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Qingdao Blossom Furnishings limited is a Louis Dining Chair factory. We provide French Louis chairs wholesale worldwide. Our Louis dining table and chairs wholesale are made of solid locust tree wood and other hardwood. We have about 33 product processing that includes cutting, polishing, mound carving, stewing, bending, drilling, rattan producing, leather works, fabric assembled, work with painting, and many more. Our antique Louis Chairs wholesale passed standard SGS inspection, which is used for American party rentals, wedding places, restaurants, and cafes. We are also producing wood Louis chairs barstool for beer bars. At the moment, we also producing resin Louis chairs wholesale with clear back and solid back. These transparent Louis chairs wedding are very popular in wedding events place.

Details About French Louis Chairs Wholesale

  • Type: King Louis Chair with Transparent Back. Louis Cane Back Side Chair. Louis Fabric Back Chair. Chateau Cane Back Side Chair. Louis Cane Back Bar Stool. Louis Round Back Chair. Clear Back Resin Louis Chair. Removable Seat Resin Louis Chair. Wooden Louis XIV Style Chair with Arms, resin Louis Chairs, Clear Louis chairs, Transparent Louis Chairs.
  • Material: Solid Wood, Resin, Rattan, Fabric
  • Colors: White, Whitewash, Black, Silver, Limewash, Clear, and Gold Louis Chair
  • Stackable or Unstackable Louis Chairs; half quantities can be stackable.

Different names of Louis Chairs: French dining XVI Louis chairs, Louis XV wedding party chairs, French dining XIV Louis chairs, Louis Ghost Chair, linen fabric solid wood Louis chairs, french distressed round back oak wood linen stackable Louis XV dining chair and resin Louis Chairs.

Welcome to choose us French Louis Chair Wholesale, any problems can contact us at any time, we have a professional sales team and after-sales service, for you to solve any problems encountered in the product.


Are you looking for Clear Louis chairs now?

Please notice that we producing these transparence Louis chairs made of polycarbonate material. Totally we have 4 models, including the following designs. Please choose the model you are interested in and let us know.

Louis Chairs

Louis Chairs

Louis ChairsLouis Chairs

Louis Chairs

How does the Louis chair manufacturer produce chairs?

Buyer’s Guide About Louis Chairs Wholesale

The author is a furniture design enthusiast. When I was young, I had an obsession with the production process and manufacturing process of furniture, and I had a soft spot for tables and chairs in furniture.

In Beijing and Shenzhen, China, there are small chair museums. These museums display chairs from all over the world, with different materials and shapes, which make people linger. Counting the origin and naming of the chairs, some are the designer’s name, some are the shape and even the material of the chair, and they are rarely named after the era or the king, and there is precisely such a type of dining chair is named after an era. Category, what kind of chair is that? What’s so special about this type of chair?

louis wedding chair

This type of chair is the Louis chair series. Today, as a deep cultivator and enthusiast in chair production, we will describe this type of chair in detail. We will describe the classification of this type of chair, the long-standing classics, and what are the popular nation? Why did some chairs in this category suddenly become popular under the epidemic? Are they commercial or civilian? We will talk about a series of topics related to materials, categories, production processes, how to match tables and chairs, and finding suitable manufacturers, hoping to help readers and buyers

So read along to uncover the mystery!!

  1. What is the Louis Chair?
  2. History of the Louis Chair1.
  3. What materials are the Lewis chairs made of?
  4. How to classify Louis chairs?
  5. Where are the usage scenarios?
  6. Why are these chairs so popular?
  7. How to produce an excellent Louis chair?
  8. How to transport, maintain and store?
  9. What are the ten most popular Louis chairs?
  10. How to Match a Louis Chair with a Table?
  11. How to redecorate a Louis-style chair?
  12. How to find a better Louis chair manufacturer?

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  1. What is the Louis Chair?


The author has visited several museums in the world, has personally seen a lot of French Louis-era furniture up close, and can also distinguish the different characteristics of chairs in different eras. The furniture of a certain period in France is very characteristic.

