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oak cross chair

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The oak cross back chair wholesale creates a charming and welcoming atmosphere with its curved lines and smooth surface. Designer cross backrest adds modern yet classic appeal to your dining room. Made of ash wood with a beautiful finish, this chair is very lightweight yet very sturdy and does not wobble. These beautiful oak cross back dining chairs ship fully assembled and can hold up to 400 pounds. Stacks 8 high for storage. Designed for commercial and residential use, this durable and attractive bistro-style chair is a great choice for your home dining room or dining room.

  • 400 lbs. Load Capacity
  • oak veneer
  • Ashwood seat and frame
  • Attractive downward “U” shape design increases stability
  • Floor protection plastic slides
  • Designed for commercial or residential use

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Details About Oak Cross Back Chair Wholesale

Unlock the elegance of Oak Cross Back Chair Wholesale with Blossom Furnishings. Our finely crafted chairs exude timeless charm and durability, perfect for elevating any event or dining space. With a focus on quality craftsmanship and affordability, our wholesale prices make outfitting your venue or business hassle-free. Explore our extensive selection of Oak Cross Back Chairs and discover unmatched versatility and style. Whether for weddings, restaurants, or special events, trust Blossom Furnishings for premium seating solutions at unbeatable prices. Elevate your space with the warmth and sophistication of solid oak cross back dining chairs, exclusively from Blossom Furnishings.”

crossback dining chair factory

We will select suitable oak planks based on the design requirements and quality standards of the chair. We
then treat the oak planks to remove surface imperfections and trim edges to ensure the quality and stability
of the wood.

crossback dining chair

Craftsmen will first use measuring tools (such as rulers, squares, etc.) to mark the oak planks according to the
design drawings and specifications to determine the size and shape of the parts that need to be cut and processed.

crossback chair factory

After the individual parts are cut and shaped, workers trim and shape them using a plane or electric planer
to ensure they have smooth edges and consistent angles and fit the curves and contours of the design.

crossback dining chair factory

After the moulding is completed, craftsmen will use sandpaper or sander to polish the oak parts to remove
burrs and roughness on the surface, making the surface smooth and even for subsequent painting work.

crossback dining chair bulk

Craftsmen will use tools such as power drills or hand drills to pre-drill holes in parts such as the seat and back
of the cross back oak chairs. These drilled holes must be precisely positioned to ensure that the screws can
pass through and secure the individual components during subsequent assembly. The diameter and depth
of the drill holes should also be determined according to the screws used to ensure the firmness and stability
of the connection.

crossback chairs

During the machining stage, craftsmen may also create other components such as crossbars and support
structures for the legs. These support structures usually consist of horizontal and vertical wooden slats or
planks that are designed to connect between the seat and legs to enhance the stability and structural strength
of the oak cross back chair. These support structures may need to be cut, formed, and drilled to ensure they match and
connect with other parts of the chair.

wooden crossback chair bulk

Workers will place the base and back parts of the chair in place and secure them together using screws or
other connectors. This may involve fitting the chair back into a groove in the base and drilling, nailing,
or threading the connection.

oak crossback chairs bulk

Next, workers will install other components, such as crossbars and support structures, between the seat and
legs of the chair. These parts may already be pre-drilled during the machining stage to allow for easy
attachment to the seat and legs. Screws, dowels, or glue are used to secure these parts during the connection

oak crossback chair factory

The oak cross back chair’s structure comes fully assembled, and workers perform final inspections to ensure there are no
missing items or flaws. They may clean the surface of the chair to remove any remaining wood chips or dust
to ensure that the chair looks and feels flawless.

wooden crossback chair

Before painting begins, workers carefully inspect the surfaces of the chairs to make sure they are smooth,
dry, and clean. Any dirt, grease, or dust that might affect the finish of the paint is removed.

wooden crossback chair supplier

To enhance the adhesion and uniformity of paint, workers may apply a layer of primer to the surface of the
oak cross back chair. Primer helps fill in the pores and texture of the wood surface, reducing paint absorption and making
the final finish more even.

wooden crossback chair manufacturer

Once the surface is ready, workers begin painting the oak cross chairs. They may use tools such as brushes,
spray guns, or rags to evenly apply wood paint or varnish to the surface of the oak cross back dining chairs. The coating process
requires attention to the thickness and uniformity of the paint to ensure that the final effect meets the requirements.

wooden crossback chairs

After the painting is complete, the chair will need adequate drying time to ensure the paint is fully cured and
dry. Once the paint is dry, workers may perform some finishing work, such as sanding or wiping, to further
improve the smoothness and texture of the chair’s surface.

wooden crossback chair factory

During the packaging process, workers will add protective padding around various parts of the chair, such
as foam plastics, bubble wrap, or soft cloth, to absorb and cushion the impact and vibration that may occur
during transportation.

crossback wedding chair


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