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Consumers Guide in Search For a Suitable Chair Manufacturer in China

In the height of the Global Economic expansion and the emerging network marketing development remains dynamic, a vast majority of end-buyer consumers directly purchasing goods from factories in mainland China are starting to rise in numbers and have become a popular business solution method for increasing profitability. But the fact that although many have achieved good results, there are still those that succumbed into glitches to this process. A common occurrence on miscalculated pricing is one, purchase block, trading dispute and sometimes discrepancies in the trade process, inaccurate tariff rate, and pricing inconsistencies due to miscommunication and accounting errors.

Throughout this article, we have collaborated to provide consumers a useful guideline in finding the finest chair manufacturer in China and gather more understanding and knowledge of the furniture industry and the general process in import/export.

Part one: How To Search for Chair Manufacturers in China?

A dependable and reliable manufacturer with years of experience and proven record in manufacturing quality products. Whether the manufacturer is big or small in its size, reliability speaks naturally in a manufacturer that carries the requirements of our needs with reasonable pricing, low-cost shipping, and import/export capabilities.

A one-stop shop that has parts and accessories available and product warranty for maintenance services is also an important aspect to consider in choosing the right manufacturer.

*Keep in mind that grand-scale factories are not your only choice, but the reliable factories.

  • Figure out the seller integrity via their network trails.

The experienced chair manufacturers in China has a lot of trace on different E-commerce platforms, such as Google, B2B platform, and other technology platforms. After browsing to such platforms, you may know more detail info about the manufacturer. You can also learn more info about the manufacturer and its CEO via SNS social media. In brief, to learn more about the manufacturer is conducive to building a trust relationship.

  • In the way of factory and goods inspection to learn more info about the chair manufacturers in China.

If you can, let your friends or inspection agent have fieldwork in manufacturer facilities to learn more detailed info about their productive power and facility operation and professionalism.

  • Have a meeting with suppliers at the exhibition or exchange visit.

There are many times suppliers will go attending diverse Exhibits, Expo and Fair of furniture such as Canton fair, Las Vegas Market and China International Furniture Fair, and so on. you can take this opportunity to converse to suppliers about products and cooperation. And of course, not all of them will have a product booth, but you can plan to meet the suppliers and exchange views with them and gather information about products and discuss the development trends of the furniture industry. This is a good way to see other suppliers and their products and compare thru.

  • You have to know the importance of certificates & credentials in the trade.

Buyers can inspect the criterion of the manufacturer by requesting product certificates. Please note that if you are a buyer from Spain and your single product purchasing quantity is more than 50 pieces, you need to acquire the corresponding certificate of SGS Testing Report to the customhouse. So, it is important that you know the suppliers will provide the SGS certification on the product you are purchasing prior to selection. In doing so, you can save a lot on the procurement costs, process time and most importantly the tariff cost to import.

  • If available, buyers can request a telephone or video call to suppliers to discover the level of professionalism it has.

A simple phone call or video call can solve problems quickly and effectively. And in most cases can make procurement process efficient.

Part two: How to confirm products, designs, and MOQ?

To save shipping cost and have expedient transportation, the buyer should order a bulk quantity for a full container capacity as possible (20 ft, 40 GP, 40 ft HQ). If order quantity is less to fill container, the buyer should use Shipping Mark and reinforced packaging to prevent damage and loss.

 1、Upon the selection of the right chair manufacturers in China, you may be indecisive before you place a full range order. We sum up some experience as follows:

Place an order to the first cooperative supplier selected. We suggest the MOQ quantity for a full container. A Full container load can avoid damage on goods while in transport. Moreover, we suggest that a limit of 3 kinds of goods is an appropriate load for one container in a single order. Goods more than 3 design types can be difficult for the manufacturer to arrange the production schedule and may delay the lead time. Single products as the core purchased with few purchase sample products are recommended to be better.


2、 What is custom made? It is manufactured to make the products according to your design specifications.

