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As one of the leading events tables and chairs manufacturers in China, we also have an industrial dining chairs factory. We provide industrial dining chairs wholesale worldwide. Industrial dining chairs also name Tolix chairs, are normally made of metal and aluminum with powder paint. Can be finished with different colors and finishing, even matt and shiny. The seat can be solid wood, metal, or a PU cushion. Most of our metal dining chairs can be stackable. Depending on styles, our industrial style dining chairs for sale can be French Tolix style chairs and Xavier Pauchard Tolix chairs. Our industrial metal dining chairs wholesale is popularly used in Industrial, Commercial, Dining rooms, Trattoria Sid, Loft Designer Cafe, Studio, Bistro Cafe, Indoor/Outdoor, party event rental furniture, Restaurant Cafe Bar, Commercial Furniture, leisure restaurant chairs, Garden. The industrial dining room chairs can be with Arm, Marais Barstools can be with Cushion, backless chairs can be with Low Back. The Marais chair was designed by Laura Davidson.

Details About Industrial Dining Chairs Wholesale

  • Type: Original Tolix Chair, Redrose Gold Tolix Chair, Tolix Chair with solid wood seat, Tolix Armchair, Tolix Chair Barstool, Barstool Tolix Chair with Wooden Top, Kid Metal Tolix Chair, Low Back Metal Bar Stool
  • Material: Solid Wood, Metal
  • Color: White, Black, Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, colorful, Distress Yellow, Navy Blue, copper mahogany, Rose Gold, Lime green Tolix Chair
  • MOQ: One mixed container can be accepted, even with cross-back chairs.

Welcome to choose us as your metal Tolix chair suppliers, any problems can contact us at any time, we have a professional sales team and after-sales service, for you to solve any problems encountered in the product.

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In the last long article on wooden dining chairs, we used a lot of text, pictures, and videos to explain the different materials, usage scenarios, and production processes of wooden chairs. The wooden dining chairs impress us very much. Among the metal industrial dining chairs corresponding to the wooden dining chairs, there is a popular industrial-style dining chair, which occupies a large proportion of the dining chairs. So it is necessary for us to use a special article to talk about the industrial dining chairs wholesale.

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There are many styles of dining chairs, why should we take out the industrial style dining chairs separately? In addition to the wide range of use and the increasing number of uses, it is also closely related to the unique style of this type of dining chair itself.

This article mainly briefly introduces the following content: what is an industrial style dining chair? What are the main features of industrial dining chairs wholesale? Their usage scenarios, production processes, different classifications, etc.

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Industrial Dining Chairs Wholesale

  1. What is the industrial style and what is the biggest feature of the industrial style?

So what exactly is an industrial-style dining chair?

First of all, the industry is compared with agricultural wind and natural wind. Agricultural wind and natural style are clear and simple, and the warm colors are full, giving people a relaxed and comfortable feeling as if walking in the fields.

In the industrial era, the industrial style has a strong modern flavor, especially the dark, strong metal texture, white or gray, which can bring an old but modern visual effect to the interior, which is very suitable for the rough atmosphere of the industrial style.

In recent years, the industrial style has been very prosperous, from the birthplace of Europe all the way to the United States, and then to Asia along the way. Now almost in every major city in the world, there are high-quality restaurants or cafes with industrial style decoration as the theme.

The rough, mysterious, and personal characteristics of the industrial style are really addictive! If you compare the country style with the industrial style, it will be easier for people to understand the difference and the respective characteristics between them.


Industrial Dining Chairs Wholesale

The components of industrial style are wrought iron, leather furniture, exposed pipelines, water pipes, all kinds of outdated objects, old iron sheets, the existence of which give new life to the industrial-style space.

The industrial style decoration does not deliberately hide various water and electricity pipelines but turns it into one of the visual elements of the interior through the arrangement of positions and the coordination of colors. This subversion of traditional decoration is often the most attractive.

The industrial style has an open personality, with a bit of artistic flavor in the rudeness, showing another unique temperament. The dining chair has the above characteristics and complements the corresponding products. Staying in the rough and artistic space, the whole person can’t help but slow down, slowly breathe the cold air, and enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the interior.


