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Louis Cane Back Dining Chair Manufacturer

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Qingdao Blossom Furnishings limited is a stackable Louis dining chair factory in China. We have more than ten years of experience in the export of tables and chairs, and customers will receive praise and repurchase from customers when they receive our chairs or tables. From slender grooved legs to the iconic round backrest and seat, this chair set provides inspiration for your home in the French countryside. The elegant curves of the suit blend your home with a classic touch. This oval chair is sturdy and durable, suitable for daily use, and provides a high-quality seating experience.

Louis Cane Back Dining Chair Feature

  • Our chair is a movable seat that can be freely matched with cushions.
  • The seats can be stacked to save space.
  • Our Louis dining chairs are stackable, which can save you a lot of space.
  • Our stackable Louis chair has foot pads under the legs to prevent damage to your floor during movement.
  • A small cabinet with 275 stackable Louis chairs.
  • 40HQ:740 piece.
  • one chair is 6.10 kg

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This Louis cane back dining chair has comfortable upholstered seats, fresh natural linen fabrics, and
gorgeous rattan details on the back. Their intricate honey oak frame with distressed finishes is super
romantic and versatile!

louis cane back dining chair

Natural rattan back

The sturdy and durable solid wood frame is finished in a whitewashed light color to match the style.

louis cane back dining chair bulk

This set of chairs is supported by exquisite birch legs and has an attractive appearance and durable structure.
Its fine particles absorb stains well, giving this piece a gorgeous finish. There are protective pads under the
legs of our chair, which can not only protect your floor during movement. And it will not make a sound. The
durable solid wood legs are finished in whitewashed light brown to match the style.

louis cane back dining chair leg

Louis Cane Back Dining Chair Production Details

We first machine the backrest and legs of the wooden Louis chair and then assemble them with professional
wood glue. This gorgeous chair has a hardwood frame and upholstered linen fabric seat for grace and elegance!

wooden louis chair supplier

Hand-woven abaca fibers and applied organic dye seeds provide unique and luxurious shades your guests
will love. The rattan backs of our wooden Louis chairs are all manually installed so that they are beautiful
and strong without any flaws.

wooden louis chair manufacturer

The frame is hand-carved from solid oak with a warm lime oak finish. The seats are upholstered in natural
linen with hand-pinned double welt trim. We put the parts of the rattan backrest installed here and wait for
the seat plate to be installed.

wooden louis chair factory

This elegant chair is made of rubberwood and is upholstered in a high-performance, easy-to-care fabric.
Enjoy long dinner conversations comfortably on the padded seat with durable support. Perfect to add to
your restaurant, as a key chair or writing desk! The load capacity is up to 280 pounds.

wooden louis chair

This round dining chair is sturdy and durable, providing a high-quality seating experience. This fascinating
side chair with padded seats and a finely crafted wooden frame adds character around the dining table even
wherever it is.

stackable wooden louis chair

It is an excellent supplement to your rental inventory, banquet hall, or restaurant. These King Louis chairs
are the perfect accent for various room and event themes. Due to their design, they hug the back of a person’s
body and provide a comfortable seating experience.

stackable wooden louis chair manufacturer

There are a large number of stock in the workshop of the factory. If you need, we can deal with it urgently.

wooden louis chair supplier

wooden louis chair

High-density Sponge

Good resilience, strong compressive strength. Breathable, and will not feel stuffy even in the hot summer.

stackable louis chair supplier

The exquisite carved patterns on the legs of the Louis cane back dining chair make the dining chair more
elegant. The rubberwood and neutral linen of the upholstered dining chair create a fresh and luxurious
charm for your dining environment.

stackable louis chair bulk

This Louis dining chair refreshes and upgrades your living space. Using decompression wood will definitely
complement any classic decoration. The design frame of each chair has a neat and clean aesthetic, which
can give any event or restaurant a new look. Whether you are dining casually with your family or inviting
guests to a dinner party, our chair sets can provide your restaurant with timeless elegance.

stackable wooden louis chair bulk

This is a ready stackable Louis chair, ready to be sent to our customers. The packaging of our chair is to
wrap every corner with foam tissue. Avoid stacking up and damaging the Louis cane back dining chair.

stackable louis chair

Our cabinet loaders are very experienced and can fill the cabinets to the full without damaging the wooden
Louis chairs no matter how much they shake during transportation.

wooden louis chair manufacturer

The decorative effect is enhanced and perfectly matched with the desk and other writing and reading areas
as a comfortable chair. This side chair is decorated with polyester fiber and has delicate carvings on the
wooden frame.

louis cane back dining chair supplier

This is our South African customer who received our chair and liked our chair very much, and immediately
sent us feedback photos of the chair on the spot after the arrangement.

rattan back louis chair

rattan back louis chair supplier

rattan back louis dining chair

rattan back louis chair manufacturer

This is the photo our client took when they received the wooden louis chair. The client was very satisfied,
gave us a lot of praise, and took such a beautiful photo for us.

wooden louis chair manufacturer

wooden louis chair supplier

wooden louis chair

Our wooden Louis chairs have passed the test and have a qualified test certificate. It can be proved that our
chairs are of good quality and have undergone a series of tests. There is absolutely no need to worry about
any quality problems with our chairs, we will also check them carefully before leaving the factory.

wooden louis chair supplier

wooden louis chair


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