Choosing a manufacturer that offers custom made options are always the best as these manufacturers have gained expertise through rigorous process developing product design according to the diverse views and collaboration of their own buyers. It starts off by drafting a design in paper and creating a sample model in accordance with the buyer’s specifications and approval process prior to production order.

Part Three: Product Pricing and Terms

Price Terms are vital, it impacts a great deal in freight cost

Remember to ask about the price terms and conditions to include with your inquiry to prevent any mistakes. (EXW, FOB, CIF, DDP, etc.). Be assured of what you purchase is what you will receive. Do not bargain to force prices down too much, in case the supplier selling shoddy products as best quality prices.

  • FOB (Free on Board): Free onboard the port of shipment is applicable to sea and inland waterway transportation.
  • EXW: EX WORK is an ex-works price. We need to get the goods ready and wait for the customer to arrange the carrier to pick up the goods.
  • CIF (Cost Insurance and Freight): I.F. freight is applicable to sea transportation and inland waterway transportation.
  • After DDP (Delivered Duty Paid): the exporter has gone through the formalities of import customs clearance at the destination designated by both the importer and the exporter, he shall deliver the goods to the importer.

Part four: How to confirm the Sample and Sample fee?

The importance of the sample can not be ignored

As soon as the sample arrives, a thorough examination shall be concluded to determine if it matches the details specified and in accordance with your requirements. If satisfied, place the order with a highlighted note to produce product quantity according to the sample received. (a slight difference in color and size can make a big difference) Otherwise, if the sample received does not comply with the specs provided, ask for a sample over again with more detailed instructions specified. However, if the issue is just the color, request a color swatch instead.

As for the sample that conformed and approved for production, we recommend that you notify the supplier to save and label to specify as “Prototype Model”. An essential to provisions to standard production quantity and cargo inspection requirements.

*A key point for proper processing of a sample request to the supplier shall be made with payment fee on hand for Express and payment arrangement charge in time.

If you are caring for product color particularly, do not forget to ask for as more as possible Color swatch from the chair manufacturers in China.

Part five: Contract & Payment Terms

A detailed, signed contract agreement document with terms and conditions is always a must.

When you place an order, you should ask for a contract document from the supplier or Pro-forma Invoice and negotiate for payment terms and responsibility issues. (with strong emphasize the conditions on the agreed production timeline) And shall include the itemized notes below:

  1. Account information & Beneficiary information verifiable.
  2. Verifiable information on bank slip and a tracking number with payment origin/destination.
  3. Product patent information and certifications.
  4. A specified narrative that the product ordered shall conform according to specifications provided.
  5. Warranty information detailing coverage of the products for maintenance, replacement, and repairs.
  6. Verify the accuracy of the written product special requirements including but not limited to Shipping Mark, Certificate of Testing and Report, Anti-fire proofing, Waterproofing certificates, Paint requirements, and other necessary documents.


Patented rights: it refers to the exclusive right granted by law to a citizen, legal person, or any other organization on an invention/creation for which a patent has been granted within a specified period. In some special cases, a patent right is simply called a patent4.

Part six: Quality Control in Production Process

Conformity to the principle of Quality first

  1. Controlling the quality strictly when the production process is in manufacturing (Inspection agent charges the finished product inspecting only).
  2. How to ensure that the color of products is basically the same for each batch. Keep the bottom of the chairs produced each time. When the customer wants to produce the chairs next time, just take them out and follow them, and send video confirmation to the customer. In this way, the color of each batch of products can be guaranteed to be the same.
  3. How to control the production schedule? Require the supplier to prepare for repeated order Before the lead time process, make sure there is ample time to solve problems while in production and time finding solutions.

Part Seven: Delivery & Transportation advisory

1How to avoid damage to goods in transport?