Industrial Dining Chairs Wholesale

The biggest feature of industrial-style furniture, including industrial dining chairs wholesale, is its metallic color and texture. Furniture made of metal will probably be the first material that comes to your mind.

Metal is a strong and durable material. Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, metal daily necessities have been continuously appearing in human life. However, the metal style is too cold, and metal and wood can be mixed and matched, which can preserve the temperature of the home without losing the rough feeling.

Among them, chairs are the easiest and most popular furniture. Logs are often used for industrial wind furniture. Many iron tables and chairs use wooden boards as the tabletop or chair surface so that the depth and texture of the wood grain can be fully displayed. Especially the old, aged wood has more texture to make furniture.

tolix chair

Industrial Dining Chairs Wholesale

2. Classification of industrial dining chairs wholesale

According to different attributes, the industrial style dining chairs are simply classified as follows:

  • By Material: Full Metal, Metal & Wood, Metal & Leather

industrial chair

  • Are there handrails: with and without handrails

industrial style dining chairs

  • With or without backrest: with and without backrest

industrial style dining chairs

  • Stackable or not: Non-stackable and stackable dining chairs

industrial style dining chairs

  • According to height: regular dining chair, bar chair: high bar, medium bar, low bar chair, children’s chair

industrial style dining chairs

Industrial Dining Chairs Wholesale

  • According to commercial and civil use: divided into household use and commercial us


3. Why do people like industrial-style dining chairs?

The main reason why industrial-style dining chairs are popular and widely used is that exposed steel bars and cement are used as decorative materials. This kind of design is rough and mysterious. It has become popular in the office design and catering industry and is becoming more and more popular.

industrial style dining chairs

Industrial Dining Chairs Wholesale

Every city in the world high-quality cafes and restaurants that can be seen with industrial-style decoration as the theme. They are full of personality and are very enjoyable to watch. The author explains why people like industrial dining chairs for a variety of reasons:

  1. It has aesthetic value

The industrial-style furniture combines Chinese and Western classical charm in a seemingly rough style, elegant and simple yet modern, with artistic appreciation value and aesthetic value, adding a unique landscape to today’s furniture market.

  1. Outstanding style and distinctive personality, giving people a bright and distinctive feeling

Industrial dining chairs can accentuate the distinctive design style of a restaurant. The distinctive red brick walls and metal pipes create a sense of wireframe, which improves the taste of the entire dining environment, allowing customers to appreciate the following design concepts while dining and arouse the desire to consume again. The returned person has the same respect and elegance as the original, not to mention giving up more to the ordinary creative restaurant.

industrial style dining chairs

Industrial Dining Chairs Wholesale

  1. Rich color choices

The surface finishing of industrial-style metal furniture can be said to be colorful. It can be polyurethane powder spraying of various beautiful colors, or it can be a perfect combination of titanium plating and powder spraying. It also pushes the grade and taste of metal furniture to a very high level.

industrial style dining chairs

Industrial Dining Chairs Wholesale

  1. Some have folding function

Many varieties of industrial metal furniture have a folding function, which is not only convenient to use, but also saves space, making the family living environment with limited area relatively loose and comfortable.

industrial style dining chairs

Industrial Dining Chairs Wholesale

  1. Variety of categories

The categories and varieties of industrial-style metal furniture are very rich, suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, airports, and other outdoor places. These industrial style metal furniture can well create the different atmospheres required by different rooms in the home, and also make the home-style more diversified and more modern.

industrial style dining chairs

Industrial Dining Chairs Wholesale

  1. The price is affordable

The price of these chairs are more affordable. Compared with European classical and pastoral styles, the cost budget of industrial style is relatively small. Its design concept is relatively simple, and the decorative design specifications and models are relatively simple, without having to go through much decorative design, the initial flavor is full, and the unique design style.

industrial style dining chairs

Industrial Dining Chairs Wholesale

  1. It is especially easy to match the surrounding environment, including bar counters, dining tables, etc.

Dining table and dining chairs are in a unified design. The industrial-style dining tables and chairs are all made of metal with black, gray, white color. The basis of the dining table is all wood dining tables, and the dining chairs can be matched with metal materials and sponge pads, which not only fits the design style and core concept of all restaurants but also reduces the trouble of color matching.

