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We are Qingdao blossom furnishings limited.  A front-runner banquet table manufacturer provides top-quality banquet tables wholesale priced within your means. Our ligneous wood wedding tables wholesale are carefully fashioned through the CNC control process to conform to the strict international standards of the US and UK for export product edition of our table. The typical American style banquet tables wholesale is crafted using high-quality plywood and solid wood veneer that stands on fine metal legs. The UK styles banquet tables wholesale have very closely resembled very little difference These wooden wedding tables wholesale come in a variety of types which include the round event tables, rectangular folding tables, square party tables, serpentine wedding tables, and cocktail tables all in select fine grade wood.

Wholesale Banquet Tables Specifications:

  • Types of Banquet Tables Wholesale: Wooden Round Folding Table, ABS Corner Folding Table, Rectangular Wooden Banquet Tables Wholesale, Square Folding Table, Cocktail event table, Half-round Folding Table, Wandering Folding Banquet Tables Wholesale, Beer Table, and Chairs, Kids Wooden Round Folding Table, kids Rectangular Wooden Table, Kids Square Folding Table, Plastic round folding tables, Plastic Rectangular folding tables.
  • Material: Select Solid Wood, fine Metal, plywood, PVC Edge, Aluminum Edge, plastic, HDPE, Acrylic,
  • Style: Folding Table, 60” 72” 6 ft 7 ft folding round plywood banquet tables, Dia 60” round banquet tables wholesale, rectangular folding tables, Crystal, clear one.
  • Colors: White, Black, Brown, Natural, and custom colors
  • MOQ/Shipping: A container cargo can hold 100-200 tables.

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We also provide banquet tables wholesale below. These banquet tables wholesale have a variety of styles, colors can be selected, the size can be customized according to customer requirements, and can be matched with different stainless steel chairs. The products are sold in the United States, Europe, Australia and Africa. You can choose your favorite style through the pictures below.

banquet tables wholesale banquet tables wholesale banquet tables wholesale banquet tables wholesale banquet tables wholesale banquet tables wholesale banquet tables wholesale banquet tables wholesale banquet tables wholesale

­­­The Most Detailed Introduction To All Banquet Tables

Dining chairs and dining tables account for a large proportion of the entire furniture industry, and kinds of furniture exhibitions are mainly dining tables and chairs. Previously, we published several articles about banquet chairs and dining chairs, and introduced dining chairs of different materials, styles, and uses in detail, as well as the relevant production processes and precautions related to dining chairs, which have been widely praised. Next, we will introduce some basic knowledge of the matching banquet table or dining table in detail. We will introduce their material, classification, size, production process, and topics of interest one by one around the theme of the banquet table, hoping it can help table lovers and dining chair-related production and sales staff.

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  1. What are the materials for the banquet table?

We have met many high-quality banquet tables, so what materials are the dining tables made of? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of different materials? At present, almost all the materials we currently use can be made of banquet tables. Below we will provide pictures for auxiliary explanations. These are not only easy to understand various materials, but also help consumers and wholesalers to choose their favorite materials. At the same time, we welcome readers to leave a message to add more materials.

wood banquet tablestainless steel banquet table

(1) The dining table is made of solid wood

Solid wood furniture includes solid wood dining tables, which account for more than 15% of the market. The most important reason for the popularity of wooden dining tables that can be seen everywhere is that wood reflects natural style, is strong and durable, and has the good bearing capacity, making it easy to do various colors of products. Whether it is a solid wood dining table tabletop or a tabletop that has been spliced together, it will impress people with a heavy feeling. The solid wood tabletop and legs are integrated, and many wooden structures are linked together by mortise and tenon structures or screws, which are very strong. People can use different mechanical equipment to make dining tables of different sizes, shapes and colors, which can be used in various places.

(1) Dining table made of solid wood

(2) Dining table with solid wood table top and metal legs

In many cases, in order to reflect different styles, such as the North American industrial style, the dining table will also use solid wood table tops with iron or metal legs. Some legs adopt a fixed structure, others are a folding structure. The colors of some legs are the same as the tabletop but the others are different. All will impress diners or users with a new feeling. The structure of the legs of the table is generally hollow, which is easy to carry. It is usually used for dark styles.

