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Wooden Chairs 

Blossom Furnishings,  a professional wooden chair manufacturer, provide high-quality wholesale wooden chairs service for over 10 years.  Our bulk wooden chairs are all-natural woods, so adults and children can use them with confidence. Solid oak material is used to improve stability and durability, can be used in the traditional wood veneer of your choice, or you can add interesting paint colors to add color. Beechwood has the advantages of good load-bearing performance and good compression resistance. Beech wood has an elegant wood grain color, and just a healthy, simple, and environmentally friendly design concept.

Details About Wholesale Wooden Chairs

  • MOQ: 200 pieces (342 pieces will be one 20 ft container)
  • Types: We produce  Solid Wood Cross Back Dining Chair, Beech Wood Cross-back Chair, Elmwood Cross back chairs,Oak Crossback Chair With Rattan Seat, American Classic Wooden  Chiavari Chairs, Standard UK Limewash Chiavari Chair, Wooden bar stool Chiavari Chair, Wooden Dining Chair, Wooden Padded Folding Chairs, Wooden Slat Folding Chair 1945, Wooden Double Fishes Phoenix Chair, Original Wood Bentwood Chair, etc.
  • Material: Beechwood, Oak, Bentwood,  Elmwood, birchwood chairs
  • Style: Traditional,  Natural, Modern
  • Color: Natural drifting color, black, white, limewash, whitewashed, walnut, etc.

Follow through the links on our website for more of our wholesale wooden chairs and special options we offer., For all other queries, questions, and concerns, our professional sales team is available to assist you with all your needs including technical product issues. Please feel free to contact us to get the Wooden chair price via email or Telephone posted.

Please choose the wholesale wooden chairs you are interested in and let us know.

Buyer’s Guide About Wholesale Wooden Chairs

A series of recent surveys show that the proportion of wooden chairs in various banquets, weddings, gathering places, indoor and outdoor scenes is still maintained at more than 31.2%.

Facing the wooden chairs that can be seen everywhere, some of them are ordinary in shape, some are strange in shape, and some are dazzling. With so many wooden chairs, in addition to being beautiful and durable, what other benefits do they have?

wooden chair

Source: Blossom Furnishings-Wholesale Wooden Chairs

Today, as the second-generation CEO of Blossom Furnishings, a professional wooden chair manufacturer for more than 19 years, I will describe in detail the many benefits of this type of chair and how to buy a suitable wooden chair.

There are also readers who worry that the production of wooden chairs will lead to excessive deforestation, or the use of endangered woods, which will affect the ecological environment. Others ask if the stability of a wooden chair can be achieved. These many issues will be included in this article. Find a satisfactory answer, the index part of the article is divided into the following paragraphs, and readers are welcome to add.

  1. The benefits of using wooden chairs
  2. What materials are common wooden chairs made of?
  3. What are the application scenarios of wooden chairs?
  4. The style of the wooden chair
  5. How to make a wooden chair step by step in the factory?
  6. What professional machinery and equipment are needed to produce wooden chairs?
  7. What should be noted in the process of buying wooden chairs
  8. The 10 most popular wooden chairs in 2021
  9. How to choose a high-quality wooden chair manufacturer?
  10. How to match wooden chairs with cushions?
  11. How to match the chairs and tables more reasonably?
  12. Precautions during the transportation of wooden chairs
  13. How to maintain wooden chairs?

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Part 1. The benefits of using wooden chairs

First, let’s introduce the benefits of using wooden chairs:

Through a survey of more than 2,540 people, these people were randomly surveyed and interviewed. In the process of communicating with them, we listened extensively to relevant opinions.

Regarding the advantages and benefits of wooden chairs, we temporarily obtained the following A few articles, I also hope that readers will participate together and tell me the benefits of wooden chairs.

  1. Good-looking and elegant appearance:

This is because many chair designs originate from world-renowned designers. Many of them come from Europe, including Austria, Italy, France, and the United Kingdom. These are countries where designers are rich.

The styles designed by these designers have been passed down to this day and have not lasted for a long time. decline. There are professional chair exhibition halls in Shenzhen, China and Beijing, and there is also a special chair museum in Austria.

wooden chair



In addition, there are well-known designers from the United States, Australia, China, Japan and other countries. They have been dedicated to researching and designing beautiful chairs all their lives, striving to achieve a perfect combination of beauty and practicality, so that people can see so many It is a beautiful and memorable chair.

More and more young designers who grew up in China are also participating in the independent research and development of chair styles, and more and more original design wooden chairs are being introduced to the international market.

  1. Safe and pollution-free:

When it comes to safety and no pollution, among all the chairs, wooden chairs are the most appropriate, because the materials are directly from nature, and most of the natural wood chairs will have the scent of natural wood, let alone The danger of explosion is more perfect in natural-colored chairs.

wooden chair

In addition, although manufacturers will also produce chairs in other colors, as long as you choose the right paint, you can also achieve no pollution. The use of safe and environmentally friendly paint is also wooden The rigidity required in the production process of the chair, and the safety is achieved, because of the toughness of the wood, it will not cause sudden fracture.

  1. Low-key and connotative

Because of the low-key characteristics of wood, it will not be exposed, and the environment of the wooden chairs will be added as a foil. It will not make the wooden chairs appear high-key and luxurious.

wooden chair

It always gives people a sense of restraint, and most of them Middle-aged and elderly interviewees also have a soft spot for wooden chairs, which is one of the reasons why we listed this point.

  1. Get close to nature:

Different from modern products and post-processed products such as plastic chairs, resin chairs, and even stainless steel chairs, wooden chairs are made directly from large forests. Regardless of the point of adjusting forest vegetation, but in terms of materials, Already very close to nature. This point cannot be replaced by the cold feeling of other materials.

wooden chair

Source: Blossom Furnishings-Wholesale Wooden Chairs Material

  1. No radiation

I believe that everyone knows this very well, so I won’t say more here. The lack of radiation of wooden chairs is an undisputed advantage. This is entirely due to the natural characteristics of wooden materials.

wooden chair

Source: Blossom Furnishings-Wholesale Wooden Chairs

It is green and pollution-free, and non-radiation has become one of the wooden chairs. Natural selling points and bright spots that do my part.

  1. Simple and stable, can create many shapes

No matter what pattern and shape the wooden chair is produced, as long as the texture of the wood is there, it will not get rid of the simple and stable feeling.

This is the inherent characteristic of wood, whether it is machine or hand-made, it is clumsy. The wood glows with a unique brilliance in the hands of the craftsman.

wooden chair

Source: Blossom Furnishings-Wholesale Wooden Chairs

It can be said that as long as the pattern and shape you think of, through some production, you can always achieve it. As for how these shapes and patterns are produced, what machines or techniques are used to produce them, we will describe them in the middle of the article.

  1. High backrest has a sense of security

According to the continuation of the simplicity and stability above, it is not difficult for us to understand the characteristics of this sense of security, especially those chairs with high backs, which can always bring the passengers a sense of comfort and high safety. This is inseparable from the sense of security that people’s backs and wood are easy to touch. Do you also like a chair with a high back?

dining chairs

  1. The color can be diversified

In addition to the diversification of shapes, in order to adapt to different occasions, scenes, and accessories, we need to do kaleidoscopic graffiti on the color of the chair, or paint to make the color, and the wood itself is very easy to make the color, so we will be in the market.

wooden chair material

Source: Blossom Furnishings-Wholesale Wooden Chairs Material

You can see colorful chairs in the factory, and even a chair can be matched in different colors. It depends entirely on your needs. The colors you think of, even the colors with small gaps, or even customized colors, will be realized.