industrial style dining chairs

Industrial Dining Chairs Wholesale

  1. Long service life

Due to the exquisite craftsmanship of industrial style dining chairs and the materials used are mostly metal materials, their service life is generally relatively long. Normal chairs can be used for more than three years, five years, and even more than ten years. And for such a long time, the chair will basically not be deformed by the temperature changing of the environment.

industrial style dining chairs

Industrial Dining Chairs Wholesale

  1. Strong safety (including stability and no hand injury)

Industrial style furniture has the characteristics of high finish, strong plasticity, sturdiness and durability, varieties styles; under normal circumstances, this type of chair can bear more than 1,000 pounds and can withstand static and dynamic shocks of more than 200 kilograms, so it is very stable and strong. Moreover, this type of chair is basically handled properly and will never hurt your hands, which is also an important factor in safety.

industrial style dining chairs

Industrial Dining Chairs Wholesale

  1. Easy to clean and maintain

When it comes to maintenance and care, basically nothing is easier than this series of chairs. Basically, they do not require special maintenance and care, just normal wiping. It is worth noting that such chairs should not be exposed to acidic solutions because the metal will be damaged when it encounters acid business, which will affect the strength and service life of the chair in the later period. During normal use, just wipe it with a clean cloth. Many industrial-style chairs will be treated with anti-rust treatment, so they can be safely used outdoors.

industrial style dining chairs

Note that for the dust in the depressions, you can use a soft wool brush to brush away along the crevices. In addition, try to avoid splashing acid-base potions that are corrosive to iron, such as sulfuric acid, vinegar, methine, etc.

  1. Easy to receive, store and transport

More than 60% of industrial-style chairs can be designed to be stacked together. The stackable styles are, to a large extent, easy to store, save storage volume, and are simple to store and easy to carry. For importers, the styles that can be stacked can be loaded into the container with more chairs, which is equivalent to saving a lot of shipping costs.

industrial style dining chairs

Industrial Dining Chairs Wholesale

  1. There are more colors to choose

Industrial style chairs, whether modern or retro, there are more than 20 colors for people to choose from, not only regular red, green, white, black, but also rose gold, etc., which are very popular; there are also transparent color and rust color by  special treatment, which are all classic colors.industrial style dining chairs

  1. Wide range of usage scenarios (water resistance, high temperature)

Due to the characteristics of water resistance and high temperature resistance, as well as sturdiness, this type of chair is widely used. We will describe the usage scenarios of industrial style chairs as below:

4. The usage of the scenarios

The distinctive industrial style dining chairs are widely used in any scenario where dining chairs are needed, and belong to a versatile product series. The specific usage scenarios are as follows. Readers can better understand.


  • Various restaurants

industrial style dining chairs

  • Milk tea shop

industrial style dining chairs

  • Dessert shop

industrial style dining chairs

  • Coffee Shop

coffee shop

  • Music restaurant


  • Parlor


  • Office

metal tolix chair office room

  • Big Food Stalls



  • Household


  • Bar


  • BBQ Restaurant

metal tolix chair with wooden seat

  • Park


  • Airport


  • Station

black metal tolix chair

Therefore, how are these characteristic dining chairs produced? The next part of this article will focus on the production process of industrial-style dining chairs.


5. The production process of industrial style dining chairs: (this is the key) production process


The production process of industrial-style dining chairs is the key part of this article. By describing the production process of this type of dining chair, we can learn the production process of the chair step by step. After all, knowing the production process of this type of chair can increase knowledge, moreover, it is also very interesting. The general production process of metal dining chairs is ten steps as follow:

  1. Material selection

Material quality. You can judge by touching, observing the color, checking the brightness, etc. Good wrought iron products usually feel smooth and flat, the material looks more textured, not stiff to the touch, and the color is relatively full.

metal tolix chair manufacturer

The style, size, and thickness depend on the cost budget, shape and structure of the product, and the combination of production orders to achieve maximum cutting. The choice of materials will also affect the firmness of finished products.

