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Blossom Furnishings,  a professional banquet tables and chairs manufacturer since 2003, have been focused on manufacturing cross-back dining chair wholesale for over 10 years.  We have been producing different sizes, materials,  and styles of cross back dining chairs for weddings, parties, restaurants, kitchens, and outdoor applications.  Our main customers are wedding planning companies, party rental companies, cross-back chair suppliers, wholesalers, and distributors from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Spain, Greece, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana etc.

Details About Cross Back Dining Chairs Wholesale

  • Name: Cross Back Dining Chair, Cross Back Chairs, or X Back Chair
  • MOQ: 200 pieces (400 pieces will be one 20 ft container)
  • Types: We produce not only Resin Cross Back Chair Wholesale, Metal Cross Back Chairs, and Cross Back Stools, but also Kids Back Chairs and oak Crossback chairs with Rattan seats. PP X Back Chairs, Solid Wood Cross Back Dining Chair, Stackable X Back Chair, Beech Wood Cross-back Chair, Elmwood Cross back chairs, Cross back chairs with fireproof pads, etc.
  • Material: Beechwood, Oak, Bentwood, Resin,  Elmwood, PP, Metal Cross Back, birch wood cross-back chairs
  • Style: Traditional,  Natural, Modern, Rustic, drifting type,
  • Color Available: Natural drifting color, black, white, lime wash, whitewashed, walnut, and know more here
  • Price: EXW USD11 per piece  to USD 39 per piece depending on the quantity and material

Please kindly notice that we are capable of supplying cross-back chairs with many colors available to match farm tables so that you can rent chairs and tables together

New Arrival Display

elmwood cross back chairs (1)

Elmwood Crossback Chairs Wholesale

In the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, and Europe, many customers like Elmwood cross-back chairs wholesale. Because solid elmwood has a good texture and beautiful patterns, if we spray paint to make the original color chairs, it will feel like returning to the natural color. We also produce Elmwood crossback chairs in large quantities, our output is 9800 pieces per month.

Cross back chairs with Fireproof pads (1)

Wholesale Cross Back Chairs With Fireproof Cushion

There are two reasons for the popularity of this provincial cross-back chair wholesale. The first is that the seat cushion of this X-back wedding chair can be made of fireproof material. Second, these British crossback chairs can also be fitted with regular rattan seats. Therefore, customers can use fireproof cushions in winter, and replace them with cool rattan mats in summer. This is a perfect solution, which undoubtedly saves costs and has a wide range of uses.

Buyer’s Guide About Cross Back Chairs Wholesale:

At present, the proportion of restaurant chairs, hotel chairs, and cross-back dining chairs UK is constantly increasing. Due to their novel styles, wide use, and diverse colors, they are favored by countless places. And at the barn wedding, a retro-style wedding also has a place. So, what exactly is a cross-back side chair? Where are they used? Why choose cross-back dining room chairs? This article will give you a detailed explanation and demonstrate the cross-chair series:

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What’s Cross Back Chair?

The name of the cross chair is closely related to the shape of these chairs. CROSS BACK, the source of this series of chairs has a cross shape from the back. This crossover is not only novel and beautiful in style but also plays an especially important role in linking the components in the structure. Therefore, some people call them CROSS BACK CHAIRS, and some more popularly become X BACK CHAIR, X-BACK is a more straightforward image, and some people call them cross-back farm chairs or farmhouse cross-back chairs.

Wholesale Cross Back Chairs

Cross Back Wood Dining Chairs Wholesale
In the case where the style of the cross-section at the back is fixed, different designers can make different changes in the shape of the upper deck of the chair, the seat plate of the chair, and the shape under the seat plate, which will lead to many different styles, and can be based on different requirements, making different colors, and then forming a huge series of cross dining chairs.

In the later period, based on wooden cross back chairs, people began to try the design and production of resin cross chairs and cross back metal cheap dining chairs.

 Cross Back Chair Material

With the variety of cross back dining chairs to choose from, each one is selected for the type of wood materials being used for each cross-back-chair style, as highlighted and described below:


  • Solid beech wood, because of its natural pattern and moderate hardness, is easy to paint, natural, or unfinished.

Wholesale Cross Back Chairs

Solid Beech Wood Cross Back Chairs Wholesale

  • Oak. Oakwood will be harder than beech and harder to knock. It will last longer and is most suitable for natural unfinished wood cross back chairs.