  1. Comfortable body

Among the interviewed people, there are many people who ride wooden chairs all year round, and some even resist iron chairs. They feel that compared to the cold feeling of metal, they prefer the comfort of wooden chairs and the maintenance of their bodies.

wooden chair

Of course, there are also some wooden health chairs. For example, the comfort of wooden rocking chairs is quite strong, and there are also some outdoor wooden chairs with large seats and large backs. People also like to sit there and experience this kind of comfort.

  1. Maintain and increase the value of some wooden chairs

For some chairs made of scarce wood, with the scarcity of raw materials, the loss of craftsmanship, and the value-added of some special styles, many wooden chairs have become more value-preserving and value-added with the passage of time.

This Chinese mahogany chair is Good example. Of course, there are some chairs whose shapes are due to the loss of craftsmanship, which leads to a decline in output, and cannot be mass-produced by machines. These chairs will become more valuable and collectible in the future.

wooden chair material

We also understand that many people are worried that if more people use wooden chairs, it will cause excessive deforestation and damage to nature.

We can explain to you very responsibly that most chair manufacturers will purchase reasonably felled trees and wood as raw materials, and it is very important to check the FSC certificate, so you don’t have to worry about this issue.


Part 2. The Materials of Common Wooden Chairs


The material of the wooden chair is not as simple as the reader thinks, because different chair shapes, characteristics, and curvatures will be made according to the characteristics of different woods. Some woods have high hardness and high elasticity, some are soft, and some have very high bending strength.

We have summarized the materials of wooden chairs as follows and made a short description. If you need a longer description or more For a detailed explanation, please leave a message to tell us, we will write another article or answer in detail:

1. Pine chairs: basically belong to the relatively soft wood in solid wood, widely used in supporting tables and chairs, and online shopping tables and chairs, but most of the farm tables are made of pine, and the quality is very good.

wooden chair

The origin of pine comes from New Zealand pine, Russian pine, Northeast pine and so on. Pine has a natural fragrance, not only wooden tables and chairs but also cribs and bunk beds in children’s bedrooms.

2. Chinese Fir chair: The nature of fir is basically the same as pine, except that it is not as thick as pine in height and thickness. In addition, the material is slightly worse than pine, and it is slightly more obscure. It can be used for some products that are not so strict and have a relatively simple appearance. Above the wooden chair.

wooden chair

3. Beechwood chair: Beech wood is currently the most widely used, the highest output, and the largest quantity of material. Beech wood is also called beech. Among them, Europe has the most original. Belgium, Germany, Poland, and the Netherlands are all beech wood-producing countries.

wooden chair

These reasonable fellings, High-quality and low-cost beech wood are continuously transported to China, Vietnam and other large furniture countries, and then manufactured into high-quality tables and chairs, and the furniture is exported all over the world.

The beech wood is long and slender, and there is almost no infatuation. The natural pattern is more suitable for making the original color, washed white, exuding unparalleled charm!

4. Rubberwood chairs: Rubberwood chairs are not oak chairs. There are essential differences between the two. Rubberwood mostly comes from the tropical jungles of Southeast Asia.

wooden chair

It has a short growth cycle, soft material, and is easier to cut and shape. Some adult medium-sized chairs will choose Rubberwood, and the price advantage of wood is more obvious

5. Birch Wood chairs: Birch is also favored by table and chair manufacturers because of its affordable price. Among simple European furniture, the material of birch has a place. Birch is sometimes affected by the season. In addition, the birch is also soft wood.

wooden chair

6. Tsubaki wood chair: When we choose Tsubaki wood as the material for the tables and chairs, we mainly favor the natural pattern of the wood. Color chairs, as well as those who cater to the pursuit of natural wood grain and texture, they have a soft spot for this. This material is widely used in the light primary color of the wooden cross chair.

wooden chair

Below we introduce several harder materials, which will be the first choice for indoor and outdoor chairs.


7. Basswood chair: The pattern of the basswood is relatively straightened, straight up and down, the texture of the roots is clear from top to bottom, and the material of the basswood is very hard, will not be easily bumped, scratched, and is not changed for many years of use and style. It’s a very good choice for consumers.

wooden chair

Of course, we strongly recommend primary colors and light colors. Otherwise, it’s not easy to distinguish the material of the chair with paint.

8. Oak chair: Oak can be called the king in terms of hardness. It is quite hard. It is unmatched in carving. You can use machines or manual tools to carve patterns on oak wood. Relatively speaking, the oak chair The cost will be higher than the price of conventional wood, but it also does not rule out many lovers of oak chairs.

wooden chair

Relatively speaking, there is almost no pattern on the surface of oak, like a whiteboard. Most of the oak is used to make walnut color, and some colors are even directly called oak color. There are two types of oak, white oak and red oak, with slightly different textures, collectively referred to as oak.

9. Locust wood chair: locust wood is a specific wood in northern China. It is a relatively hard material and is abundant in Shanxi, Henan and other places. The production of this kind of wood is relatively slow.

wooden chair

Before 2006, locust tree wood was mainly used in the production of tiffany chairs. Because locust wood has strong bending strength and will not break, it is an indispensable material for tiffany chairs. At present, I think The best material for Chiavari chairs is locust tree wood.

10. Ashwood chair: Ash wood has strong elasticity, that is, it has very high bending strength. It is mainly used to make curved wood chairs. Workers make the ash wood soft through high-temperature cooking, and then bend the solid wood to make BENTWOOD CHAIRS, this is a craft that began in the 1990s and has been passed down to the present.

wooden chair

11. Mahogany Chair: In the above text, we talked about the value preservation and appreciation of wooden chairs, and also talked about the mahogany material. In Thailand, in southern China, Myanmar and other countries, mahogany is a scarce wood. Tables and chairs made of these wood can maintain and increase their value. , Widely sought after by enthusiasts, and even once the price soared dozens of times.

wooden chair

Here we have to solemnly declare that Chinese manufacturers, so wooden chairs produced in China must strictly abide by the following terms, absolutely not use endangered wood species in the world, and will not over-cut trees to cause damage to nature. , All the use of wood is legal and beneficial to nature, and any manufacturer or manufacturer must consciously follow it.


Part 3. Application Of Wooden Chairs

When it comes to usage scenarios, almost all the scenes you can see, even the imaginable scenes, have wooden chairs. Since there are so many usage scenarios involved, we can’t make sure to cover all of them. A list, and as much as possible with scene pictures for readers to understand.

When we introduce these usage scenarios, we fully consider the commercial chairs, household chairs, and the scenes of different indoor and outdoor chairs. The multi-angle and three-dimensional structure allows readers to learn more and richer knowledge.

1. Outdoor chairs: As long as everyone can see the outdoor scenes, whether in the countryside or in the suburbs, parks, beaches, highway rest areas, where there need to be chairs to rest, there are almost all wooden chairs, and some even It also has anti-corrosion, sun protection, and rain protection functions, including outdoor wooden benches, which can be used by 4-6 people at the same time. In the following sub-scenarios in this article, we also list many outdoor scenes.

wooden chair

2. Indoor chairs: Compared with large outdoor scenes, indoor chairs may converge in size due to the influence of the size of the venue, but this does not prevent wooden chairs from being widely used indoors.

wooden chair

Including some indoor swimming pools, gymnasiums, indoor barbecue shops, etc., no matter what kind of scene it is matched with, there will be an appropriate match. Later we will also cover articles on how indoor chairs match tables and chair cushions for readers to share. Below we will list many specific usage scenarios.