2. The cutting and cutting into the certain shape of chair material

After selecting the appropriate material, the production workers need to cut and cut into a certain shape. The material will be cut into different sizes, different radians, which is convenient for the next stamping process. In many cases, this process is stamped out with an abrasive tool. Therefore, the data is accurate.

metal tolix chair production

Some are also used by computer laser cutting machines. There is almost no error. Some small materials may require a small cutter to cut. The accuracy of material cutting plays a good role in the post-stamping process.

  1. Material Stamping

Pressure casting is referred to as pressure. Pressure casting parts have clear outlines and can obtain perfect shapes for thin-walled, uneven parts, so complex shapes are produced by pressure casting.

The pressure-casting model has high precision and good gloss. During the production process, each part has good dimensional consistency, good stability, and good assembly interchangeability.

During pressure casting, the metal is solidified under pressure in the mold, and because the filling time is very short and the cooling rate is extremely fast, the structure is precise, the grains are refined, and the hardness is relatively high, especially the surface layer, which is the most difficult to chill. Therefore, the surface layer is more solid and wear-resistant.

metal tolix chair material

The so-called stamping refers to the shape of the material part. This requires a certain stamping tool. Regardless of the protruding or concave effect of the part, it is stamped out with equipment such as molds and stamping machines. A good stamping must not only ensure the effect but also make sure the size of the parts does not change. The stamped parts have the same size, so the interchangeability is very strong.

  1. Hemming (metal cutting process)

After the material is selected, cut, and cut into the shape, it enters the hemming process. The purpose of the hemming is to ensure that the cut parts are completely welded together, and the connection is firm and not easy to break. Hemming is divided into manual hemming and machine hemming. The factory will use a hemming machine or an experienced master to perform manual hemming processing.

metal industrial chair supplier

  1. Chair frame welding


Various shapes can be obtained by the material through stamping, forging, casting, molding, meandering, welding, and other processing processes. Secondary processing techniques such as spraying and plastic coating are used for surface treatment. Then, it is generally installed by welding, screwing, welding, and other connection methods.

metal industurial chair

Welding is a processing technology that produces atomic bonding between two workpieces through heating or pressure, even both are used at the same time. This can simplify the production process, and also have the advantages of high bonding strength, less material consumption, and stable product quality.

Gas welding is mainly used in our factory, which is a welding method that uses combustible gas and oxygen to mix in the welding torch, and then ignites and burns from the welding nozzle.

metal chair factory

The metal parts of the chair that have been stamped and hemmed will enter into the welding process. The hardware parts of the old-style wrought iron dining chairs are mainly made of iron, and the connecting parts are processed by the welding process.

  1. Grinding of semi-finished chairs

After all parts of the chair are welded, the welding spot will be polished, be smooth and round, and then enter the shot blasting machine for shot blasting with fine sand to confirm that every small part of the chair can be smooth and smooth.

Industrial style chair spray paint

After welding, the hardware chair frame will be polished, which not only makes the details of the wrought iron retro dining chair look more beautiful but also makes the hand feel more comfortable. This lays a good foundation for a good surface in the future. The best results are obtained after pickling and painting.

  1. Pretreatment and pickling of metal parts


The polished hardware chair frame will undergo a pickling treatment, which is very important to ensure that the paint surface will not easily fall off on the hardware iron frame. Generally, large-scale pickling equipment requires much investment, but the chairs with pickling can be easily painted, and the paint adhesion is good.

The specific technical details are as follows: the surface treatment of industrial style wrought iron products refers to preventing rust on the surface of wrought iron products, eliminating and covering the surface defects of wrought iron products, and painting, brushing, and spraying the surface of wrought iron products to achieve anti-rust and artistic effect decoration process implementation. In order to ensure that the anti-rust and decorative effects can be achieved as long as possible, it is inevitable to adopt many corresponding surface treatment processes and to select construction processes and materials in the later stage.

black metal chair manufacturer

The surface treatment of wrought iron products,  to ensure a good bonding force between the decorative spray coating and the surface of wrought iron products, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the oxide scale, welding slag, rust marks, grease, dirt, and water on the surface of wrought iron products before spraying. Trying best to remove is necessary, otherwise, it is easy to cause foaming, cracking, layering, and peeling of the spray coating.

