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Start Your Order for Wooden Chairs Wholesale

Blossom Furnishings,  a professional wooden chair manufacturer, provide high-quality bulk wooden chairs wholesale for over 10 years.  Our woods are all natural woods, so adults and children can use them with confidence. Solid oak material is used to improve stability and durability, can be used in the traditional wood veneer of your choice, or you can add interesting paint colors to add color. Beechwood has the advantages of good load-bearing performance and good compression resistance. Beech wood has an elegant wood grain color, and just a healthy, simple, and environmentally friendly design concept.

Details About Wooden Dining Chairs Wholesale

  • MOQ: 200 pieces (342 pieces will be one 20 ft container)
  • Types: We produce  Solid Wood Cross Back Dining Chair, Beech Wood Cross-back Chair, Elmwood Cross back chairs,Oak Crossback Chair With Rattan Seat, American Classic Wooden  Chiavari Chairs, Standard UK Limewash Chiavari Chair, Wooden bar stool Chiavari Chair, Wooden Dining Chair, Wooden Padded Folding Chairs, Wooden Slat Folding Chair 1945, Wooden Double Fishes Phoenix Chair, Original Wood Bentwood Chair, etc.
  • Material: Beechwood, Oak, Bentwood,  Elmwood, birchwood chairs
  • Style: Traditional,  Natural, Modern
  • Color: Natural drifting color, black, white, limewash, whitewashed, walnut, etc.

Follow through the links on our website for more of our Wooden Chair Wholesale and special options we offer., For all other queries, questions, and concerns, our professional sales team is available to assist you with all your needs including technical product issues. Please feel free to contact us to get the Wooden chair price via email or Telephone posted.

Please choose the Bulk Chairs Wholesale you are interested in and let us know.