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Outdoor Round Folding Garden Table

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Qingdao blossom furnishings Limited is located in Shandong, China. our factory has more than 15 years’ experience of producing solid wood garden tables. Our products range include rocking chair, director chair, bar table and so on. Our products have been exported to the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe and other parts of the world, we have built long terms relationships with our valuable clients. Because it is a standard size profile, only need to do some cutting and necessary accessories can complete the installation, no further processing is required, shorten the construction period, improve labor efficiency.

Round Folding Garden Table Advantage

  1. Completely environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable.
  2. Long service life, about 25 years, no special maintenance, cost-saving
  3. High strength, small wear, no expansion, no deformation, no rupture.
  4. Mothproof, mouldproof, waterproof, and moistureproof
  5. No assembly is required.
  6. Our table has 2 widths and height, and the package size is 91×76 high packing size: 115×93×21., 91×106 high packing size: 145×93×21, 2 sheets 1 packing.

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We made the wood into the shape we wanted for the legs of the round folding garden table and punched holes in it.

Paint the holes with special wood glue. Our wood glue is of good quality, durable and will not have pungent
taste and make you feel uncomfortable.

Attach the table leg beam to the hole and secure it.

Put the table legs here and let the glue blow dry quickly.Wood frame construction, durable, can be used as
a tea table or chair side table.
The folding mechanism proves to be a real space saver to keep your place organized.

36 inch round folding table

Round Folding Garden Table Top

The workers polish the edges of the table with a polishing tool to remove the burrs and make the table smooth.
Inspired by farmhouse style, this circular folding table is finished with a wood-paneled top in a stunning rustic brown finish.

The edge of the table is coated with wood glue, and then glued to the edge of the table, so that the edge of
the table becomes two layers, making the edge of the table more durable.

outdoor round folding table

The nail tool then holds the table in place around the rim to make sure the edges are firm.

round wooden folding garden table

Stack the finished tabletop on top of each other and put it in a ventilated place to dry.

small round folding table outdoor

Here is the workshop for spraying paint, the workers will be adjusted to paint with spray gun spray, spray
paint is put here after direct air drying.

round folding picnic table

Tabletop spray painting needs two steps, first by the worker manual tabletop paint, make the tabletop paint
more even, there are some corners spray gun can not spray to.

round folding cocktail table

The second step with the spray gun spray, so that the desktop is sprayed evenly, and then put in the spray shop for drying.

After the paint on the table top and legs has dried, the worker will install the hardware we installed. All the
hardware we installed are of good quality and will not be broken easily.

round folding tables wholesale

Pack the table strong with plastic film to avoid damage to the table during transportation.

round high top folding table

An amazing bar height table lets you choose to stand or sit while enjoying drinks or snacks.This solid wood
bar will be the highlight of your home bar, apartment, kitchen and patio area.It is very durable and easy to
maintain.Suitable for indoor and outdoor areas.This charming table maximizes space for your business and home.



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