. Our wedding sofa series is especially
used in living rooms that are not often used. Our monument is so antique and fanatical that it greatly
attracted the attention of the participants. We provide a variety of products, especially old models, for our
\respected customers to choose from.

event wedding sofaHigh End Wedding Stage Sofa

Wooden Wedding Couch

blue wedding sofa

Royal Baby Crib

royal baby crib

gallery of wedding chairs

MOQ: 2 Pieces with other chairs or table orders.

Throne chairs

You are warmly welcome to send us an inquiry via e-mail at, and also forward
our website to other friends or customers.

How to cooperate with Blossom Furnishings?

We receive inquiries from customers every day, they want to buy a king chair. But we hope we can get a solution.
If a customer buys two, he needs import clearance and we need to ship by sea. If there is a store with its own
warehouse, we can cooperate. We transport chairs in one container at a time, in various colors, and then distribute
them to various customers. These customers do not need you to look for, they will take the initiative to find us, we
have a good ranking in Google. I hope there is a company like this, or an online shop, that buys a container at a
time and distributes it to my customers. You don’t need to find these customers, I will introduce them to you. We
are a cooperative model.


Loading quantity: 36 pieces will be one 20 ft container, 100 pieces will be one 40 ft HQ container

loading of throne chairs


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