3. Wooden chairs used in offices: Although plastic or iron office swivel chairs have become very popular in recent years, and can even be said to be popular, there are still many fans who are keen on wooden chairs who use wooden chairs as office chairs.

wooden chair

In winter, people will equip wooden chairs with upholstery. In summer, chairs with wooden frames and rattan seat panels are widely used in offices, whether they are with or without armrests.

4. Game room chairs: Many game rooms and Internet cafes will use wooden chairs and wooden tables, which are relatively more stable than metal tables and chairs. Plastic footpads are installed on the bottom of the legs to prevent scratches on the floor.

wooden chair

Make sure that there is no sound when dragging. . Of course, some game wooden chairs are equipped with wheels. In order to make it easier for players to move back and forth, some wooden chairs are equipped with places for drinks or remote controls.

5. Casino chairs: Casino chairs need a very heavy feel. Usually, the wooden frame will be equipped with some soft fabric or leather, or even a generous back. These wooden chairs are common in many Las Vegas gambling movies or Hong Kong movies, and they are often placed on heavy carpets. Gamers sit on them very firmly.

wooden chair

6. Bar chair: Whether it is a card seat or a bar chair at the front desk in the bar, basically wooden chairs are mainly used, usually metal style or retro style, according to the style of the bar. The seat height of a bar chair is generally between 105 and 115 cm, while the ordinary seat height is about 46 cm.

wooden chair

Many bar chairs use wishbone chairs or horn chairs, or wooden cross chairs and Lewis chairs. There are also bar chairs that use solid wood frame soft backrests, which are also popular. At the same time, many Internet celebrity bars will use Internet celebrity chairs, such as wooden Chiavari chairs.

7. Cafes, fast food restaurants, small restaurants, pizzerias: The ubiquitous cafes and pizzerias have a huge demand for wooden chairs. In Europe, many cafes are a kind of leisure place, and most of them use bent wooden chairs as their main purpose. Chairs, warm coffee and warm bent wood chairs complement each other. The pizzeria can choose more styles of wooden chairs, and there are more than 15 styles to choose from.

wooden chair

8. Shopping mall chairs: When a family or relatives and friends are visiting a large shopping mall or supermarket together, when they are tired, people need a moment of rest.

wooden chair

The warm-hearted stores will arrange some rows of chairs or leisure chairs for us to rest. At this time, We will come into contact with all kinds of wooden chairs, and of course there will be chairs made of other materials, among which most are Windsor chairs, bent wooden chairs, and simple European-style wooden chairs.

9. Lounge: Many leisure places, or clubs, will set up special lounges, whether it is a chess room, tea room, including yoga, lounges in Chinese medicine halls, wooden chairs are often used for reception, and occasionally equipped A sofa or a single cocktail chair.

wooden chair

10. Barn banquet wooden chairs: In the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, many barn-style leisure venues are used for weddings or birthday parties and classmate gatherings.

wooden chair

Because of the barn style, the barn generally adopts the original wood color tone, so the wooden chairs equipped are basically matched around this style. Here we specifically refer to the wooden cross chair and the wooden Louis chair, whether it is a wooden cross back The iron back, whether it is brown or brown, is based on the original wood color selection.

These chairs are also called barn chairs. They are often matched with farm tables. They are good for weddings and parties. choose.

11. Farm chair: The farm has a very similar style to the barn, but in terms of scale, the farm will be larger, and the reception capacity and the imagination of the layout space will be more abundant. Under such a style, plastic chairs and metal chairs cannot be well integrated, and can only be set off by the natural attributes of wooden chairs.

wooden chair

Wooden screens or large wooden arches, together with farm tables and farm chairs, are on the green grass. I believe everyone likes such wedding scenes and party scenes. Of course, the wine estate will also have such a peculiar effect, which is classified into the category of farm chairs.

12. Family wooden chairs: We put the living room chairs, dining room, kitchen, balcony, study, bedroom chairs and other chairs under a family wooden chair, all of them are classified as family chairs, as the main force of online purchase and retail buyers.

The main purpose of many families purchasing wooden chairs on the Internet is still to value the advantages of environmental protection and pollution-free. Due to the small size of the packaging, the demand for disassembly and assembly of wooden chairs is very large, and the requirements for manufacturers are also high.

wooden chair

The sales of wooden chairs that are of good quality, easy to install and small in packaging volume have increased greatly under the epidemic. If your yard or villa happens to have a large balcony or courtyard, you can put some large wooden leisure chairs, such as frog chairs, etc. There are hundreds of choices in the choice of family wooden dining chairs, and study chairs And the bedroom chair has a strong privacy nature, which belongs to everyone’s personal choice.

13. Exhibition hall chair and exhibition chair: The reason why the exhibition hall and exhibition chair are put together is that the scenes of the two are similar.

wooden chair

Large-scale fairs, exhibitions, trade fairs, these scenes have a great demand for chairs. All booths need negotiation tables and chairs. Occasionally, wooden folding chairs are used, or wooden chairs that can be stacked are used as chairs for the stall owners. These easy-to-fold or stack chairs are easy to carry and store, making them a good choice.

14. Hotel: Hotel chairs are mostly distributed in the hotel dining area and accommodation area. Wooden chairs in each hotel room can be seen everywhere. They are simple and practical. According to different hotel grades, they can range from simple to complex.

wooden chair

The hotel’s catering is divided into a variety of styles and colors, such as the breakfast buffet area and the wooden chairs for the mid- and evening banquet rooms. In addition, many large hotels also have banquet halls and ballrooms that can accommodate more than one hundred people, and a large number of wooden dining chairs are used.

15. Corporate reception room: As an important window of the company or unit, the reception room plays an important role. In order to illustrate the company’s corporate culture or give the recipients a sense of warmth, most corporate reception rooms use warm-toned wooden chairs. Some use round reception sofas instead.

wooden chair

16. Wedding chairs: Wedding chairs are a huge market. There are many types of wooden chairs to choose from, including Chiavari chairs, wooden folding chairs, wooden cross chairs, wooden Louis chairs, wooden royal chairs, and wooden Phoenix chairs. , Wooden Napoleon chair, different countries, different wedding styles will choose different styles and colors. At this important moment in life, I believe that every couple will carefully select and carefully select wedding chairs.

wooden chair

17. Funeral: Most funeral chairs use black as the main color. In the era of raging epidemics, many people lost their closest relatives and friends. More than 75% of the wooden chairs offered by the funeral company were in black.

wooden chair

18. Birthday parties and all kinds of event gatherings: As a professional event furniture manufacturer, we can say responsibly that birthday parties and event chairs are very important elements related to the success of the event. Professional organizers will After the style is designed, choose a suitable chair for the scene.

wooden chair

In addition, outdoor barbecues, food stalls, theaters, churches, museums, community events, school ceremonies, and new product launches have a large demand for wooden chairs at the same time. I will not elaborate on them here. I believe everyone can think of various scenarios. You are also welcome to add more scenes of wooden chairs.