(2) Dining table with solid wood table top and metal legs

(3) Plastic banquet table

The main reason for the appearance of plastic dining tables is mostly for outdoor waterproofing needs. Plastic materials are very popular because of their low cost, fast processing, and recyclability. Especially in outdoor environments, rainy areas are more widely used. Every summer, for outdoor barbecues, whether it is a group event or a family gathering, people mostly use plastic banquet chairs. The folding function of plastic banquet chairs makes them easy and light to carry. Plastic banquet tables are generally produced by blow molding, so when importers or wholesalers need a large number of tables, manufacturers can quickly meet the growing demand. It is easy to clean, easy to take care of, and can be used for more than five years.

Plastic banquet table

(4) Multi-layer banquet table

Many times, considering the production cycle and the acceptable price, many consumers or wedding equipment renters prefer a table with a more affordable price having the effect of solid wood. In this case, the PLYWOOD FOLDING TABLE appears, so that the tabletop meets the requirements of solid wood, and the cost is merely less than half of the solid wood tabletop. This kind of multi-layer banquet table is very popular in the US market, and the demand is super high. After the manufacturer adopts computer control processing, the production efficiency of the tabletop is greatly improved. This type of table is basically equipped with metal folding legs, moreover, there are also different shapes that can be produced and manufactured.

Multi-layer banquet table

(5) Stainless steel banquet table

When we discuss materials, whether wood, plywood, or plastic, each owns distinct advantages. With the appearance of stainless steel, consumers have one more choice. Stainless steel banquet table, because the material is made of stainless steel, it is durable, not rust, pressure-resistant, beautiful in appearance, and easy to care for and maintain, so the demand is increasing. Most of the stainless steel is cut, welded, electroplated or sprayed by a robot, therefore, the final product not only is not rust but also has many different choices in the shape of the tabletop, the table legs, the final overall color and the effect.

Stainless steel banquet table

(6) Stainless steel dining table with glass or MDF

For matching needs or style requirements, stainless steel table legs are often matched with glass mirrors or high-quality MDF as tabletops. In this way, parts of different materials are combined by screw connections, which are often packaged through disassembly, and can be freely combined in different colors and purchased in different proportions. For example, a set of table legs can match several sets of table tops with different colors. Generally speaking, tempered glass is used to ensure sufficient safety, and environmentally friendly MDF largely represents the composition of solid wood.

Stainless steel dining table with glass or MDF

(7) Bamboo banquet table

As we all know, the amount of bamboo folding chairs are very large, especially in some tropical or subtropical wedding party consumer groups. Of course, these bamboo folding chairs will also be matched with different banquet chairs to show a unique style, which includes the bamboo banquet table. The bamboo banquet table has a clear and natural style, which is rainproof and breathable, and complete with the bamboo folding chair. It can also be made into various round, square, rectangular, or foldable, or non-foldable styles.

Bamboo banquet table Bamboo banquet table


(8) Full acrylic dining table

With the appearance of fully transparent acrylic chairs, consumers also have a demand for fully transparent tables. Acrylic material is one of the best transparent material choices for the high compressive strength and good transparency, which provides a good opportunity for later table decoration.  The high-end atmosphere of the acrylic table is especially suitable for high-end wedding and party venues.

Full acrylic dining table

  1. What are the dimensions of the banquet table?

In actual life, in catering activities, due to the difference in the number of people, it is necessary to prepare tables of various sizes to meet different needs. Reasonable table size will make the dining atmosphere lose, reasonable and comfortable. We will have a brief description of the shapes of tables with the different sizes:

Width of the rectangular table:

When it comes to the size of the banquet table, we have to talk about the width of the table. In order to make people’s legs comfortable and not obstruct each other, normally, the width of a rectangular banquet table will not be less than 70 cm, and the general standard is 76 cm, which is the result of numerous arguments. Of course, we can also process the width of 90 cm.