Wholesale Cross Back Chairs

Cheap Cross Back Chairs Rental Company

  • Resin. The cross back dining chairs made of PP or PC material have the same style as wood, but it has a better waterproof function and is not easily scratched.


Clear Resin Cross Back Chairs Wholesale

  • Metal. The metal cross back chairs, which mainly highlights the elements of heavy metals, is widely used in some retro-style decoration, KTV, cafes, music bars, etc.

X back chairs wholesaleMetal Cross Back Upholstered Dining Chair

*The X part of the metal is combined with the wood (separately issued). Only the cross of the wood is turned into a black or brown metal.

The temperament and structure of the entire chair have changed a lot.

Not only has the X part been strengthened, but The overall style of the Tiffany cross back chairs bulk is also retained.

Application of Cross Back Event Chair

What sort of scenes can be used for such a high-quality and beautiful cross back dining chair? Is it used indoors or outdoors? Is the modern scene suitable? Is it only possible in public places? Or can it be used by individual families? With these questions, let us look at the use scenarios of the cross chair.

  • Ballroom. Over 35% of ballrooms use cross chairs as the theme style.

Ballroom Cross Back Chair

X Back Chairs Wholesale For Wedding

  • Barn events. As a barn wedding that is dominated by outdoor natural wind, more than half of the places use natural style cross back chairs wedding. (Recently, we have provided 300 brown cross back dining chairs wholesale at a barn wedding event held deep in the mountains of Illinois.)

barn cross back chairMetal Cross Back Dining Chairs Wholesale For Wedding

  • Farm. Another name for the cross chair is the farmhouse cross back chair. This series of cross back dining chairs wholesale is highly used in the farm. The vast farms can only match with the rough farm table and farm chair.

Farm cross back chairs weddingBella Cross Back Dining Chairs Wholesale

  • Indoor Do not think that indoor weddings must be decorated with exquisite and delicate furniture. Many wedding planners will cleverly match the cross back chairs wedding with the decoration, the same style is ahead.  Sometimes, cross back dining chairs UK are also used for parties. These tables and chairs for party are beautifully decorated to make the atmosphere of the whole party more harmonious

indoor cross back chair

Cross Back Dining Chairs Wholesale

  • Restaurants. Hot pot restaurants, specialty food spots, different styles of Mexican restaurants, Italian restaurants, Korean restaurants, Indian restaurants, Chinese restaurants, and other restaurant types are typical users of the variety of wooden or metal cross chairs dining room chairs wholesale.

Restaurants Cross Back Chairs

Cross Back Metal Dining Chairs Wholesale

  • Café’s and Coffee Quiet cafe spots with cross chair bar chair, regular rice table, it is simply a perfect use for this.

Wholesale Cross Back Chairs

Wooden Dining Chairs Wholesale

  • Pizza and Fast Food. Restaurant fast-food chains are known users of cross chairs. We also equipped three well-known pizza restaurants in Miami Beach with our cross chairs dining chairs wholesale.

We sale cross back chair to the best pizza place in Miami Beach

Cross Back Chairs Wholesale

  • Hotels and Motels. You can see X back chairs everywhere in the breakfast rooms and dinners of some star hotels and motels. Recreation and leisure resorts are also typical users of cross back dining chairs wholesale.

Hotels and Motels Cross Back Chairs

X Back Chairs Wholesale For Wedding

  • Outdoor leisure spots. As for outdoor leisure places, countless use of such cross back dining chairs UK among the adults or children like the comfortable experience using these cross back chairs wedding. Golf courses, racetracks, even museums to rest areas to university campuses, you can see the shadow of such chairs in almost everywhere there is an event gathering.

Outdoor leisure spots cross back chairs

French Cross Back Dining Chairs Wholesale

What tables to match the cross-back chairs?

With these cross back chairs wholesale series, we will easily match the cross chair to various types of tables. This is a versatile chair that can be naturally matched with many types of chairs.

  • Various types of farm tables, including conventional foldable farm tables, Mayflower farm tables, round farm tables, outdoor folding round tables, outdoor bar tables. Our cross back chairs wholesale fit all of the farm-style tables in the banquet,  wedding, home, etc.