Part 4. Most Popular Wooden Chair Styles

Regarding how to introduce the style of the chair in detail, and how to explain the style of the chair comprehensively and clearly, the author adopts the simplest and most effective method. We try to explain and analyze from the three dimensions of color, shape, and size, and compare clear.

First of all, if we distinguish by color, we generally have the following style:

Natural wind: The so-called natural wind chairs are basically treated with primary colors and covered with varnish, so that the texture and color of the original wood are the most authentic embodiment. Whether it is scented New Zealand pine or evenly patterned European beech, the original color products made are very popular.

wooden chair

Diablo series: To a certain extent, black represents mystery and calmness. Black is not as easy to make as people think. On the contrary, black is a color that is more difficult to make. Many weddings are designed as a dark series, which is very mysterious.

wooden chair

White series: White is a symbol of purity, whether it is tiffany chairs, wooden folding chairs, or cross back chairs, white is an eternal classic. In the wedding wooden chairs, white accounts for more than 30%.

wooden chair

Brown series: The brown series is a shade that is slightly darker than the natural wind. In fact, brown is also divided into three types of brown, light brown, medium brown, and dark brown from light to dark. The production and control of these three colors requires a certain degree of technology. These brown series chairs can be matched with good results according to the surrounding scene and the environment.

wooden chair

Retro and distressed series: Some wooden chairs are made of retro nostalgic colors in order to show a deep sense of nostalgia. However, the chair itself is a new material, but the surface treatment or partial parts are treated with some distressing. For example, caramel color, nostalgic wash white, and some deliberately made the effect of scarring on the chair, but the chair itself is very strong.

wooden chair

Golden local tyrant series: Every stage has every stage of popularity. Golden chairs have been widely popular in a long period of time, including now, many customers in the United States, South Africa, and the UAE have a soft spot for golden chairs. Whether it is a tiffany chair or a Louis chair, the golden chair is indeed very beautiful. If there are golden chairs, golden plates, knives, and napkins at the wedding, it is really shining and magnificent.

wooden chair

Silver sparkle series: The silver series corresponds to the golden style. Some wedding styles are mainly silver style. The curtain fabrics are silver-gray. The tablecloths are silver sequins, cutlery and plates are also silver, with silver wood. The chair is really perfect. If the table and chair are matched with the linen, every style is the ultimate beauty.

wooden chair

Secondly, we analyze according to the shape, there are the following styles:

Conventional and elegant style: Conventional styles are those that are well-regarded and are the so-called common styles. Some wooden chairs are evergreens in the chair industry, popular for more than decades, such as pine one table and four chairs, household oak dining chairs , Popular for more than 20 years.

Fresh and refined: new styles, new styles, online celebrity styles, hot styles, many styles are replaced by other styles after a few years of popularity, and new styles will emerge every year. The new styles can play a good role in stimulating market demand.

wooden chair

Designer copy style: Many excellent designer styles have been handed down and widely circulated, and some have passed the patent period. We can safely copy, mass-produce, and de-mechanize, such as several of bentwood. Products, as well as the regular chairs and bar chairs of wishbone chairs.

wooden chair

Scarce custom style: These styles are basically non-productive styles. Some consumers need different styles of chairs because of size, venue, quantity, color, etc. Even the look of a peculiar chair burst into your mind, you can also try to make it, perhaps you can receive unexpected peculiar effects.

wooden chairs

Divided by size

Pocket size (children’s models): Children’s chairs are an important share of the chair series. The demand for children’s wooden chairs is quite large. Basically, every wooden chair can be made into children’s size. Many classic wooden chairs are made into children’s models. , Of course, it also includes regular dining chairs, wedding chairs, and outdoor lounge chairs.

wooden chair

Regular size models: Or standard models for short, it is the so-called normal models. Conventional wooden chairs are basically designed according to the height, waist, hip, and leg length of people in different countries, so wooden chairs in different countries.

There is also a slight gap between the standard of the United Kingdom and the United States, the back slope is slightly different, but the gap is not big, we collectively refer to the regular models. When designing a conventional chair, every designer must consider the comfort of the back, which meets the scientific structure of the human body. No chair is of random size.

Oversized chairs: There are also oversized chairs everywhere. In order to pursue greater comfort or satisfy visual impact, or for special reasons, there will be oversized wooden chairs in many scenes, whether it is indoor, outdoor domestic and commercial. use.

wooden chair

Part 5. Wooden Chairs Manufacturing Process-Step By Step Guide

Many initial manufacturers, chair researchers, importers, final consumers, users, designers, etc. understand some of the processes of producing wooden chairs, but there are also many people who are not familiar with the entire production process and the basic craftsmanship.

Particularly in-depth understanding, we often receive some readers and consumers inquire about the details of the production of wooden chairs. Now we are going to carry out a routine ordering of how wooden chairs are produced in the factory step by step, and strive to sort out a complete process, while also answering some doubts.

In addition, for some additional processes and special production techniques, We will also describe a little incidentally, hoping to help readers. Below we first describe the production process of conventional wooden chairs as follows:

  1. The super important first step: research on wooden chair styles before production

This is the most important part before production. Although the styles involved include independent design, research on inherent styles, and processing studies on drawings, no matter what style, the manufacturer’s technicians must first perform the style Careful research and thorough understanding of the size, structure, paint effect of the finished product, and future storage and packaging of the wooden chair can play a guiding and planning role for all subsequent processes.

wooden chair

In many cases, manufacturers need to use computers to make 3D drawings and detailed drawings of each part, so that workers in each process can have correct instructions when producing. And often because of structural problems, the drawings will be changed several times, which is normal.

  1. Wooden chair material selection

Based on the research of wooden chair styles, the next step for manufacturers is to choose wood materials. The first is the choice of wood materials. According to customer requirements, own experience, and cost budget, the selection of materials is relatively simple, and sometimes you need to do it yourself.

material types of wood chair

To dry the wood, sometimes it is necessary to choose to buy the dried wood directly for cutting and subsequent use. A wooden chair sometimes uses the same type of wood for the entire chair, and sometimes uses different wood materials.

The back of the chair, the seat plate, the front legs of the chair, and the cross-bracing part of the chair are often made of different materials. This is mainly determined by It being different from the cost and the requirements for the weight of each component, and I believe it will not affect the overall production and effect of the final chair.

  1. Cutting or splicing the size of the corresponding parts-blanking process

In this part, we put the cutting and splicing in one process to explain, because the ultimate goal of these steps is to prepare materials for each component, but because of the size, sometimes manufacturers have to cut large materials, and sometimes also Small pieces of wood should be joined together by jigsaw.

Usually the material size of this link is slightly larger than the size of each part, leaving a certain size leeway for the later cutting of each part. Simply put, this step is to prepare slightly larger size materials for the parts of each wooden chair. Regardless of the cutting or splicing steps, this process will accurately KNOTS the wood.

  1. The shape of each part and the grinding process of the parts:

The carefully selected wood is made into the prototype of each chair component through different machines. Different processing techniques may be involved here, but the basic process is the same.

This includes the back legs and front legs of the wooden chair. Different accessories such as chair frame, seat plate frame, seat plate seat surface, cross brace, chair upright brace, etc.

wooden chair

Most of these accessories are assembly line operations. Even if they are processed manually, they will be standardized by relatively professional technicians. After the initial processing, all accessories will enter the polishing process of each part. The polishing of the parts will be slightly different from the polishing of the whole chair, and the purpose is also different.

