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We are Qingdao Blossom Furnishings limited a Tiffany chairs manufacturer and supplier through our modern factory in China. We provided Chiavari Chairs Wholesale worldwide from 1998. Our wooden Chiavari Chairs wholesale are made of solid locust tree wood or beech wood. It undertakes about 27 product processing systems: including cutting, polishing, mound carving, stewing, bending, drilling, parts assembly, color coat/painting work and so on. It passes through SGS inspection test procedures for quality assurance. These wholesale tiffany chairs wedding match American and European standard, Our event chairs are sold to more than 47 countries and areas around the world. It is our great honor to provide our beautiful wedding chairs to all of the world. Our factory can produce more than 9600 pieces of wooden Tiffany chairs and more than 26000 pieces of resin Chiavari chairs monthly. Regarding aluminum Chiavari chairs, we can offer around 4500 pieces monthly normally.

Details and specifications of Chiavari Chairs Wholesale

  • Type: American Classic Wooden  Chiavari Chairs, Original American Style Wooden Chiavari Chairs, PC Unassembled Chiavari Chair, Monobloc Resin Chiavari Chair, PP with Tube Chiavari chairs, PP Resin Chiavari Chairs, Standard UK Limewash Chiavari Chair, Buy Chiavari Chairs UK, Child Chiavari Chair, Iron Chiavari Chair, Aluminum Chiavari Chair, Wooden bar stool Chiavari Chair, Resin diamond chiavari chairs, O back resin chairs.
  • Material: Solid Wood, Resin, aluminum, and Metal Chiavari Chairs Wholesale.
  • Style: Stackable and Non-stackable
  • Colors: White, Black, Gold, Limewash, Clear, Silver, Mahogany, Fruitwood. Also, we can produce the chairs depend on your color swatches as well.
  • MOQ: one 20ft container will be warmly welcome. 200 pieces of Chiavari chair is the MOQ for beginning cooperation. 432 pieces will be one exact container.
  • 3% Free hardware accepted
  • Your logo can be printed under the seats, so you can take back easier during rentals.
  • Both wood Chiavari chairs and Resin clear transparent charivari chairs popular more than 100 years in kinds of weddings.

Follow through the links on our website for more of our Wholesale Chiavari Chairs and special options we offer., For all other queries, questions and concerns, our professional sales team are available to assist you with all your needs including technical product issues. Please feel free to contact us via email or Telephone posted to get wedding chairs wholesale.

We can visit each other and meet face to face for meetings.

Please kindly check the following link and choose the model you like. Please click the button show GET QUOTE and leave your messenger.

Recently we have developed new styles. On the basis of the original, different flower patterns have been added to the back, some resemble eggs, some resemble tortoise shells, and dragonflies, and auspicious clouds, which increase customer choice. A Pakistani customer ordered three containers at a time, and the sales were good. Chiavari chairs wholesale are commonly used for wedding and banquet events, and restaurants. We also carry Chiavari chair cushions, covers as well.

chiavari chairs wholesale

chiavari chairs wholesale chiavari chairs wholesale chiavari chairs wholesale

chiavari chairs wholesale

chiavari chairs wholesale

new chiavari chairs wholesale in our factory new chiavari chairs wholesale in our factory new chiavari chairs wholesale in our factory new chiavari chairs wholesale in our factory

Lead time: ensure 2 weeks for production

Recently years, rose gold Chiavari chairs are a new and popular color, we can do very well. We have more than 23 people specialized doing sanding work in our factory, you know, the sanding work uses more labor cost, can not use the machine for that, especially during the bottom painting work and surface painting works. If you worry about the color match for your current stock color, you can send us one color sample, we can do the same finishing by machine adjustment painting work.

Surely you can order Chiavari chairs bulk without painting, and do painting work in your country if the import tax will be lower than finished chairs.

farmhouse table

Wholesale Chiavari Chairs For Wedding

In fact, we are not only producing wooden Chiavari chairs wholesale, but also we can offer wooden farmhouse tables, chair cushions, charge plates, napkin, and wooden arches and some decorations.

If you are a chair rental company or a wedding planning company, you must have heard the name of the Chiavari Chair. Because of its elegant appearance and excellent quality, it is widely used in weddings, banquets, and other places.

So what makes the Chiavari Chair so popular? Read on to learn what makes Chiavari chairs so appealing and why they might be the best fit for your company.