Cross Back Dining Chairs WholesaleFarmhouse Cross Back Chairs And Table

  • Conventional tables, including Plywood folding tables, with different shapes and different sizes, can accommodate ten, eight, and four people with different seating needs. Even semi-circular tables and winding tables with special shapes can be cleverly matched with cross back chairs wholesale.
  • Cabinet outdoor table effectively solves the problem of guest leg space requirements.

cross back chair

Cross Back Dining Chairs Wholesale

  • Cocktail tables, crossbar chairs can be equipped with cocktail tables.

Cross Back Dining Chairs Wholesale

Cross Back Chair Dining Set

Don’t forget the children’s table, children’s cross chair can be equipped with children’s farm table and children’s banquet table.

What kinds of cushions can match your cross-back chairs?

Under normal circumstances, in the autumn and winter seasons, we often equip all kinds of chairs with some cushions to ensure that they sit comfortably and warmly. So, what kind of cushions should be equipped with cross chairs? In addition to the cross chair of the rattan seat plate, there is no need to match the seat cushion separately. Other chairs are usually equipped with one of the following cushions:

  • Ordinary T/C fabric seat cushion, which is a conventional polyester-cotton cushion, embedded with an ordinary sponge, and equipped with a zipper. The shape of the seat cushion is the same as the shape of a cross chair. This type of chair does not need to be particularly thick. The cushion is about four inches thick, usually about 3 cm thick.

cross back chair cushion

Cross Back Chair Cushions

  • Linen seat cushions, a survey shows that about 75% of users are equipping farm chairs with linen seat cushions. These primary colors of linen seat cushions match the natural wind chair very well.

Linen seat cushions
Cross Back Chair Cushions

  • Leather seat cushions, of course, we can also think of bamboo chairs with leather pads to these chairs with leather seat cushions.

leather pads wholesale difference color

Cross Back Chair Cushions

What color cross-back chairs have?

For the wholesale cross back chairs color and effect, we will highlight it in a later article.

We have more than 32 colors including different effects of painting and rubbing. According to the different requirements of different customers, we provide the most suitable color, different national culture Styles, different usage scenarios and collocations require different colors.

cross back chair color

On the one hand, we have our own color cards and pictures, which can be selected by customers, and we can also provide samples if needed. That said, we can make a confirmation sample with the customer’s picture or table color matching requirements and keep the bottom so that the customer can confirm the order and use it on future orders.

Here are three of the general series of colors and process:

  • Spray painting is to spray paint directly on the white cross back dining chairs embryo, then polish, then spray paint, can be sprayed into different colors.

Cross Back Chairs ManufacturerUpholstered Dining Chairs Wholesale


  • Wiping color is the process of rubbing paint into the wooden texture with a cloth, which keeps the wooden texture well.


Wiping color


painting of farmhouse table

  • Brushing and coloring, then painting, exaggerating the original texture, deepening and thickening the wooden texture, and then making a variety of colors, this process is currently extremely popular in the United States.

How to inspect cross back chairs?

What makes a good cross chair, according to the testing standards in the industry is generally required to have excellent in the following aspects. The inspection quality standards mainly include the following points:

wooden-crossback-chair Cross Back Chairs Wholesale

  • Excellent load-bearing performance and the static load-bearing performance exceeding 1,000 pounds are undoubtedly excellent.
  • Bending strength, the bending strength of the two chair legs is required not to break easily.
  • Safe Back leaning capability. People sit on a chair during leisure time, and they often make a back leaning motion. At this stage, a safe seat will be ergonomic, and making a slight back leaning shall not cause a fall to the floor. One of the chair standards features of our chairs.
  • Anti-slip treatment, whether it is a wooden, resin, or metal chair, the four legs of the chair must be equipped with a plastic anti-slip plastic slider to ensure that no unpleasant sounds are made when the seat is moved and to prevent scratches on the floor.
  • The structure is compact and does not crack. Long-term use and movement may sometimes make the various parts of the chair not so dense. The manufacturer also ensures that the connection between the parts of the chair is still good after more than six months of use.

At present, the SGS standards for wooden cross chairs and resin cross chairs are extremely strict. A rigorous manufacturer’s products will pass this test and hold a certificate.

Why choose a Cross-back chair?