In this paragraph, we mainly talk about the name of the Louis chair. Besides the Louis chair, what other names are there for this series of chairs?  The reason why foreign chairs become Lewis chairs is that they have been handed down due to age. In China, they are generally called gantry chairs, because the shape of this type of chair is a bit like a gantry, or it is another term for luxury and luxury chairs. At present, China’s production areas are mainly concentrated in Zhejiang, Shenzhen, and Shandong regions.

louis chair manufacturer

  1. History of the Louis Chair


When we talk about the past history of the Louis chair, the history of furniture in the French Louis era, including the chair and the characteristics of the Louis era furniture, we will focus on the style, pattern, the entire structure, the comfort of the seat cushion, the front legs The shape, sculpture, shape of the back, lines, arcs, as well as the characteristics of atmosphere and comfort, we will briefly describe the chairs of each period below.


The 18th century was a golden age for chair furniture manufacturing, especially in France and England, including colonial America at the time, and English chairs tended to be heavier than French chairs. However, the square wood structure in the era of Louis XIII began to change in the era of Louis XIV: the armrests were wavy, often ending in a curled fern leaf, and the legs of the chairs were balustrades, sheaths, and scrolls. The rosary-style and screw-style legs of the Louis XIII era have disappeared, and the H-shaped leg rails of the Louis XIII era have also become the X-shaped leg rails of the Louis XIV era, and the X-shaped leg rails are often used. Four scrolls decorated with handles.

louis dining chair supplier

The chairs of the Louis XIV era, especially the armchairs, began to appear in large numbers. Like the chairs of the Louis XIII era, the backs were high and square, and the backs and seats were padded with fabrics and wrapped in beautiful rugs. , the structure of the wood cannot be seen. The gap between Louis XIV and XV is very large. Louis XVI, Louis XV, and Louis XIV, the changes on the backrest continue the round row, crown shape, and square shape, which is more convenient for everyone to recognize and distinguish.

  1. What materials are the Louis chairs made of?


What materials are the various Louis chairs made of? At present, the Lewis chairs we can see are basically composed of solid wood or resin, and the materials are roughly divided into the following categories:



The beech currently on the market in China is generally imported from German beech, British beech, Danish beech, and French beech (named after the place of origin). Trees are generally up to 30 meters high, occasionally 50 meters, and 1.3 meters in diameter. It can reach a height of more than 18 meters under the branches in the dense forest. Produced in continental Europe and the United Kingdom. Yugoslavia, Austria, France, Czech Republic, Romania, Germany, Denmark, and Poland also have larger output. Louis’s chair made of beech wood has clear patterns and tough texture, which is a good material choice.



Place of Origin, Russia, Northeast China

Features: Mid-range, affordable

birch wood

Rubber wood

Rubberwood is a plant that produces rubber latex and is the backbone of the rubber tree, a subtropical tree species. When a tree grows old, its trunk can be used to make furniture. With the development of the furniture market, rubber wood is more and more widely used in furniture, flooring, wood core boards, etc.


The main advantage

1) The production cycle is shorter than other woods, and the yield is high and the logs are cheap;

2) Delicate patterns, elegant colors, moderate weight, hardness, strength and toughness, easy to dry, and good machinability;

3) Light color, suitable for making all kinds of products with soft curves

Rubber wood grows in tropical and subtropical regions, and Southeast Asian countries and southern China are also the main producing areas.

Louis Chair


Although there is only one-word difference between rubber wood and oak, they are quite different in material and price. Both types of wood are commonly used materials for interior decoration such as furniture and wooden doors. Compared with rubber wood, oak wood has beautiful patterns, hard and heavy material, high strength, and good corrosion resistance, and the price is more expensive than rubber wood. A small number of merchants take advantage of the similarity of the wood names, often confusingly, to sell rubber wood as oak. [5]

(1) Wood pattern: Oak wood rays have two kinds of wood rays, wide and thin, and thin brown lines can be seen in the longitudinal section; while rubber wood rays are thin, without broad rays, and there are no thin lines of rays in the longitudinal section.

(2) Distribution of pipe holes: oak wood is ring-porous wood; rubber wood is diffuse-porous wood.