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1、What’s Chiavari Chair?chiavari chair designer (1)

Chiavari Chair, also named Chiavari chair or Tiffany chair, is a type of lightweight wooden chair. The term Chiavari chair is derived from the designer of this chair. The name of the Italian designer is Chiavari, so this classic chair, named Chiavari chair, is recited by future generations to commemorate the great designer.


The name of the Chiavary chair, ZHU-JIE-YI literally means a bamboo-like chair in Chinese, because the appearance of this chair is very similar to BAMBOO’s joint, so it is called Chiavari chair, ZHU- JIE-YI.

The word CHIAVARI is not found in the Oxford Dictionary. It is a very special word. Only those who specialize in this chair know about it. Later this Chiavari chairs wedding was widely popular in Eastern Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, and many other countries. This chair is the model for high-end places, but due to the high cost, in the 1980s, some people proposed to take this chair to China, where manufacturing costs are relatively low.

So around 1983, this wood Chiavari chair began to be produced in northern China. Because the north produces hard locust wood and many capable carpenters in northern China, it took around 2 years for the chair to be successfully copied to begin mass production.

 Old Chiavari chairs DESIGNER

Today, you can see the inauguration of previous U.S. presidents, in various places, and often see the figure of the stackable chiavari chairs, which have been popular in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other countries for many years. According to our export data, this chair is popular in many island countries and there should be more than 150 countries and regions in the world. For example, these chairs are widely popular for weddings.

Wedding Chiavari ChairsAluminum Chiavari Chairs Wholesale For Wedding

With the lack of timber resources, China began to use imported beech wood to produce Chiavari chairs. Now northern China has been called the global distribution center and largest export area for Chiavari chairs. Later, different regions began to replicate as resin Chiavari chairs. Chairs of different materials such as metal Chiavari chairs.

The Chiavari chairs became the protagonists of the Western wedding ceremony.

As of right now, there are two giant Chiavari chairs with a height of more than 2 meters; one in China and one in the United States

2、Why Are Chiavari Chairs Called Tiffany Chairs?

There are many titles for Chiavari chairs, but when people search on Google or other search platforms, there are more titles, such as Chiavari chair, Tiffany chair, and so on. Then why is the Chiavari chair also called the Tiffany chair?
Tiffany itself is a high-end brand, with profound meaning, not ordinary or classic. As a world brand, tiffany witnesses countless beautiful love stories, as it is used in weddings.
tiffany chairs
 Gold Chiavari Chairs Wholesale Decorations
Currently, the official has not given a detailed explanation. This is probably because some people say that the name is different, and some people say it is because of the influence of Tiffany’s high-end brand, but I personally think that the main reason for the name tiffany chair is that the people liked the Chiavari chair compared to the Tiffany chair, which symbolizes high-end, layered meaning, which shows the highest praise for this classic chair.

3、Why Are Chiavari Chairs So popular?

Why are the Chiavari chairs so popular? It is welcomed in more than 150 countries around the world. We found through interviews with more than 2,000 customers that before 2017, more than 63% of wedding companies or newcomers would prefer the Chiavari chairs, followed by other chair styles.
high quality wooden chiavari chair
The first thing we see is the universal elements of this folding Chiavari chair. It is an irreplaceable wedding chair type. They are not only sturdy, but the special bamboo knuckles are scattered and the style is really unique.
In addition, this chair has a wide range of uses, not just for wedding scenes, it can be used in churches, ballrooms, restaurants, golf courses, resorts, hotels, indoor and outdoor.
This classic chair is especially easy to match with other products. It can be easily matched with other tables, such as regular tables, folding tables, farm tables, beer tables, and indoor dining tables. And this chair can be equipped with beautiful cushions, including ordinary cushions, classic leather seat cushions, etc.
In addition, since this chair has more than a dozen colors, the rental price is also particularly favorable. The user can find the seller or the renter more easily, and the cost is not large. The people like it as the cost is more affordable. High-end products will naturally be widely praised.
This chair has different material choices, sizes. It is suitable for adults, children and other groups, as our products include super giant Chiavari chairs, conventional Chiavari chairs, children’s Chiavari chairs. The Chiavari chairs and different styles of Chiavari chairs will be described in detail in the following chapters.