Single products are required to have simple packaging, stacked chairs regardless of whether there is no carton should be well protected, to avoid friction between chairs, large table as far as possible to disassemble and pack packaging, if the table and chair contain glass or fragile goods, it must be packed in wooden boxes, and the outer box to do a good job of obvious signs.

2How to load goods in containers and blocking containers?

Calculate the cube accurately is required before loading the goods and coordinate which goods to load first if there are several goods.  If space is left after load is placed, please remember to reinforce goods with steel wire tie-downs to protect it from being damaged.

3In cases where the quantity of goods exceeds the load limit of the shipping container:

The buyer should notify suppliers which items have the priority to be loaded first before the rest and document the excess products to include at the next shipment to be scheduled.


4、Shipping time control

Calculate the production time and shipping time accurately, make sure the delivery time will not be delayed. Mistakes can impact the delay on the buyer’s venue arrangements to set up. A very delicate process that needs special attention not to neglect.

5、Purchasing insurance and coverage protection on products.

A full comprehensive product insurance to obtain can never go wrong in circumstances of loss and damage of the products purchased.

Part Eight: Customs declaration & custom clearance

Compliance with the customs rules and regulations entrusts a clearing agent for operating and acquire custom clearance.

It is very necessary to entrust a clearing agent to functioning custom clearance, it can Speed up importation procedures.

  • Customs clearance:

Customs clearance can be carried out several days after the ship starts to travel and before it reaches the destination port, to deal with all kinds of things In a leisurely manner with ample time.

  • ISF information networking:

Some countries need ISF information for customs clearance, such as the U.S.A. That requires the buyer to do the information networking within a fixed time, otherwise, it will Producing high fines. So, the buyer should work in with suppliers to filling in the underlying information. Or pay a little bit fee to the supplier to handle this issue for save your time. It is better to remember the HS Code for various Wooden Chairs or Tables.

  • Information on Shipper & Consignee

As the B/L needs showing the Information of consignee, so if possible, please provide all your related information to your supplier. (Including company name, detail address and contacts).

  • Prepare the CIK number in advance.

Several counties’ customs require CIK number. If you are on holiday or are going to start your holidays, please let your supplier know all the related information in advance. Buyers from Europe and the United States and other regions have different holidays every year. Some shipping should be planned, try not to arrange the arrival in the holiday, it is suggested to keep a habit of reading emails, or have an emergency phone call.

  • Documentations required for buyer by customs needs to be the Original doc or certified copy only.

As for documents, different counties and customs have a different requirement. Also influenced by transportation method. If dispatched via Air express, custom will just require the buyer to provide a copy of Doc. And sea shipping can be telex-release. any other special document customs require to provide Original such as CO, Fumigation certificate, and so on, you can ask for the supplier to send via FEDEX or DHL after you paid supplier Balance.

Part Nine: After-Sales Service & Claim Service

Explore on suppliers who have perfect after-sales service

The main issues on after-sales service on Tables and Chairs including product repair, claim process, chairs and tables clothes use, product news update, second-hand market transaction news update and so on.

Part Ten: Maintain a long-term business relationship with suppliers

Regard one of suppliers as Long-term strategic partners have win-win cooperation with it.

For win-win cooperation, buyers have required exchange industry information and discuss the furniture industry development trends with suppliers from time to time, to be frank, and honest and to each other. Growing and developing together!

Part Eleven: Further Cooperation

A reliable supplier is more important than a quality client. We are looking for a Regional product agent now. We can provide our high-quality products to help you to build up an overseas warehouse to meet your end-customer. Building an overseas warehouse is a benefit for you to maintain your end-customer and save the delivery time, and it is also a good way to build-up nice reputations.

Have you got ideas on how to import furniture, and sign a contract and Shipping issues after browsing this blog?

We are Qingdao Blossom Furnishings; we invite you to get a quote from us and see the difference and the benefits we offer. We provide One-Stop purchasing for your business!

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Choosing Suitable Chair Manufacturers in China, do business easily and make cake bigger.

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