Met with a wide variety of wedding chairs and banquet chairs, sometimes it is difficult to choose, and the cross chair belongs to the widely popular EVENT CHAIRS in recent years. We recommend this type of chair in reference to the following comprehensive reasons:

cross back chair

Cross Back Chairs Wholesale

  • Leading the new style of popularity: The cross chair is a new trend after the bamboo chair and folding chair. There is no doubt about it. The shadow of the cross chair can be seen everywhere. In the next 5 to 10 years, Europe and the United States have already been the wedding market in Southeast Asia. This kind of chair will be extremely popular.
  • Competitive price: The price of this type of chair is extremely competitive, and people can easily buy or rent across chair at a good price.
  • Variety of styles: You can choose your favorite style from a variety of styles, you can have more style choices on the seat plate and back with more choices in material.
  • The use scenarios are extremely rich: You can think of the cross-chair series in wedding places, churches, cafés, outdoor activities, indoor cafes, and leisure places you could imagine.
  • Easy to match with various tables and cushions: You can use different styles of tables and chair cushions to match these chairs.
  • Quality and Durability: Due to the design and structure of the cross chair, these chairs are relatively strong and durable, and most users would prefer strong and durable products.
  • Easy to carry: Although the quality of these chairs is particularly good, it does not prevent them from being lighter, not only light but also many can be stacked together for easier transportation.
  • Multi-selectivity of materials: You can choose from a variety of materials as specified in the following highlighted topic below.

2020 Most Popular Crossback Chairs For Sale


Various questionnaires indicate that in 2020, the following 11 cross chairs will become popular. And these are:

Cross Back Chairs Wholesale

If you want to hire cross back chairs, we can help you wedding chair rental company

  • The cold-pressed plate X back bentwood chairs wholesale. Strong and durable. This series cross back chairs wholesale is the original design version. The seat plate is cold-pressed. The glue and nails make the seat plate exceptionally strong and can maintain the consistency of the chair’s color when painting.

lime wash cross back chairs wholesale

Cross Back Chairs Wholesale

  • Rattan seat x back chairs wholesale. Rattan seat x back chairs wholesale among most of the more popular chairs in the European market are rattan seat plates and rattan seat plates greatly reflect with the natural wind.

Rattan cross back chair

Cross Back Chairs Wholesale

  • Oak cross back dining chairs bulk. The British market and some customers who are looking for weight will choose the oak cross back dining chairs. This chair has a particularly good characteristic. It is hard and is not easy to bump.

Gallery of our oak crossback chairs

Cross Back Chairs Wholesale

  • Children’s cross back wooden dining chairs wholesale. There will always be children in any event or party. The cross wooden dining chairs wholesale is used in conjunction with the conventional size chair, and the children’s wooden cross chair has better safety standard features.


Cross Back Chairs Wholesale

  • Children’s resin cross chair wholesale. The biggest advantage of this type of chair is its colorful features, a variety of colors in red, yellow, green is among the many colors children mostly appreciate.


Children Cross Back Chairs Wholesale

  • Resin PP Cross Chair. The biggest point of the resin pp cross chair side chair is that the production speed is fast, waterproof, and scratch-resistant. Normally, a machine can produce more than 400 chairs in 24 hours.


resin cross back chairCross Back Chairs Wholesale

  • Transparent PC Cross Back Chairs Bulk. PC transparent cross back side chair clear embodies the modern atmosphere and aesthetic elements, often used with acrylic tables and glass tables.


Cross Back Chairs Wholesale

  • Rattan cross back side chair. This will be an improved version of the French cross chair dining chairs, the entire back and seat plate are made of natural rattan, it is also a new chair, extremely popular.


Cross Back Chairs Wholesale

  • Iron cross back chairs bulk. High-performance metal cross back chairs wholesale is suitable for restaurant, Coffee shop, and the farm. Black or brown metal X-part will ensure the firmness of the chair and will not affect the appearance.


metal cross back chairs

Cross Back Chairs Wholesale

In addition to these products, white cross back bar stools, cross back bistro chairs, cross back rattan chairs, bentwood cross back chairs wholesale, and other cross bach chairs products are also very popular in the banquet this year

*Cross chair bar chair, bar chair seat plate height is generally 76 cm or 65 cm two heights, easy to match bar tables, cocktail tables.

Where to buy cross back chairs In Bulk?


If you want to buy dining chairs, you can buy cross back chairs through the following channels. We choose our purchase channel according to the number of normal use and the length of time.