application of chiavari chair 

Clear Resin Chiavari Chairs Wholesale

4、Material Of Chiavari Chairs

When it comes to the materials of Chiavari chairs, in the initial production and use, global wooden chairs accounted for the vast majority of the total production. Before 1994, more than 80% of users and manufacturers were focusing on wooden chairs. The material and color of the Chiavari chairs are relatively fixed. The traditional gold, silver, and black colors occupy a large proportion.
After 2005, with the development and popularity of resin Chiavari chairs wholesale, resin slug chairs and metal slug chairs also began to be produced as the production speed far exceeded the speed of wooden Chiavari chairs. Wooden Chiavari chairs wholesale have also begun to innovate in color, such as various brown colors, limestone, and limewash Chiavari chairs wholesale.
white chiavari wood
 Wooden Chiavari Chairs Wholesale
  • Wooden Chiavari chairs (locust tree, locust tree wood, and beechwood, European beechwood) are mainly used for beechwood because of the sufficient material and patterned color, which is very beautiful, such as British English For the festival chair, the color of Limewash must use beech wood as the basic material to achieve the final effect.
  •  Metal tiffany chairs are aluminum and iron Chiavari chairs. Aluminum Chiavari chairs wholesale are light, easy to carry, and never rusty. The iron slub chair is slightly heavier, but the price is much cheaper.
  •  Resin Chiavari chairs. The resin clear tiffany chair is divided into pp slub and pc Chiavari chairs wholesale. Some will also make an article on customer experience. Some are made of pp material that contains a metal core to achieve a stronger level. The Chiavari chairs wholesale made of materials is formed by one-time molding, without the need for separate assembly by the customer, which increases the firmness and reduces the difficulty of assembly by the customer.

From the perspective of sales volume and demand, according to big data, the consumption of wooden tiffany chairs has decreased compared with previous years, as it still accounts for 35% of the total, while resin tiffany ghost chair, especially those containing transparent resin slubs have also accounted for 40% of the proportion. This is because the production of resin chairs is fast, and metal tiffany chairs also account for a certain proportion. There are professional companies that specialize in renting metal chairs on the market.



5、2023 Best Chiavari Chairs Decor For Wedding

In the past 2023, through the display of relevant systems, we have summarized the ten best Chiavari chairs. Through evaluation, customer satisfaction, appearance and number of users, the readers are listed below:
  • Traditional American Wooden Chiavari chairs wholesale: Among them, gold Chiavari chairs and white Chiavari chairs are still the most popular colors, and their main markets are still distributed in the United States, North America, and South America.
Wooden Chiavari Chair
Wooden Chiavari Chairs Wholesale
  • Traditional British washed white tiffany chairs wholesale: In the UK market, more than 75% of Chiavari chairs wholesale with cushions choose washed white Chiavari chairs wholesale. The biggest feature of British tiffany chairs wedding compared to American Chiavari chair is lighter weight.

chiavari chair

Wholesale Tiffany Chairs
  • Transparent resin Chiavari chairs wholesale: This new type of transparent clear Chiavari chairs wholesale is widely used. The theme market of resin folding Chiavari chairs wholesale for sale is still transparent color, accounting for about 50%.
Clear resin chiavari chair
Clear Resin Chiavari Chairs Wholesale
  • Transparent ghost Chiavari chairs wholesale: It is mainly for companies that have few workers or difficulty to assemble, and it is better to use a one-piece chair if the sea freight is relatively cheap.
ghost chair
Clear Chiavari Ballroom Chairs Wholesale
  • Aluminum Chiavari Chair: The lightness of the aluminum metal chair and the prevention of bumps are good advantages. The entire transportation process will be smoother, which is also arranged according to customer needs.
Aluminum Chiavari ChairAluminum Chiavari Chairs Wholesale
  • Metal Chiavari Chairs wholesale: For the iron chair, because of the cheap price and relatively fast production, some rental industries use a lot of metal Chiavari chairs wholesale.

metal chiavari chairMetal Chiavari Chairs Wholesale

  • Plastic Chiavari Chair with steel tube: This PP slubby chair with steel tube is especially popular in the early stage of the development of resin chairs because the internal metal frame makes the whole chair very heavy, and it also plays a role in supporting weight as it is much stronger than ordinary chairs and can bear more than 1,000 pounds of weight. It is very popular in the Australian market.
Resin chiavari chairsBuy Chiavari Chairs Wholesale
  • Kid’s Chiavari chairs wholesale: Regardless of any wedding venue, the lovely children are always inseparable, so every wedding company or event venue needs some children’s Chiavari chairs, which also includes wooden chairs. The difference is that the children’s Chiavari chairs wholesale will have more changes in color, such as pink, red, blue, purple, and other colorful colors. The colors that children like make the whole event more lively and lovely. Some children ’s birthday parties also use wooden Chiavari chairs.
kids-chiavari-chair-Wholesale Kid Chiavari Chairs
  • Children’s Resin Chiavari Chairs Wholesale. Because wooden Chiavari chairs cannot produce transparent colors, the transparent colors of the resin chair series have become very popular. Moreover, the transparent tiffany chairs wholesale can also be changed into many colorful blues, purple, yellow, and other resin children’s Chiavari chairs.
Wholesale Kid Chiavari Chairs 
  • Chiavari chair bar chair. For many solid wood bar tables, conventional folding bar tables, bar high tables, the use of places will usually require some bar chairs to match, and Chiavari chair bar chairs will appear as the first choice; wooden and resin are good complementary colors to match.
chiavari barstool