The parts must be polished carefully, especially in the corners that are not easy to polish after assembly. This link is also handled smoothly, laying a solid foundation for the lower part.

  1. The overall chair assembly procedure

Through special assembly equipment, manufacturers will assemble the polished parts into a whole chair. This process is extremely important, because this involves the consumer’s firmness in the future use.

wooden chair

The angle of assembly, the glue and hardware accessories used must be very suitable. We must not only ensure the stability and firmness of the wooden chair, but also ensure that the four feet are on a horizontal line. Inclination requirements are also very high.

Many professional factories only provide white embryo products, and do not provide finished products with well-painted products. This is also one of the very common practices in the industry!

  1. Paint process:

Most of the paint process is really performed on the whole chair. Of course, some wiping or special processes will also choose to be completed before the assembly of each component, but basically the last finish will be done after the overall wooden chair is completed.

wooden chair

This ensures the final desired effect of the chair. It doesn’t matter if you are in pure colors, primary colors, black, or retro and old colors, it is achievable. Generally, the paint process will have two modes: manual spraying and mechanized electrostatic spraying. Sometimes these two spraying methods will be better combined under large-scale production conditions.

Some manufacturers use electrostatic spraying for the first and second passes. , Some missing details, using manual methods to find and repair.

Of course, electrostatic spraying will make an outstanding contribution to saving the amount of paint, and it is not limited by the low temperature in winter that the paint is not easy to spray!

  1. Soft bags, rattan seats or other supporting work

Many wooden chairs are not 100% made of wood, but the wooden part accounts for a relatively large proportion. We also call them wooden chairs. Among them, some chairs are equipped with soft bags or other materials based on solid wood frames, such as rattan mats.

Most of the process of rattan mats or soft bags is arranged behind the painting process, waiting for the paint to be thoroughly painted. After drying, the process of soft wrapping or rattan mats is the most reasonable.

wooden chair

In this way, paint pollution is avoided as much as possible. Of course, this process also needs to avoid bumping to the finished paint as much as possible, including those wooden chairs that can be disassembled and assembled in this process, which is to paint first and then make soft bags. After the work of the soft bag or rattan mat is finished, a perfect product is presented in front of us, and we are about to enter the next process.

  1. Packaging technology

Do not neglect the packaging. A good packaging is not only beautiful, but also ensures that the wooden chairs are not bumped. For large importers, they hope that the more chairs in the container, the better, so as to save the ocean freight as much as possible.

wooden chair

Some importers hope that the goods they receive will be directly delivered to consumers, so they will require more packaging, which saves the work of packaging and labeling after import. The packaging of chairs is mainly divided into inner packaging and outer packaging. The inner packaging means that a single chair needs to be packaged in detail to ensure that there is no problem when overlapping or rubbing against each other.

The outer packaging, depending on the requirements and the nature of the chair, sometimes a chair will be arranged in one packaging, or two, four or even ten in a box. In 2021, the entire global shipping market will increase prices very wildly, and extreme requirements are placed on the inner and outer packaging of products.

Packing as many chairs as possible in a fixed container has become the top demand of every manufacturer and importer. For some special wooden chairs, some manufacturers will use wooden boxes to pack them.

  1. Shipment and shipment links

Ok, now all the wooden chairs are packed. For storage, I will mention related content in a later article. Whether it is domestic or international transportation, the appropriate method of transportation will be used. There will be express delivery in domestic transportation.

And logistics two methods, express speed is fast, suitable for small quantity, urgent demand, and logistics is the best choice compared to the transportation of large quantities of chairs.

wooden chair transport

Of course, we also recommend choosing some reputable logistics companies as the main transportation partners. While international delivery has different modes of transportation such as air, sea, and express, most importers use container transportation to strive for the most reasonable freight cost.

Sometimes, in order to better unload the goods at the destination, buyers will require cartons or wooden boxes to be placed on pallets during shipment, so that it is convenient to use mechanical unloading during unloading.

Part 6. What mechanical equipment and manual parts are needed to produce wooden chairs?

Above, we used a lot of text to rationalize and describe the production process of wooden chairs in detail. A friend asked me, which machinery and equipment will these wonderful chairs use? Here we briefly introduce as follows:

  1. Cutting machine series (including large, small, manual):

In order to cut logs or large plates, we will need a cutting machine at this time. From the most primitive manual saws, to the current electric saws, and mobile cutting saws, it is easy to cut large plates into the thin plates you want. Or small materials.

wooden chair

A variety of different thicknesses, different widths, and different lengths of plates will provide more convenient materials for subsequent production links. Cutting machines also have different specifications and powers, which are used for different sizes of wood and different site areas.

  1. Board splicing machine (machine for splicing boards)

For the wood product processing industry, splicing small pieces of wood into large boards is a normal operation. Usually, a lot of glue is needed to connect the boards in this process.

At this time, the machinery we need will be a splicing machine. There is a difference between a small jigsaw puzzle machine and a large jigsaw puzzle machine, which is mainly determined by the size of the final finished jigsaw puzzle.

wooden chair

For example, a 2440MM desktop needs a large jigsaw puzzle machine to complete, and small-size panels are fixed by a jigsaw puzzle machine. It usually takes more than 48 hours to ensure a very strong effect, so as to ensure that after the finished sheet is made, there will be no cracking due to temperature changes. Of course, the jigsaw machine will also adopt a mechanical compression or manual compression structure because of its scale.

  1. Forming machine series

After the board is prepared, when shaping the various parts of the wooden chair, the factory will use a variety of traveling machinery and equipment. These equipment are usually controlled by a computer.

The CNC system will operate the drill or cutting of the machinery, as well as comprehensive operations. System to complete the manufacturing process of one shape or multiple shapes.

wooden chair

Therefore, no matter how complicated the shape of the table legs, chair back legs, and front legs are, they will be realized by CNC machines. The pre-production manufacturers work through some self-made semi-manual output machines. After several years of evolution, the hind legs of wishbone chairs have evolved from a semi-mechanical manual type to a fully automatic mechanical type, which greatly improves the accuracy and production efficiency of the product.

Therefore, computer CNC-controlled molding machinery and self-made molding equipment play a very important role in promoting the dimensional accuracy and efficiency of the entire furniture industry.

  1. Solid Wood Bending Equipment:

The shape of wooden chairs is usually not quite satisfactory. In addition to the right-angled shape, many chairs are composed of various curvatures to form a beautiful design. There are also some curved shapes.

These curved shapes require solid wood bending equipment. The whole solid wood bending equipment basically makes solid wood soft by steaming, and then bends the solid wood through the equipment.

wooden chair

After fixing, it is placed in the kiln for more than 48 hours before the bending effect can be ensured. In this regard, many equipments are self-made The equipment is not standardized production, but it is these self-made equipment that play a very important role.

  1. Wooden chair carving equipment and wire drawing machine

The legs of many wooden chairs, or the backs and other parts need to be carved. Even the main selling point of mahogany furniture is carving. However, with the loss of craftsmanship and slow production restrictions, carving is the main selling point of mahogany furniture.

wooden chair manufacturing process

Even if the machine appeared, it greatly improved the production efficiency and ensured the consistency of the engraving patterns. Speaking of the drawing process, it is a special process that enlarges the wood grain on the outside of the wood.