Cross Back Chairs Wholesale

Local wholesale is convenient and fast. If you are eager to buy conventional cross chairs that are not in large quantities, you can buy them from local wholesalers, which is convenient and fast.

Factory direct supply is a one-stop reasonable place if you have enough time to wait, or the time is ample, and the purchase quantity exceeds 200, or more than 300, you can buy it yourself from the manufacturer, whether they are domestic or overseas, Everything is very simple and can save a lot of money.

cross back chairs

 Pictures From Our Cross Back Chairs Rental Company

Special colors and unconventional colors, customized from the factory, if you need a special color, or you need to match the color of your table, or you need to be consistent with the color of your original chair. If you buy from a local wholesaler, it can sometimes become difficult. You can contact the Chinese manufacturer to match this color. You can give the swatch or picture to the manufacturer and let them copy and send to the production department

The online shop can do it with a click of the mouse. If you only need to decorate the room or the event venue needs a small number of chairs, the style is not extremely strict. You can click the mouse and buy it online.



  • Production time:

    4 weeks for wooden cross back chairs wholesale

Backed by years of experience and professional craftsmanship, our manufacturing plant in China produces the top quality wooden cross back. We accept orders from overseas with a guaranteed quick-turn delivery time. Orders for the cross back chairs wedding use normally will take 4 weeks’ lead time to prepare the hardware and wooden spare parts including finish painting and packaging. We have about 4000 sets of cross back dining chairs wholesale assemblies in our inventory available for processing in this 4-weeks lead time. The production capacity of our Cross back dining chairs wholesale is 8,000 to 10,000 pieces per month.

  • Minimum order quantity

A minimum of 200 pieces of single type vineyard chairs wholesale is required for purchase. For first time buyers, we highly suggest purchasing our single type or different type cross back chairs bulk to match up a 20 ft container, configured with stacking accommodation that limits or prevents damage to the chairs through the ocean shipping time to its destination. More so, the shipping cost will be lower than usual. And If you are a first-time importer from abroad, we can refer you to a customs clearance broker/forwarder knowledgeable in handling freight issues with specific handling systems of our products.

  • Chair Models and Color Available

We can produce different models of wooden cross-back chairs wedding and different colors, rattan seats, solid wood frame x back chairs wholesale, stackable cross back chairs and un-stackable style, and metal x parts chairs. On our color selections, we have the very popular natural drifting colors in limewash, whitewashed, and walnut options. We use a variety of quality materials to manufacture the cross back chair and cross back bar stool. These materials include beech wood, oak wood, and resin material as well. Very recently, we have developed an Elmwood cross-back chair with very competitive pricing compared to other manufacturers of the same kind. Regarding the color, very popular natural drifting color, black cross back chairs, white, limewash, whitewashed, walnut, also can be made of beech wood and oak cross back chairs. At the same time, we producing wooden kids cross back chairs and resin kids cross back chairs too.

Please kindly notice that we can match the cross back chairs colors as same as farm tables, so you can arrange them together when you rent them.

  • Service Objective

Our cross back chairs wholesale are widely used by event wedding rental company. Chairs suitable for any wedding venue such as barn weddings, farmhouse weddings, as well as rustic vintage wedding occasions. This kind of vineyard chairs wholesale is also popular in bistro/bar/restaurant/Cafe venues.

  • Quality Control

Every link of the production process has strict requirements. Our quality inspector will check the production process with strict guidelines assuring all elements of the assembly are well utilized focusing on every detail from polishing spare parts assembly and spray painting. Our professional and highly trained Quality Inspectors ensure each chair in a piece by piece to its final assembly and finishing touches before it loads into the container. As part of our commitments in delivering a high-quality product, we provide our customer’s photos or videos of the production process in the making, if requested.

  • Please feel free to contact us at your convenience

Ask us about our high-quality Pre-sale and after-sale service! We will be more than happy to give out our best pricing and services.

  • Cross Back Chairs Wedding With Cushions

There are quite a lot of cushion materials and patterns to choose from: Materials including linens, PU, fireproof velvet, uniform cloth and so on, normally our x back chairs wholesale can match flaxen linen cushion and pads. 

  • Delivery and Payment items

We can deliver our chairs to our seaport FOB Qingdao, we can deal as CIF and door to door, or direct delivery to your address. In the USA, we have a shipping agent to assist you with customs clearance and transport needs to your warehouse. Bank transfer is available, if you would like to pay by Credit card, you need to pay 4% charge.