6、Where to Rent, or Buy Chiavari Chairs

For different customer groups, we will provide detailed suggestions on where to rent or buy tiffany chairs.
First of all, let ’s talk about renting Chiavari chairs. Renting Chiavari chairs is going to the corresponding professional rental company. There are many kinds of rental companies such as tent rental, table rental, cooking equipment rental. We must go to a professional table and chair rental center to avoid secondary transactions. Relatively speaking, well-known leasing companies in this state or region are more trustworthy.
chair rental companyWholesale Chiavari Chairs Manufacturers
In addition, we have to mention the leasing companies that many design companies have signed for a long time. Here, the company generally provides more popular styles, and because of the long-term contract, the prices will be more favorable.
Purchasing: We have a detailed article about where to buy Chiavari Chairs Wholesale before. For users who are anxious to buy products, they can buy from local wholesalers and retailers for small quantities.
For users who have time to plan and buy Chiavari chairs for sale a large quantity, we recommend buying from a direct source, whether local or overseas. Because of the current global supply chain integration, the purchase becomes very simple. By purchasing directly from the manufacturer, the source of the source, you can save a lot of expenses. Please read our previous articles in detail

Therefore, buyers and users can make reasonable plans and make the most appropriate decisions according to their actual situation and capital budget and time.



7.How to choose the right Chiavari Chairs manufacturer & suppliers

As an end-user, wedding company, or design company, it is extremely important to choose the right Chiavari Chairs manufacturer or supplier. If you choose a good Chiavari chair company, there will be a long-term partner, saving money and effort service, and good after-sales capabilities as this are the ideal choice for many companies.
mass production of gold special UK chiavari chairs
Chiavari Chair Wholesale Factory
If you are not careful, you may encounter bad suppliers who may be unable to communicate in a timely and effective manner or fail to provide high-quality products. Poor quality will cause buyers to frequently change suppliers, and customers will be dissatisfied. So how to choose the right manufacturers and suppliers has become the focus.
What are the selection criteria, main indicators, and key points?
  • The first is the qualification of the manufacturer, whether the other party is a trusted supplier, we can make a preliminary judgment through the other party’s website introduction, company, or factory history.
  • Secondly, we judge by the other party’s quotation, and not just the price. We judge if the other party can provide a complete quotation, if it has complete product information and details of the transaction terms, to judge the rigor of the supplier.
  • Delivery, whether the other party can assist the buyer to provide convenient transportation and import and export procedures so that the buyer can receive detailed services, friendly reminders, and other good services in all aspects of the purchase process.
  •  Quality control, this is a very important link. A manufacturer’s quality control is related to the smoothness of the entire transaction. Whether it is the choice of raw materials, process requirements, or even the details of packaging, it is everywhere. Quality control is the manufacturer’s sense of responsibility.
  •  For production capacity, buyers hope to find manufacturers with a certain supply capacity, rather than a small workshop, factory, or company with very limited production capacity. Manufacturers with strong production capacity can effectively guarantee the delivery date and product adjustment. Sometimes, you need a factory that can produce a variety of products to meet your complex requirements, even customized products.
  •  Import and export qualifications and customs clearance capabilities: For this, we believe that almost all companies have the ability to import and export. What I want to say is that the customs clearance capabilities of import and export are familiar with the customs operation mode, familiar with various policies and regulations, and strictly enforced to save customers time and money.
  • Fumigation capability (for the Australian market): Especially for wooden products, for countries with mandatory fumigation requirements, such as Australia, you must be very familiar with the fumigation requirements, and provide extremely accurate documents and certification materials unnecessary losses.
  •  Positive communication ability. If a manufacturer or supplier has the above-mentioned conditions and maintains active communication ability throughout the entire communication and transaction process, it is a perfect partner.

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