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American Classic Wooden Chiavari Chairs Manufacturer

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We are a professional Chiavari chair manufacturer. We have one of the best furniture factories in Qingdao, specializing in manufacturing all kinds of wooden chairs, especially Chiavari Chairs wholesale. We have been producing Chiavari Chairs for more than 18 years and we take great pride in our experience. We wholesale wood Chiavari chair worldwide. Our wooden tiffany chairs made of solid locust tree wood, have about 27 products processing, including cutting, polishing, mound caring, stewing, bending, drilling, assembled, painting work and so on, so our wooden Chiavari chairs are so hard and good looking. Some advantages of working with us include excellent customer service and options to customize your products.

Wood Chiavari Chair Features:

1) Strong wooden frame
2) Stackable up to 8 wooden Chiavari chairs
3) Comfortable and durable
4) Customizable height and Chiavari chair colors
5) Metal support brackets for extra stability
6) Chair glides on all legs to protect floors from scratching
7) Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
8) 2-year Warranty
9) Successfully passed SGS certification
10) Ships fully assembled
11) Minimum order quantity: 200 pieces

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As one of the biggest wooden Chiavari chair factory in Qingdao China, our wooden Chiavari
chairs pass SGS test certificate, Our wholesale MOQ is 200 pieces if only order this model, one
mixed 20 ft container can be accepted. Blossom furnishings service for Event rentals.

wooden chiavari chairs black

Let us show the advantage to you of our  wooden Chiavari chair:

  1. Stackable and Non-stackable Chiavari chair.
  2. Our wooden Chiavari chairs pass SGS inspection, especially using for the American party rental and wedding place.
  3. Our wooden Chiavari chair sold to more than 23 countries and areas. It is the best choice to choose our
    wooden tiffany chairs when the party time.
  4. Our Chiavari chair factory can produce more than 6000 pieces of wooden tiffany chairs monthly.
  5. The wooden tiffany chairs can be made of so many colors, including gold, silver, white, black, mahogany and so on.
  6. Matching Chiavari chairs carts, chair cover and cushion available.
    7.Weight Capacity: more than 350lbs/160kgs per chair.
    8.Chair Net Weight: around 4.8kgs/10.8lbs easy to carry.


What is the material of wooden Chiavari chairs?

Each wood Chiavari chair is made of solid hardwood with solid hardwood seats. The joints are glued and
nailed together with bracket screws to hold the four legs under the seat for years of stability. The paint
color is primed and sealed with a strong surface coating for maximum durability. Your gold Chiavari chair
will be fully assembled and ready to use.

Wooden Chiavari Chair Size


Please choose the Wooden Chiavari Chair Color as follows:

We can provide you customized colors, such as gold, silver, white, black, mahogany, fruit wood, gold rose color
Chiavari chairs.


What is the main process for wooden chairs?

Please check the production processing of our wooden Chiavari chairs, more than 27 steps of production processing.

We cut the raw material to the right size. The lathe shapes the wood into raw materials, then dries them keeping
in good shape, drills them, assembles them, paints them, and airs. How to produce wooden Chiavari chairs? And how
many chairs we can produce monthly? Let us show some ready chairs without painting as follows:

blossom furnishings

natural wooden chiavari chairs

Our workshop has a space for 5,000 white embryo chairs. We are always ready to do painting work according to the
customer’s color. Every spring and Christmas, when there are more orders, our delivery time is faster.

wooden tiffany chairs

Large pieces of wood are cut into sizes suitable for each part, and then rotated and cut with a special knife to
make each part of the wooden chair. Then we polish each part before assembly.

wooden legs for chiavari chairs

Select high-quality wood from it, cut it to the same size, and steam sterilize it at high temperatures.
We use the machine to cut the whole let and polish them.

Semi-automatic polishing burnish.

With mold will wood Chiavari chair hindfoot bend, finalize the design. Then using advanced drilling machine drilling.

These are the padded seats unfinished, we use the true solid beech wood.

A worker is assembling the wood Chiavari chairs with all parts. And we also have strict QC to inspect all
the chairs again and again.

Do you have any stock for prompt delivery?

The wooden Tiffany chairs have been painted from every angle. We use a superior environment to protect painting to
make the chairs waterproof and UV-resistant. We have ready stock of unpainted wood Chiavari chairs of more than
3000 pieces in stock.

After painting, our wooden tiffany chairs would hook in a rope and go around in sequence. It’s for the paint
of the chairs can be dry as soon as possible. And then reduce production time.

After the wooden Chiavari chairs dry, our worker would pack the chairs with PE foam on every Tiffany chair.
The aim is to make the chairs don’t knock or break each other during transportation.
Our factory has a huge capacity for chair productions. The most popular style is Chiavari chairs, especially
for gold, white, mahogany, silver, fruitwood and so on. We can accept your big order and deliver the products
on time. Because our factory made 100,000 chairs every quarter of a year.

Color mass production of Wooden Tiffany Chairs:

White Wood Chiavari Chairs:

You can use white cushions to match your white chairs as well

wooden white chiavari chair with white cushion

Gold Wood Chiavari chairs:

Gold wood Chiavari chairs

Shiny gold Chiavari chairs popular as well

Shiny Gold Chiavary chairs

Rose Gold Wood Chiavari Chairs:

Rose gold wood Chiavari chairs

Mahogany Wood Chiavari Chairs:

Mahogany wood Chiavari chairs

Silver Wood Chiavari Chairs:

wooden chiavari chair silver

Regular Limewash Wood Chiavari Chairs:

regular limewash chiavari chairs


Mass production of regular American Chiavari chairs

American style limewash chair

Limewash American Chiavari chairs

Red Limewash Wood Chiavari Chairs:

Dark Limewash Wood Chiavari Chairs:

Ivory Wood Chiavari Chairs:

Natural Wooden Chiavari Chair:

chiavari chair

Black wooden Chiavari chairs mass production

black chiavari chairs

At funeral services, you also can see Shiny black Chiavari chairs as well.

shiny black chiavari chairs

Black Gold Chiavari Chair

gold black chiavari chair supplier

gold black chiavari chair

How many pieces can be stackable? How many pieces will be in one box?

The wood Chiavari chairs are packed into quality cartons. 9 pieces or 10 pieces into one carton and then use the
plastic rope to fix them.

package of wooden tiffany chairs

You can use the transport carts to move your chairs

chair cart

All the main marks and side marks are as follows, the main mark shows all the details.

mark of chiavari chairs

Side mark showing the box size and weights
Packing size: 61x 42 x 235 cm ( 9 pieces per box for 20 ft & 40 GP  container)
Packing size: 61 x 42 x 265 cm ( 10 pieces per box for 40 HQ containers)

side mark of chiavari chairs

We package the wooden Chiavari chairs for the fashional banquet hall with a layer of polypropylene bags, air form,
and leather roid to avoid scratches and damage during transit. Also,5 pieces are put in one carton and they are
adjustable by negotiation.


Application of wooden chiavari chairs

The wooden Chiavari chairs for the fashional banquet hall are suitable for all kinds of parties and weddings,
which shows your first-class taste and makes your exclusive weddings and parties meaningful.
In 2006, we offer 432 pieces of wood Chiavari chairs to Los Angeles, please check the photos in the wedding:

Popular Black wooden Tiffany chairs showing at Houston weddings in Texas USA as well.

Wedding Gold Chairs showing in Chicago USA as well

Our Belarus client really loves the white Chiavari chairs, they bought 360 chairs first, and they repeat the order for
432 pieces. And they sent photos to us.

white chiavari in Belarus

white chiavari chairs in Belarus

If you would like to get a quote, please contact us via email at


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