The drawing machine is made of a high-speed rotating wire brush as the main part. Because of the existence of these special equipment, there are various exquisite patterns and effects of wood.

  1. Punching machine (drilling machine)

This is a better understanding. In order to link the various parts together, whether it is a glue link or a hardware link, each part will always need to be punched.

wooden chair

The drill bit of the punching machine can be replaced with different sizes and thicknesses. For drills of different specifications, the punching machine has single-hole drilling and multi-hole drilling at the same time. Single-hole punching machines are generally used for small batch production and a small number of holes are required to be punched on a single component.

If many holes need to be punched on a flat surface or on a part at the same time, a porous machine is generally required at this time. One machine punches holes at the same time, ensuring extremely high efficiency and maintaining the same accuracy.

  1. Wooden chair assembly machine

After the various parts are cut, punched, and simply polished, they will be assembled together to form the overall frame of a wooden chair.

wooden chair wholesale (1)

How to ensure that the assembled chair has a reasonable and strong structure, we need some assembly machines to put the wooden frame After entering, assemble the chair in this mold.

At present, the assembly machines we see are basically semi-mechanized equipment designed and manufactured by the factory according to the shape of the chair. We hope that in the future, there will be multi-functional assembly machines.

  1. Polishing Equipment

All wooden furniture, including wooden chairs, are inseparable from a polishing process. In order to make the paint better, and for the smoothness of the surface, the polishing process is very important.

wooden chair

In addition to manual polishing, most of the polishing is done by a machine. Realized by the device. The first is the hand-held small electric sanding equipment, the worker can hold the sanding equipment with one hand to carry out the careful and meticulous sanding work, and the second is the large sanding sanding equipment, which is used for the sanding of large flat plates or large parts.

The efficiency and effect are very good. The entire polishing process basically consists of three types: large-scale polishing equipment, hand-held small-scale polishing equipment and artificial sandpaper polishing.

  1. Painting Equipment:

From the assembled chair to the exquisite appearance of the chair, it is necessary to go through the process of painting. Painting equipment is needed here. From the earliest manual painting to the recent popular electrostatic spraying equipment, the painting equipment has gone from simple manual spray gun painting to large-scale painting. Electrostatic automatic spraying equipment, hanging line production line, and floor line production line, which have gone through about ten years.

wooden chair manufacturing process

  1. Installation Tools:


Speaking of installation equipment, we have to talk about some small tools, such as manual screwdrivers, hammers, and hand-held electric drills. Each manufacturer has dozens of sets of these toolboxes to ensure good after-sales service and on-site installation services. At that time, we will also equip importers with many such toolboxes.

wooden chair

  1. Packing Machine

In addition to manual packaging, packaging of many wooden chairs requires a packaging machine. The packaging machine and its packaging line greatly improve the efficiency and ensure the packaging effect. The packaging machine is more compact than manual packaging.

wooden chair manufacturing process

  1. Forklift Loading Machine

A large amount of export goods need to be put into containers and exported abroad. Basically, forklifts are the most common mechanical equipment in every medium-sized and above factory. Forklifts are also used to improve efficiency and reduce labor intensity of workers. Although most wooden chairs are light goods, But forklifts are still necessary.

wooden chair manufacturing process

In summary, combined with mechanical equipment, we can easily conclude that the labor required to produce wooden chairs is the operators of various types of mechanical equipment, and reasonable staffing needs to be arranged for each equipment and each link. Ensure that the entire wooden chair mass production process is carried out in an orderly manner, and finally provide buyers and importers with various types of chairs of high quality and reasonable prices.

Part 7. What should be paid attention to when buying wooden chairs?

So the quality of the manufactured wooden chairs varies. How does everyone including importers, buyers and end-users choose high-quality wooden chairs? We state some key points on this topic, hoping to help readers, we will make a simple and clear explanation around several aspects:

  1. Is the chair style correct or like it?

When we have the concept of buying a certain chair style in our mind, we will compare the styles of the objects we are trying to find. After some styles have evolved or copied, the styles have changed a lot.

wooden chair

Maybe many people mind this. So what we must first confirm is whether this chair is the same as our expectations, or the style is within our acceptable range.

This is the primary condition. If the style is wrong, even if the size is correct, the chair is strong and looks good. The person does not buy it either.

  1. Is the size of the chair reasonable?

Secondly, consumers must check the size, and refuse to purchase products with the wrong size and unreasonable size. On the surface, the size may not be a big problem, but it may be because of the inaccuracy of the size that the structure of the wooden chair has problems. , Quality problems occur during use, or tilt or exercise due to uneven force, which are all very serious problems.

wooden chair

  1. Degree of Structural Firmness

The firmness of the chair depends on the material, the quality of the glue, whether the structure is reasonable or not, and the quality of the hardware accessories. When inspecting the firmness of the chair, we must check these details one by one.

wooden chair

Some of them cannot be judged from the appearance. We can perform load-bearing tests, cushioning tests, and even destructive experiments to judge the firmness of the chair.

In all quality problems Among them, the sturdiness of the chair is the most important, and it is directly related to the safety of the occupants.

  1. Appearance Paint Processing

Regardless of whether the style of the wooden chairs is natural wind, beautiful style, or retro and old style, their final paint effect, whether dim or bright, must achieve a uniform paint effect to ensure that the place that should be covered by the paint cannot be omitted, and the color must also be It is correct, especially those brown or brown chairs, to ensure that the color accuracy is very high. Any chair with missing paint or uneven paint should be classified as a bad product that needs to be refurbished.

wooden chair

  1. Is the material consistent with the instructions?

It is absolutely not allowed to use shoddy materials to substitute one material for another. Some manufacturers with no reputation will use softwood instead of hardwood and ordinary wood instead of expensive materials.

wooden chair

These are absolutely not allowed, we have mastered After some basic wood knowledge, you can judge according to the hardness, texture and other details. This not only involves different materials and different effects, but also the final production cost is completely different.

Part 8. Top 10 Most Popular Wooden Chair Series in 2022

Above, we have elaborated a lot of details from the materials, styles, production processes, and inspection standards of the chairs. Many readers and consumers have asked us to recommend some of the most popular wooden chair series.

However, there are hundreds of types and as many as thousands of wooden chairs. It is difficult to judge the 10 most popular series. Through investigation and sales volume, we especially recommend the following ten chair series for For your reference:

wooden chair

Taking into account the comprehensive factors of indoor, outdoor, commercial, civil and general purpose, we recommend the following 10 most popular wooden chairs 2022, and hope consumers will like them.

  1. Wooden Louis Chair

The reason why the wooden Louis chair is put in the first place is that the chairs in this series are very European style in terms of style, and the scope of use is too wide.

wooden chair

These wooden chairs are not only widely used in weddings, but also used at home. The ratio is also very high, it is super suitable for commercial and civilian use, all kinds of parties, restaurants, restaurants, hotels, and living room kitchens, you can see the figure of wooden Louis chairs everywhere.

And this series of chairs can choose different frame colors, fabrics, leather, rattan seats, etc. The two important components of the chair seat plate and the chair back can be combined in a variety of options, so they are very popular!

  1. Wooden Windsor Chair

At present, the catering usage rate of the original color wooden Windsor chair is super high. Whether it is a large hotel, a small restaurant, or a personal indoor restaurant, this Windsor chair shows its brilliance because of its reasonable size, unique shape design, and comfortable ride, regardless of the original color.

wooden chair

Still walnut color, it is very easy to match the table. According to statistics, the proportion of primary colors in wooden Windsor chairs exceeds 55%, while the proportion of other whites and browns will be slightly less. For now, not only people in European countries like this chair, but Asian countries including China and South Korea are also using this wooden chair in more and more scenes.