(3) Types of ray tissue: oak ray tissue is an isomorphic ray, and rubber wood ray tissue is heterotype I and II.

(4) The presence or absence of annular tracheids: oak has annular tracheids, but rubber wood does not.

(5) The weight of wood: oak is relatively hard and heavy; rubber wood is relatively light and soft.

oak wood


Resin chairs have only become popular in recent decades. Almost every dining chair corresponds to three materials, which means that the same style can usually be produced with three materials, wood, metal, and resin. As a recyclable and high-strength material, the Louis chair made of resin is also high-end and stable, and the production speed is much higher than the production of wooden chairs, which greatly shortens the production time. Improved shipping efficiency. In terms of style, the back of the Louis chair can be made transparent or solid, according to the customer’s preference, which enriches the customer’s choice.

resin matrial

  1. How to classify Louis chairs?

According to our outline, we will make a simple reclassification of each type of chair. For the Louis chair, we will simply classify the following according to different criteria:

According to the style: we divide the Louis chairs into French, American, and simple European styles.



According to whether it can be disassembled or not: divided into overall assembly and disassembly.

louis dining chair wholesale

Stackable or not: Stackable Louis chair, Original Louis chair

stackable louis chair

Height distinction: Louis bar chair, regular Louis chair


With armrests or not With armrests Without armrests

louis chair 2

Louis Chair

Different material combinations: solid wood frame, plastic steel frame


plastic louis chair

Seat plate classification: solid wood, rattan, fabric, leather

Louis Chair


Back: Acrylic, Leather, Fabric, Rattan

Louis Chair

Back shape: semicircle, square, duck egg

louis-square-desk-chair-1-c (1)

Can be customized pattern

Louis Chair

Can you customize LOGO? Personalized customization is fast, accept personalized LOGO customization

DIY louis chair

Appearance paint effect: divided into different effects of wiping and spraying

louis dining chair

  1. Where are the usage scenarios?


So in what scenarios is the Louis chair used? And after the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, the sales of many Louis chairs have become extremely hot. What is the reason for this?

Combined with the reasons why Louis chair is popular under the epidemic, we have investigated and analyzed, and found that because outdoor activities were cancelled, people were asked to stay at home, and people began to buy household chairs, and the household functions of Louis chair, restaurant, study All can be used, especially the detachable Lewis chairs suitable for online shopping are more popular, resulting in a large increase in online purchases. Then, in normal times, in what scenarios are these chairs used?

Variety of restaurants including buffets, high, medium and low end restaurants


louis chair

coffee shop

louis chair

living room

leather louis chair


louis chair hotel


louis chair in the bar


Louis caneback

If you see these styles of chairs in different scenes, please feel free to tell us and take pictures, thank you.

  1. Why are Louis chairs so popular?


Behind every popular chair, there is always a certain underlying logic hidden, and it always meets a certain demand of people. In the face of the popularity of Louis chair, we have carefully summarized the reasons for the following:

leather louis chair

(1) The luxurious feeling of the style is gradually becoming popular, and it is also the difference of the style

In the past, these Louis chairs could only appear in the homes or scenes of the royal family and nobles, and the commoners and the common people had no chance to enjoy and use them. These are noble and unique chairs, so purchases will gradually increase.

(2) Highly practical and multi-scene

Louis chairs have a very obvious feature, which is the diversification of the scene, and can be used for commercial or home use at the same time. Whether it is a commercial event or a home chair, their shadows can be seen. Whether it is a wedding venue, a celebration, or a family bedroom, this type of Louis chair can be used in the living room. It can be described as a multi-scene universal chair.

wooden louis chair

(3) High-cost performance

Although these chairs are very luxurious and noble, due to the mechanized mass production and the degree of technological improvement, the price of each Louis chair is still very favorable. Take the wooden Louis for about 60 to 100 dollars. You can buy one, and generally speaking, a  Louis chair can be used for about ten years, and the cost performance is still very high.

wedding chair

(4) It is especially easy to match the table

In terms of the matching of tables and chairs, the Louis chair can be well matched with many types of tables, so consumers do not have to worry about the difficulty of matching the chair after purchasing, even if it is an ordinary table, dining table, desk, with the Louis chair The combination will also appear to be the perfect combination.

banquet chair

  1. How to produce an excellent Louis chair?


In this paragraph, which is also the key paragraph of this article, we will briefly describe the production process of Louis chairs, and the production process of chairs of different materials is different, so we will briefly talk about the production process according to different materials.