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 Factory Display

Customer Cases

crossback chair
crossback chair
crossback wedding chair
resin crossback chair
wooden crossback chair
crossback chair
crossback chair
oak wood cross back chair
crossback chaircrossback wedding chairresin crossback chairwooden crossback chaircrossback chaircrossback chairGallery-of-our-oak-crossback-chairsBarn-Cross-Back-Chairs-oak wood cross back chair

What Our Customers Say

We are an Australian furniture wholesaler. The products we import involve indoor furniture and outdoor furniture. We buy a lot of restaurant and hotel furniture. We have warehouses in three different cities for the whole of Australia. In the more than ten years of knowing BOB TAN, we have watched his factory from small scale to medium scale step by step, and the product range continues to expand, not only all kinds of wooden tables and chairs, but also in recent years, the BLOSOM factory has also begun to produce plastics. The chairs are stylish and fashionable. This summer and before the summer of 2021, we cannot go to China in person due to the epidemic. We have finalized the orders for outdoor chairs and bar chairs through video conferences. Three ultra-high containers, they only took 2 weeks to produce them, so that we can start our marketing plan before the arrival of summer. Before shipment, we received their beautiful photos so that we can make advance sales on the Internet. We mainly value their company’s three points, one is the right price, the other is professional and timely response, and the third is the perfect communication and after-sales service.

John From Australia

As a buyer of event furniture in Ecuador, we often purchase products in China with the purchase needs of customers. This time we help a retro-style barn wedding venue to purchase tables and chairs. The whole design style requires some wooden cross chairs, crosses Chair bar chairs, long farm tables, and round farm tables. In order to meet the needs of different customers, the barn also adds the same number of stacked wooden thonet chairs to keep rotating.

When we entered wooden cross back chairs wholesale in the Google search field, a BLOSSOM company caught our attention. We quickly browsed their website and downloaded the Free catalog by ourselves. We confirmed the number of good intentions with our customers and After the style, we will leave a message through the website. In a short time, about 4 hours later, we received an email reply from the factory and asked if we have a job WHATSAPP. And on the same day, we received a detailed professional quotation from the factory, as well as the SGS test report of the cross chair, as well as the test video of the farm table and the detailed pictures and video of the production of the Sonnet chair. AMAZING!

Based on the recognition and trust of both parties, we quickly reached an order intent. They did not want to get a deposit as eagerly as other Chinese suppliers. On the contrary, their sales staff will carefully connect with us for the details of each order, such as The size of the round table, the color of the long table, the color of some rattan, the use of hardware, etc., make us feel very professional and relieved. We implement each product’s material, color, size, style, and cushion type one by one. What we are most worried about is the capacity of the table. At this point, BOB arranged a special shooting and demonstrated the tables that can seat 8, 10, and 12, which is very conducive to the final decision of the customer.ToAfter paying the deposit, in the entire production process, especially in terms of color, we can receive a separate color application from the other party before each batch of bulk goods is produced. After we confirm the color, the other party will paint the bulk goods. Avoid mistakes and improve efficiency. We are happy that we have found a suitable supplier on Google, and we will submit a five-star review.

edition from Ecuador


What styles and materials do you offer for cross back chairs?

Beechwood, Oak, Bentwood, Resin,  Elmwood, PP, Metal Cross Back, birch wood cross back chairs

What occasions are your cross back chairs suitable for?

Our cross back chairs are perfect for weddings, banquets, restaurants, hotels, conferences, and other special events. They add a touch of elegance and unique style to any venue.

How is the quality of your cross back chairs? Are they suitable for commercial use?

Every link of the production process has strict requirements. Our quality inspector will check the production process with strict guidelines assuring all elements of the assembly are well utilized focusing on every detail from polishing spare parts assembly and spray painting. Our professional and highly trained Quality Inspectors ensure each chair in a piece by piece to its final assembly and finishing touches before it loads into the container. As part of our commitments in delivering a high-quality product, we provide our customer’s photos or videos of the production process in the making, if requested.

What discounts and customization options do you offer for wholesale orders?

We welcome wholesale orders and provide corresponding discounts and customization options. You can contact our sales team for more detailed information on pricing and customization options for wholesale orders.

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