  1. Bentwood Chair Series

As a family of curved wooden chairs, one of the ten most popular chair series does not rely on difficult bending techniques. But because of its popularity, unique design, and simple and unique structure, this type of chair has become people’s darling.

wooden chair

Although the production speed of this type of chair is not fast, the order is overwhelming. The entire bentwood chair series covers about 8 to 10 styles. In addition to the many cafes used in Australia and Europe, many high-end concerts are also equipped with this type of chair. Chair.

  1. Director chair

The origin of the name of this chair was originally because it was widely used in filming scenes for directors to sit and direct work and rest, so it was named the director chair. Both Hollywood directors and Hong Kong film directors like this chair because of the super comfortable feeling, so we often see the shadow of these chairs on the set.

wooden chair

With continuous development, director chairs are no longer patented chairs for directors, and their use range is becoming more and more extensive, and they are recognized and used by more people.

In addition, the size of wooden director chairs has also evolved. For different heights, children’s director chairs have also appeared, allowing children with directors’ dreams to experience the experience of director since they were young.

  1. Wooden cross chair series

The names of many wooden chairs originate from the designer’s name, and some are derived from the identity of the rider.

As a typical representative of enduring dining chairs and wedding chairs, the name of the wooden cross chair comes from its own shape and structure. An X-shaped back gives them a name like cross back chairs.

wooden chair

At the same time, we also commonly call this type of chair X BACK CHAIRS, which seems more appropriate. No matter how the structure changes, how the material of the X part is adjusted, how the order of the X parts are arranged, or the material of the seat plate, the eternal part of this chair is the X part on the back of the chair, which is the meaning of the name of this chair. X back chairs are one of the most popular chairs in the American wedding industry after chiavari chairs.

  1. Wooden Wishbone Chairs

In Europe, wishbone chair, also known as CH24 chair or Y chair, is a chair designed by Hans Wegner for Carl Hansen & Søn in 1949.

The chair has curved wooden armrests and a paper rope seat with a woven envelope pattern. The chair is named after a Y-shaped or wishbone-shaped backrest. Wegener’s best-selling chair is a remarkable example of Danish furniture design. Since its initial release, the chair has been in continuous production and is very representative of retro classics.

wooden chair

We often call this type of chair Y CHAIRS because of the Y shape of its back. If readers want to know more about this chair, they can refer to our web page, where there is a more detailed description.

  1. Wooden Phoenix Chair

These white or antique old wooden phoenix chairs are super popular styles in North Carolina and South Carolina, and their popularity almost covers more than one-third of the product categories of wedding companies.

dining chairs

Because of the unique shape and the best craftsmanship, coupled with the features of easy stacking and movement, this type of chair is in short supply. Also because the production of this wooden chair is difficult and the progress is slow, the manufacturer needs to prepare semi-finished products in advance to meet more Buyer’s needs.

  1. Royal chair series

As a classic representative of oversized wooden chairs, royal chairs are known for their tall and majestic style. They are more and more widely used, not only as wedding essentials, but also in many villas, hotel lobbies, and leisure places.

wooden chair

The royal chair series includes single, double, triple, adult and child models. There are more than 20 styles of royal chairs and a variety of colors. You can choose from as many as 60 colors of fabric or leather. Basically, as long as you think of the color combination Can be produced.

  1. Wooden Folding Chair Series

After more than 10 years of popular folding chairs with wooden leather cushions, the traditional folding chairs with wooden leather cushions are slowly being replaced by resin folding chairs.

wooden chair

This is an indisputable fact. Now it is becoming more and more popular and the more popular folding chairs The chair is a folding chair with the back of the new rattan seat.

Whether it is a folding chair with small armrests or no armrests with rattan seat plates and rattan backs, especially in the Australian and Belgian markets, there are about 10 styles of similar or related products on the market.

10. Wooden Rocking Chair

As a representative of family leisure chairs, wooden rocking chairs are selected as the top ten most popular wooden chairs because of their small size, easy installation, safety and comfort when purchased.

wooden chair

The main technical difficulty of the rocking chair lies in the solid wood bending and the balancing of the rocking chair when it is rocking. With the same concept, there are two types of rocking chairs, adult rocking chairs and children rocking chairs. Whether it is for adults or children, the safety of rocking chairs cannot be ignored.

Part 9. How to choose a high-quality wooden chair manufacturer?

Facing the era of increasing information transparency, how should importers, wholesalers, and consumers choose manufacturers?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. The right one is the best. Maybe your factory is not large, but you are an expert in a certain type of wooden chair. You are also very welcome.

Only by starting from our own needs and combining comprehensive factors, we can find the most suitable and high-quality wooden chair manufacturer. Below we provide some suggestions for selecting high-quality manufacturers.

  1. Check the manufacturer’s network traces and network information, as well as the location given by Google

Under the epidemic conditions, it is very difficult to visit the factory in person. When we are searching for manufacturers, in addition to searching for products on some online platforms, we will also search for suitable manufacturers through the Google search engine.

wooden chair

such as when you search for wooden crossback Dining chairs wholesale or wooden cross back dining chairs manufacturer You will find many manufacturers are searched out, this is because Google gives these high-quality manufacturers a reasonable position, Google is the fairest.

When you specifically want to inquire about a certain manufacturer’s information, you will also inquire all the network traces of that manufacturer through the Google search engine. If the manufacturer can hardly find network information, it will definitely shake your confidence in cooperation.

  1. Focus on customer reviews

We can easily find a lot of reviews in the searched information, which are the evaluations of some third parties of the factory or the evaluations of purchasers. Through these customer evaluations, we will also use star ratings and evaluation descriptions to make them.

wooden chair

A rough judgment is also very helpful for choosing whether to cooperate, and the purchases and star ratings of some benchmark companies will have a positive effect on the purchases of other consumers. Experiments have proved that for two factories under the same similar conditions, buyers will focus on the manufacturers with more good reputations as suppliers.

  1. Various certificates

A high-quality factory will not only have a lot of objective and fair praise, but also have various certificates. This includes not only management certificates, such as the ISO9001 management system, but also product inspection certificates.

wooden chair

These authorities The certificate given by the third-party organization is very convincing, such as the product certificate provided by SGS, and the FSC certificate. Therefore, it is necessary for buyers and importers to consciously ask whether the manufacturer has a quality inspection certificate. Conversely speaking, it is also very important for some manufacturers to obtain inspections from third-party authorities as soon as possible while producing high-quality products.

  1. Field trip

The epidemic has made on-site inspections a lot more difficult. Flights between many countries cannot be operated normally, so we can only entrust local third-party testing agencies or overseas offices, or even relatives and friends close to the factory to go to the site.

wooden chair

Survey. As long as conditions permit, on-site inspections are still very useful. After the epidemic, I believe that on-site visits will become very common, and the biggest benefit of on-site visits is that buyers and sellers can communicate face-to-face, analyze and solve problems unimpededly.

