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Start Your Order to Buy Chiavari Chairs Wholesale

We are Qingdao Blossom Furnishings limited a Tiffany chairs manufacturer and supplier through our modern factory in China. We provided Chiavari Chairs Wholesale worldwide from 1998. Our wooden Chiavari Chairs wholesale are made of solid locust tree wood or beech wood. It undertakes about 27 product processing systems: including cutting, polishing, mound carving, stewing, bending, drilling, parts assembly, color coat/painting work and so on. It passes through SGS inspection test procedures for quality assurance. These wholesale tiffany chairs wedding match American and European standard, Our event chairs are sold to more than 47 countries and areas around the world. It is our great honor to provide our beautiful wedding chairs to all of the world. Our factory can produce more than 9600 pieces of wooden Tiffany chairs and more than 26000 pieces of resin Chiavari chairs monthly. Regarding aluminum Chiavari chairs, we can offer around 4500 pieces monthly normally.

Details and specifications of Chiavari Chairs Wholesale

  • Type: American Classic Wooden  Chiavari Chairs, Original American Style Wooden Chiavari Chairs, PC Unassembled Chiavari Chair, Monobloc Resin Chiavari Chair, PP with Tube Chiavari chairs, PP Resin Chiavari Chairs, Standard UK Limewash Chiavari Chair, Buy Chiavari Chairs UK, Child Chiavari Chair, Iron Chiavari Chair, Aluminum Chiavari Chair, Wooden bar stool Chiavari Chair, Resin diamond chiavari chairs, O back resin chairs.
  • Material: Solid Wood, Resin, aluminum, and Metal Chiavari Chairs Wholesale.
  • Style: Stackable and Non-stackable
  • Colors: White, Black, Gold, Limewash, Clear, Silver, Mahogany, Fruitwood. Also, we can produce the chairs depend on your color swatches as well.
  • MOQ: one 20ft container will be warmly welcome. 200 pieces of Chiavari chair is the MOQ for beginning cooperation. 432 pieces will be one exact container.
  • 3% Free hardware accepted
  • Your logo can be printed under the seats, so you can take back easier during rentals.
  • Both wood Chiavari chairs and Resin clear transparent charivari chairs popular more than 100 years in kinds of weddings.

Follow through the links on our website for more of our Wholesale Chiavari Chairs and special options we offer., For all other queries, questions and concerns, our professional sales team are available to assist you with all your needs including technical product issues. Please feel free to contact us via email or Telephone posted to get wedding chairs wholesale.

We can visit each other and meet face to face for meetings.

Please kindly check the following link and choose the model you like. Please click the button show GET QUOTE and leave your messenger.

Recently we have developed new styles. On the basis of the original, different flower patterns have been added to the back, some resemble eggs, some resemble tortoise shells, and dragonflies, and auspicious clouds, which increase customer choice. A Pakistani customer ordered three containers at a time, and the sales were good. Chiavari chairs wholesale are commonly used for wedding and banquet events, and restaurants. We also carry Chiavari chair cushions, covers as well.

chiavari chairs wholesale

chiavari chairs wholesale chiavari chairs wholesale chiavari chairs wholesale

chiavari chairs wholesale

chiavari chairs wholesale

new chiavari chairs wholesale in our factory new chiavari chairs wholesale in our factory new chiavari chairs wholesale in our factory new chiavari chairs wholesale in our factory

Lead time: ensure 2 weeks for production

Recently years, rose gold Chiavari chairs are a new and popular color, we can do very well. We have more than 23 people specialized doing sanding work in our factory, you know, the sanding work uses more labor cost, can not use the machine for that, especially during the bottom painting work and surface painting works. If you worry about the color match for your current stock color, you can send us one color sample, we can do the same finishing by machine adjustment painting work.

Surely you can order Chiavari chairs bulk without painting, and do painting work in your country if the import tax will be lower than finished chairs.

farmhouse table

Wholesale Chiavari Chairs For Wedding

In fact, we are not only producing wooden Chiavari chairs wholesale, but also we can offer wooden farmhouse tables, chair cushions, charge plates, napkin, and wooden arches and some decorations.