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Find a Reliable Wooden Children’s Table and Chairs Manufacturer Here

Blossom Furnishings, a distinguished leader in the furniture industry since its establishment in 2003, has carved an indelible niche as a professional manufacturer of banquet tables and chairs. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, the company has dedicated over a decade to perfecting the craft of creating exquisite and functional wooden children’s tables and chairs. This remarkable focus on children’s furniture has solidified Blossom Furnishings’ reputation as a trusted source for a variety of sizes, materials, and styles of wedding children’s tables and chairs, ideal for a spectrum of celebratory occasions including weddings, parties, and other special events.

Over the course of its journey, Blossom Furnishings has emerged as an industry pioneer, consistently churning out captivating designs that blend aesthetics with practicality. The company’s range of wooden children’s tables and chairs reflects its deep understanding of the unique requirements of young guests at events. Each piece is meticulously crafted, ensuring a harmonious balance between comfort and durability, a hallmark of Blossom Furnishings’ products.

Catering to a global clientele, Blossom Furnishings boasts an extensive network of satisfied customers spanning diverse regions. With a strong presence in countries such as the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Spain, Greece, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, and beyond, the company has been a preferred partner for wedding planning firms, party rental businesses, table and chair suppliers, wholesalers, and distributors. This widespread acclaim is a testament to Blossom Furnishings’ commitment to delivering furniture that not only adds elegance to events but also provides a safe and enjoyable space for children.

  • Name: Children’s Wedding Table and Chair Sets
  • MOQ: 50 sets (42 sets will be one 20 ft container)
  • Types: We produce not only Wooden Children’s Table and Chair Sets Wholesale, but also Plastic Kid’s Table and Chair Sets, Folding Children’s Table and Chair Sets, and more.
  • Material: Wood, Plastic
  • Style: Traditional, Modern, Rustic
  • Color Available: Natural Wood Colors, White, Pink, Blue, and more
  • Price: EXW USD20 per set to USD 50 per set depending on the quantity and material

Please kindly notice that we are capable of supplying children’s wedding table and chair sets with many colors available to match the wedding theme, so you can rent tables and chairs together. Contact us to start your order and buy Wooden Children’s Table and Chairs wholesale.

Wooden Kid Crossback Chair


Wooden Kid Chiavari Chair


Children’s Resin Crossback Chair

resin crossback chair

Kids Resin Chiavari Chair

resin chiavari chair

Kid Resin Folding Chair

resin folding chair

Children’s Plastic Folding Chair

plastic folding chair

Kids Resin Ghost Chair

resin ghost chair

kid resin ghost chair

Kid Metal Tolix Chair

metal tolix chair

metal tolix chair supplier

pink metal tolix chair

Kid Gold Butterfly Chair

kid butterfly chair

Kid Dining Chair

kid wooden dining chair

Rattan Children Chair

kid rattan chair

Rattan Rabbit Children’s Chair

kid rattan chair supplier

Children’s Rattan Chair with Bow

kid rattan chair manufacturer

Kid Gold Stainless Steel Chair

kid o back stainless steel chair

kid stainless steel chair supplier

Kid Throne Chair

kid throne chair

Kids’ Folding Camping Chair

Kids’ Folding Camping Chair

Kids’ Folding Camping Chair supplier

Kids’ Folding Camping Chair factory

Kids’ Folding Camping Chair manufacturer

Children’s Wooden Farmhouse Table


kid wooden farmhouse table


Kid Round Folding Table

wooden folding table

Children’s Rectangular Folding Table

rectangle folding table