  1. Factory scale and mechanical equipment information

Whether it’s field inspections, video inspections, online search for information, and certificates, you must truly understand the scale of the factory and the machinery and equipment.

wooden chair

The scale is large or small, but the machinery and equipment do ensure that they produce high-quality products. Imagine that a factory without basic machinery and equipment cannot produce good products, nor will it have high production efficiency.

Even if some wooden chairs require a lot of manual polishing personnel, other machines can do it with fewer machines, but a good machine is the most basic guarantee. Therefore, when looking for a suitable supplier, you must look at the machinery and equipment of the other party in order to measure production efficiency and maximum capacity.

  1. Exhibition information

Participation, especially international exhibitions, is a threshold. Generally speaking, manufacturers who can participate in high-quality international and domestic industry exhibitions are relatively reliable manufacturers.

wooden chair

This understanding is correct, and of course it does not mean that those who do not participate are not good. Because the organizing committee will help everyone in the first round of screening, only selected high-quality manufacturers can get the opportunity to participate in the exhibition.

So if this manufacturer participates in the exhibition for decades, then they will definitely be a good manufacturer with a strong foothold in this industry.

  1. Humanities (care for workers, cultural construction)

High-quality manufacturers will definitely manage the workers in the factory in an orderly manner and care more. Workers help the Communist Party to create production capacity.

 Company Humanities

Excellent manufacturers will definitely care about workers’ safety, welfare, and appropriate humanistic care, including worker dormitories. The accommodation conditions and the dining conditions of the restaurant are details that reflect the quality of suppliers.

  1. The level of communication, you can make phone calls

In addition to the above-mentioned reference opinions, the buyer directly communicates with the sales staff through a phone call or a video call to perceive each other.

wedding chair company

Sometimes we need to hold a zoom meeting to determine the real environment of the factory, including the workshop and exhibition hall. feel. Good communication skills are the basic quality of sales and service personnel. If the factory is approved and the sales personnel communicate smoothly, we can make purchases happily.

Part 10. How to match wooden chairs with cushions?

When it comes to wooden chairs, it is inevitable to talk about the supporting products of these chairs, that is, chair cushions, whether they are fixed as part of the chair, removable, or removable at any time, they will be the icing on the cake. product. So what is a suitable chair cushion? Basically, it can be understood from the following four aspects:

  1. Reasonable size

First of all, whether it is a fixed cushion or a removable cushion, the size must be reasonable, the width and length are appropriate, and the size is too large or too small to be unreasonable. This size also includes thickness, and the appropriate thickness will increase the comfort of the ride.

wooden chair

2. Color matching

In terms of color, whether it is the consistency of the same color system or the contrast of the color contrast, the chair cover will have a good degree of coordination. The difference in the color diversity of the chair cushions will make the effect of the chair a kaleidoscopic feeling. For example, the same golden chair equipped with a golden cushion or a white cushion will have a completely different effect.

wooden chair

  1. Selected chair cushion materials

In the choice of the material of the chair cushion, there are many choices such as linen, polyester, pure cotton or polyester cotton, leather, etc. The nature of different materials determines the effect of use. For example, leather seat cushions are easier to care for and clean, while the linen material is very comfortable for riding.

wooden chair cloth

  1. The convenience of disassembly and assembly should be considered

If you want to change the seat cushion frequently, or change the color frequently, you should choose a cushion that can be easily disassembled and assembled. If you do not need to replace or disassemble the cushion, you can choose a wooden chair with a fixed seat cushion.

wooden chair

Part 11. How to choose a table according to the wooden chair

A chair and a table are natural partners. There must be a chair wherever there is a table. About matching a table with a chair, it can also be understood as matching a table with a chair. We will make a brief introduction from four aspects: size, shape, material and style. interpretation.

  1. Reasonable size

We must ensure that we can arrange seats reasonably, not crowded, compact is okay, but absolutely not crowded, so the size of the table must be reasonable, such as seating for eight people, the size of the table should be at least 180CM or more in length.

wooden chair

In terms of width, the width of the table with a long length also changes, and the table with a width of more than 200CM is recommended to use a table with a width of more than 85CM. If the chair you are using is the one with armrests, choose a longer table based on that.

  1. Reasonable Shape

When the wooden table is equipped with a table, you can choose different shapes of tables according to the size of the venue and the size of the chairs.

wooden chair

The shape of the table includes round, long, meandering, and square for everyone to choose from. It is a matter of wisdom to reasonably arrange tables and chairs of different shapes in a venue.

  1. Material matching

It is not necessary to match the chair and table of the same material. The wooden chair does not necessarily have to be equipped with a wooden table.

wooden chair

You can choose a wooden table, of course, you can also choose a glass table, a resin table, a stainless steel table and other tables of different materials, as long as Make sure that the coordination looks good, and you can use it reasonably.

  1. Match the style

When choosing a table for wooden chairs, the overall style of the venue should also be considered. The color of the tablecloth on the table and the color of the overall venue are all important factors in choosing a table.

wooden chair

Part 12. Matters needing attention during the transportation and use of wooden chairs

Whether it’s a consumer moving from place A to place B, or a leasing company’s regular handling of tables and chairs, it will involve precautions in the transportation process. As long as you do a few simple elements, I believe the transportation will be smooth.

wooden chair

  1. Avoid transshipment as much as possible and save more costs
  2. Tables and chairs are separated from each other with soft textiles that prevent bumps, so be sure to avoid bumps
  3. Brutal loading and unloading is strictly prohibited
  4. Consider using carts, forklifts, etc.

Part 13. how to maintain wooden chairs?

The purpose is to extend the service life of the chair as much as possible and reduce the turnover cycle of raw materials. We can start from simple basic maintenance to in-depth protection. As long as a few things are done, I believe that the service life of the wooden chair will increase a lot.

  1. Basic maintenance

The so-called basic example is the most basic requirements of dust removal, sun protection, rain protection, and prevention of malicious beating, and also to prevent sharp objects from scratching the paint on the chair surface.

wooden chair

  1. Anti-moisture

If the wooden chair is in a humid environment or exposed to the rain for a long time, it will cause the volume of the wood to expand and deform, which will affect the safety. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the wooden chair away from the wet scene as much as possible.

  1. After wiping, ventilate and dry in time

After wiping the wooden chair with a rag or cleaning agent, it should be dried in time to ensure ventilation, which is beneficial to the life of the wooden chair.

wooden chair

  1. The most important fire protection

The biggest weakness of the whole wooden chair is that it is flammable, which is very troublesome, so whether it is storage or transportation, fire prevention is the first. It is necessary to keep wooden chairs away from fire, and it is not allowed to have flammable and explosive products around a large number of wooden chairs.

wooden chair

  1. In-depth maintenance or even update the fabric

Wooden chairs that have been used for many years are likely to have peeling paint and cracked wood grains.

wooden chair

Even hardware rust and other phenomena, this is normal. In order to prolong the service life of the wooden chair and make a greater contribution to environmental protection, we recommend reusing it. On the basis of the original chair, it can be re-polished, colored or re-painted. For some old wooden chair fabrics, We can make replacements and play the role of trade-in.

  1. Maintenance when idle: use chair covers

Many times, wooden chairs are not needed every day. When you are not using them, you can use chair covers to prevent dust and protect them.

wooden chair


Finally, I am very grateful to the readers and friends for carefully reading this long article, an in-depth article about wooden chairs, involving many topics, you will also deeply feel that the editor has a soft spot for wooden chairs and a serious and meticulous attitude. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone, welcome to read, comment, and forward!

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