Length of rectangular table

Length of the rectangular table:

Rectangular tables are available in lengths of 100cm, 120cm, 150cm, 180cm, 200cm, 220cm, 240cm, etc. There are even long tables over 380cm.

Length of rectangular table

Dimensions of a square table

The dimensions of the square table are 76x76cm, 122x122cm, 153x153cm, 180x180cm, etc.

Dimensions of a square table

Table height

In order to comply with the human body and match the chair reasonably, the height of the normal dining table is generally 76 cm, and the height of the seat plate of the dining chair should be about 41 to 45cm. The height of some bar tables is about 110 cm matched with the bar stool.

Diameter of the round table

The diameter of the round table is 76 cm, 90 cm, 122 cm, 153 cm, and 183 cm

We highly recommend the round table for 10 people, the diameter of which is more than 180 cm, so as to ensure that each person occupies about 55 cm

Diameter of the round table

Of course, when we talk about these sizes, we mainly talk about the regular adult table. We must not ignore the children’s table. The size of the children’s table is reduced according to the height of the children. The height of the children’s table is generally 43 cm to 50 cm.

Diameter of the round table

Customized size

In fact, whether it is for business or home use, sometimes we need some specific sizes or customized sizes to meet different needs. No matter what kind of material the dining table is, we can actually do the customized size.


  1. What shape are the banquet tables?

Above we have introduced colorful banquet tables of different materials and sizes. On this basis, we have summarized the shape of the dining table, and welcome readers to add and make relevant comments.

shape of the dining table

Round banquet table

In large banquet halls, restaurants and places with larger spaces, round dining tables can be seen everywhere. Large spaces are more convenient for arranging round rows of tables and can make better use of space to place more seats. The round table can make the sitting relatives and friends feel very close, and it is very convenient for guests to take dishes. Compared with the long table, there are fewer edges and corners in the round table, which can better avoid the possibility of naughty children encountering it. All are the advantages of the round table.

Round banquet table

Semicircular dining table

Half the structure of the whole round dining table is a semi-circular dining table, which is mainly to use the space against the wall as much as possible or to have a picnic outdoors, which is convenient for waiters to divide meals. The sizes are mostly 152 cm or 183 cm in diameter.

Semicircular dining table


Rectangular dining table

In order to meet different space requirements, people have designed various shapes of tables, which are in order to meet different requirements. The advantage of the rectangular dining table is that the shape is relatively simple and regular, and it can seat more guests and better arrange the space, which is very popular in the market. Especially in countries such as the United States with a divided meal system, it is more widely used, and it is easier to put more food and items and decorate.

Rectangular dining table

Square dining table

Square dining tables that are full of a sense of equivalence are generally small in size, are suitable for restaurants in small places, and most of them can seat four people or less. The size is mostly 80x80cm. 122x122cm is also available, but the larger size is relatively rare.

Square dining table

Serpentine Banquet Table

The Serpentine Banquet Table of various materials is one more choice for individual venues and scenes, and also one more material for the designer’s scene design. Whether it is a Serpentine Banquet Table made of multi-layer board materials or with a metal frame and glass mirror surface, is relatively easy to decorate. Usually, a long series of four Serpentine Banquet Tables can accommodate more than 25 guests. One table with a size of 152 cm can be used alone or two pieces put together to use, which is very flexible.

Serpentine Banquet Table Serpentine Banquet Table

Oval banquet table

The oval dining table is similar to the rectangular dining table, except which corners are smoother. Especially, and the arcs of the corners look more fashionable. The oval shape makes the angle appear roundly and softly and can avoid bump damage, which is an optimization of the rectangular dining table.

Oval banquet table

Triangular banquet table

In recent years, the popular metal triangular banquet table is very individual. The unique hardware and high-pressure glass of different colors show shiny. It is more suitable for two or three people dining.

Triangular banquet table

  1. How to classify the dining table

If you want to classify the dining table, in addition to the wooden banquet table, metal banquet table, acrylic banquet table, etc. according to material, we can also classify it by other dimensions. We also display it in the form of a brief introduction and pictures.


