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Wholesale Farmhouse Dining Table

We are Qingdao blossom furnishings limited, a professional Wooden Farmhouse Table manufacturer and wholesale company based in China. We manufacture a rustic dining table and farmhouse dining tables & chairs at our own farmhouse factory. Our farm tables and chairs are all handcrafted and made with high-quality wood. Fine selected solid Douglas fir dyed and boosted in natural paint colors. Processed in a systematic natural coating emulsion to complete a 4-layer color coat ensemble and weathering to dry-out the paint. These farmhouse tables suit perfectly in any kitchen, playroom, foyer or dining room. The Rustic dining table product line includes mayflower farm tables, round farmhouse tables with folding legs and shaker farm tables. All Made of the finest solid hardwood that exemplifies a rustic effect look. These farmhouse tables are designed to carry a feature that allows each part assemblies to be removable and replaceable of parts if damaged. Each part is available in our stock. Our farmhouse table dining sets come in different sizes and dimensions and are also available in our inventory.

Special Features on Farming wood table with folding legs:

Made out of 100% Solid pine wood. Our rustic farm tables can be folded for storage space stacking. Some of the vintage dining farmhouse tables can be disassembled when not in use.

We have conducted a comparison check on our farmhouse dining tables with other manufacturers of the same farmhouse dining tables in the UK and USA and tested the quality and thickness of their tabletop and leg features. And verified the quality to be less than equal to our product. Thus, giving us a solid reputation on our workmanship and dedication to give a world-class product.

Available options for Prefab Custom sized product types with selected custom colors and finishes on solid pinewood farm tables. Choose from the 10+ color options we have. In our catalog. There are no minimum order quantity requirements on all wholesale farm tables.

See our most popular collections of The Antique Rustic Folding Farm Table Set with 8 Cross Back Chairs and comes in different sizes of the bench.

Our solid pinewood farm tables are guaranteed with five years of quality assurance for normal wear and tear use.

Details About Wooden Farmhouse Table Wholesale:

  • Type: Antique Rustic Solid Pine Folding Farm Tables, Mayflower Farm Dining Table, Round Farmhouse Table, Child Farm Tables, Children Farm tables, Kids Farm tables,Wood Square Dining Table, Wood Benches, Round bar stool
  • Material: Oak Farmhouse Table, Pine Farmhouse Table
  • Style: Farm Table
  • Colors: White, Black, Brown, We Accept Customize colors of your choice
  • MOQ/Shipping: A container cargo can hold 100-200 tables. Minimum order quantity of 20 pieces
  • Regular Size: Farm tables: 108”x48”, 108”x40”, 96”x48”, 96”x46”,96”x40”, 94”x40”,84”x31”,72×40”. Beches: 96”x12”, 62”x12”, 36”x12”

Follow thru the links on our website for more of our Folding Wooden Farmhouse Tables Benches and chairs, special options, and sale promotions., For all other queries, questions and concerns, our professional sales team is available to assist you with all your needs including technical product issues. Please feel free to contact us via email or Telephone posted