How to produce wooden Louis chairs?

The production process of the wooden Louis chair is roughly the same as that of other commercial chairs. Painting, packaging, shipping, readers can also make a more detailed understanding through the production webpage and video link below.

In order to facilitate readers to see the production process in detail, we have linked a production link, through which the entire production process of the resin Louis chair is briefly described in detail, including the molding, finishing, packaging, and shipping of the resin Louis chair.

  1. How to transport, maintain and store?


In order to prolong the service life of each chair, we need to do a good job in transportation, storage and maintenance. Practice has proved that correct transportation, storage and maintenance can prolong the service life of chairs by as much as 30% to 200%. , the main points of each part are as follows:

Transportation: Prevent from falling, bumping

Maintenance: Prevent moisture and prevent rust. wooden prevent rot

Storage: prevent brewing, keep ventilation

  1. What are the ten most popular Louis chairs?

Louis of the rattan backrest


Full cloth louis chair


Full Leather Louis Chair

leather louis chair

Resin Louis Chair

resin louis chair

Transparent Back Louis Chair

louis chair

Louis Bar Chair

louis chair

Square Back Louis Chair

square louis chair

Wooden Louis Chair with Armrests

louis chair

Disassembly of the Louis Chair

Louis Chair

Transparent Louis Chair

Transparent Lewis Chair

  1. How to Match a Louis Chair with a Table?


Various farm tables with regular Louis chairs


Wooden Bar Table with Louis Chair

louis-bar-stool (1)

Resin Louis chair with metal table, stainless steel table

louis chiars

  1. How to redecorate a Louis style chair?

This is a topic with a lot of search volume, and it is also a measure taken by many families and units, because after a long time of use, the surface fabric will become old or even worn, and we can make these chairs look brand new.


The underlying logic: On the premise that the wooden frame can still be used, it can be replaced by dismantling the cloth and sponge to achieve the effect of rejuvenation. During the dismantling process, it is necessary to keep the original wooden frame intact and update the new Sponge, and cloth, in the right size

  1. How to find a better Louis chair manufacturer?

Finding the right Louis chair manufacturer takes a lot of time, effort and cost, but a good manufacturer will make your sourcing process smooth and enjoyable. The main ways to find manufacturers are as follows:

  1. Search by Google

louis chair search result (1)

Google is the fairest and most direct and effective method. For example, after you are looking for wood louis chair manufacture or wooden louis chair supplier, Google will give a lot of search results, and then we can filter in these search results, enter their website, and then Judge and contact purchases.

  1. Get to know more manufacturers through the exhibition

blossom furnishings (1)

You can also find many corresponding suppliers and manufacturers at the world-renowned furniture fairs, such as the Cologne Fair in Germany, the Chicago Food and Beverage Fair in the United States, the Guangzhou Furniture Fair in China, the Shanghai Furniture Fair in China, the Las Vegas Furniture Fair in the United States and other well-known exhibitions. Many manufacturers and manufacturers participate in the exhibition, and it is also one of the good ways to have face-to-face communication and view samples.

  1. Field visit

blossom furnihsings2 (1)

Through some brand effects, after we know many well-known manufacturers, or recommended by our peers, we can directly contact the manufacturers for on-the-spot investigation, and see the actual production process and technology face to face, which is convenient for buyers to purchase efficiently.

  1. Procurement platform


For some small procurement activities, we make direct payment purchases through shopping platforms such as Amazon, which is very convenient, and this method can usually be used to buy stock.

I believe that through the above description, readers will get answers to many topics about farm tables, including materials, usage scenarios, storage and maintenance, and many other questions. We have reason to believe that in the next 5-10 years in the trend of tables, farm tables will surely occupy the Very large proportion, hope more and more farm tables will decorate your EVENT.

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