By style: retro style /light luxury style/ natural style

According to the height, it can be divided into regular height dining table and bar table

bar table bar table

The standard of adults and children can be divided into adult tables and children’s tables

adult tables and children's tables

According to whether it is folded or not, it can be divided into foldable and non-foldable

foldable and non-foldable

According to whether the structure is removable, it can be divided into removable banquet tables and non-removable banquet tables

removable banquet tables and non-removable banquet tables

According to whether it is customized, it can be divided into customized and regular dining tables.

removable banquet tables and non-removable banquet tables


  1. What color can the table be made of?

A colorful world and colorful decoration style require colorful dining chairs and dining tables to match. Therefore, fundamentally speaking, the dining table can be of various colors, whether it is a single color or a mixed color, which can show the corresponding effect. We will choose some corresponding colors to match the corresponding pictures to enhance the impression, and we will take into account the effects of different materials when matching pictures.

colorful dining chairs and dining tables

The primary color of rustic texture

From light to dark rubbing colors, there are light brown, medium brown, dark brown

brown, light brown, medium brown, dark brown

solid color



Blue, red, green, yellow, etc., gold and silver and multicolor

The color can be customized. We can debug the color by computer according to the Pantone number.


  1. What are the usage scenarios of the dining table?


What are some scenarios that require a banquet table? As the name suggests, a banquet table is for banquets, so all places with banquets and restaurants should have a banquet table. Almost every dining environment can place that banquet table. It needs to match different sizes, different styles or even customized dining tables everywhere. So where exactly do you need them? We list them one by one as follows and with pictures.

  • Family restaurant

Family restaurant table

  • Enterprise canteen

Enterprise canteen table

  • Apartment dining area

Apartment dining area table

  • Pub

Pub table

  • A fast-food shop

Fast-food shops tables

  • Villa or Resort

Villa or Resort table

  • Factory canteen and restaurant

Factory canteen and restaurant table

  • Hotel

Hotel tables

  • Outdoor picnic

Outdoor picnic tables

  • Wedding venue

Wedding venue tables

  • School cafeteria

School cafeteria tables

  • Hospital canteen

Hospital canteen tables

  • Shopping mall dining area

Shopping mall dining area tables

  • Burger Milk Tea Shop

Burger Milk Tea Shop tables

  • Coffee shop

Coffee shop tables

  • Buffet

Buffet tables

  • Pizza shop

Pizza shop tables

  • Hot pot restaurant

Hot pot restaurant tables


  1. What are the advantages of banquet tables?

Banquet tables are well-received, not only because they meet the requirements of people’s dining needs, but more importantly, they also play a very good role in terms of aesthetics and intimacy. In general, the dining chairs have the following advantages:

(1) Different styles, optional styles are rich and colorful.

You can like the natural color of solid wood or pursue the luxury and glamour of metal banquet tables, and at the same time, it does not prevent you from having a soft spot for the transparency of acrylic. So in terms of materials and styles, you have more choices from banquet tables.

Different styles tables

(2) More colors for consumers to choose

As the color we described previously, customers and consumers can have their own choices and can choose the appropriate color according to their preferences and the scene.

More colors of tables

(3) Different prices to meet different consumer needs

Due to different materials, different sizes, complexity or simplicity of processing technology, sales strategies, brand influence and many other reasons, the final sales prices are uneven, which provides consumers with more choices. Even if it is the same style of dining tables, if it is produced by different factories, the price is also different. So that consumers have more choices.

(4) Easy to care and maintain

Most of the dining tables are very easy to maintain and take care of. The basic storage conditions can meet the service life of these tables, which can be used for more than three years.