The surface protection and decorative spraying process of wrought iron products can reduce and avoid the corrosion of the metal surface by protecting the surface of wrought iron products, and the process of implementing the process of decoration is called the protection and decoration of the surface of wrought iron products. For wrought iron products, the method of comprehensive treatment of surface protection and decoration is generally adopted.

For industrial-style wrought iron products, people increasingly require that the surface of wrought iron products not only be anti-corrosion, but also have various textures, three-dimensional effects, or artistic effects such as distressed and antique, or a gorgeous appearance.


For finished industrial wrought iron products, the paint surface must be baked at a high temperature to ensure that the paint surface is smooth and dense and not easy to fade.

Secondly, iron furniture should be placed in a dry and ventilated place to avoid sun and rain. It is best not to wipe the surface directly with a damp cloth when cleaning. You can use a cotton rag, dip in a mild detergent, and wipe gently.

Chair pickling treatment

  1. Electrostatic spraying

1) Firstly, surface treatment of the workpiece is necessary, if some parts of the workpiece do not need coating, it must be covered;

2) Spray powder on the workpiece by an electrostatic powder spraying machine. In a high-voltage electrostatic environment, the powder has a negative polarity and is sprayed to the workpiece under the force of compressed air. The workpiece is grounded to adsorb the negative powder;

3). After the coating is completed, it enters the high temperature curing furnace. The powder starts to melt and level in a high-temperature environment, and then enters the constant temperature curing stage. The constant temperature curing time is about 20 minutes. If the workpiece is very thick, the powder curing time needs to be extended. Complete the powder spraying process.

metal tolix chair painting

After the previous grinding and pickling, the metal frame enters the surface painting stage. For industrial-style chairs, the process of electrostatic spraying is usually used. The spray paint is prepared by computer so that the surface paint can be uniform. Moreover, it is economic. Good looks combined with a strong frame is the final quality product. In addition to the regular colors, rose gold colors are also very popular.


  1. Post-processing (special process, wooden parts need to be configured with wooden parts)

In many cases, customers or final consumers need conventional painting finished products, and there are also many customers who need post-processing. The post-processing includes transparent effects, artificial scratching effects, and old-fashioning effects. This is the surface painting process of the retro wrought iron dining chair in the later stage. After the industrial style wrought iron chair is painted, it will also be hand-painted with a layer of old-fashioned paint, which is commonly called bronze. Themed dining chairs painted with bronze paint look more individual in appearance, impressing people with a retro feel, which is a very common way of processing now.




  1. Packaging technology

Industrial-style chairs for export or domestic sales are usually divided into two types: naked and carton packaging. If they are naked, more chairs can be loaded into the container, while the carton packaging is more beautiful and neat. Each has its own advantages. According to the actual situation, choose the corresponding packaging method.

metal tolix barstool package

6. What are the inspection points and precautions for industrial style chairs?

  1. The balance of the four legs of the chair is tested by the glass balance in the factory.
  2. Whether the welding spot is fully welded, check whether the connection of each part is qualified
  3. Load-bearing test, static 200-pound pressure test.
  4. The surface color has no blistering, no variegation, and no falling off.

black tolix chair with wooden seat

The following contents are the most basic points for testing the quality of industrial-style chairs. What are the inspection points and precautions for industrial-style chairs?

  1. First, the chair has a good bearing capacity. A chair that can bear a lot of weight can be an excellent chair
  1. Secondly, the chair should have excellent stability. Make sure that the legs of the chair are on a level line, so as not to fall
  2. The color of the chair surface should be accurate and uniform.
  3. The product size is appropriate and accurate


7. What are the most popular industrial-style chairs in 2022?






metal crossback chair factory








Through the above content, we all know the characteristics, advantages, production process, testing requirements, quality points, and many other knowledge points of industrial-style chairs, and provide detailed information for our future purchase of dining chairs. You are welcome to comment, and send us your questions or messages.

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