(5) Easy to carry

More than 30% of banquet tables are used in regular places, which means that these tables will not be easily moved around. It must be easy to carry. It is also good if it is easy to disassemble and assemble or with the help of carts to achieve the purpose of lightness.

tables Easy to carry

(6) It is simple to match

The diversification of dining chairs leads to the fact that no matter what dining table you choose, there is always a suitable chair to match. Whether it is the same style or color matching, you can always get a suitable matching. That means you can not only buy the table according to the dining chair, but also buy the dining chair according to the table, or buy it as a set.

banquet table

(7) You can decorate a lot of IDEA with other decorations

Whether it is a home or commercial dining table, the table is not only a dining tool but also can be decorated with different ideas. Designers can set up innovation with chairs, tableware, linen, etc. according to their own ideas. This part will be mentioned in the next article.

easy match the tables


  1. How to choose the right dining table?

It is very important to choose the right dining table because it is not an item that can be replaced easily in a short time. So the editor makes the following summary according to the quality requirements:

choose the right dining table

(1) Are the legs of the table stable?

When buying a dining table, pay attention to the material of the table legs. Generally, there are two kinds of table legs: metal and solid wood. Shake it on the spot to see if it is sturdy.

stable legs tables

(2) Are the corners smooth?

For square and rectangular dining tables, pay attention to the corners. If they are too sharp, try not to choose them, or buy anti-collision strips to wrap them later.

smooth corners tables

(3) Is the tabletop clean?

Whether the dining table is easy to clean or not must be back to real life. If you are a lazy person, you will have to choose a surface that is easy to clean.

clean tabletop tables

(4) Ask about the after-sale warranty period

Don’t think such dining tables will not be broken. In fact, the desktop may crack and the legs of the table may become loose. When purchasing this, you must ask whether it is under warranty and how long is the warranty period.

In addition, the installation location of the restaurant radiator is generally nearly to the dining table to keep the restaurant area heated and comfortable.

The above is the dining table selection strategies from Blossom Furnishings. The most important thing in choosing a dining table is the material and size. Secondly, the style matches the home decoration.


  1. How to produce various banquet tables?

When it comes to how the banquet table is produced, we can write more articles, introducing each production step and technical core. We try to present the detailed production process of each product to furniture lovers and buyers. However, in this article involving the overall issue of banquet tables, we merely describe the production process generally. But we believe readers who are familiar with furniture production will also see the outline clearly.

(1) How is the wooden banquet table produced?

Wooden banquet tables must go through the following core steps: cutting wooden materials and components, assembling components, grinding, and painting.

quality of wooden banquet table

(2) How is the metal banquet table produced?

The metal banquet table is composed of the following steps: metal material cutting, welding, semi-finished plating, packaging

metal banquet table

(3) How are plastic banquet tables produced?

Plastic banquet chairs and outdoor plastic dining chairs are mostly made of blow-molded tabletops combined with metal table legs. The plastic raw material particles are processed into tabletops by blow molding machines and then configure with externally processed table legs to ensure the firmness of the table and fast production speed.

plastic banquet tables

(4) How is the acrylic banquet table produced?

The price of acrylic tables is relatively expensive to manufacture, but the production process is not very complicated. The desktop is made of an acrylic forming board of a suitable size. The legs of the table are also formed by a mold one-time.


acrylic banquet tables



  1. What are the ten most popular banquet tables in 2022?

Based on company sales, industry data, export data, and a lot of research, we believe rationally that the following ten will be the most popular dining tables in 2022:

Multilayer round table

Multilayer round table

Multilayer long slat table

Multilayer long slat table


Meandering table

Meandering table

Plastic round table

Plastic round table


Plastic slat

Plastic slat


Stainless steel slat

Stainless steel slat


Stainless Steel Round Table

Stainless Steel Round Table


Acrylic table

Acrylic table

Industrial style dining table

Industrial style dining table


Cocktail table

Cocktail table

Beer Stool bench(Outdoor Dining)

Beer Stool bench(Outdoor Dining) table


  1. How do store, transport and maintain the banquet table?


(1) The main points of how to transport?

The main points for carrying banquet tables are to use table carts as much as possible to achieve labor-saving, safe, and high efficiency. Be careful to carry, prevent the table corners from bumping, and prevent the table from falling during transportation.

how to transport banquet tables

(2) What are the key points of storage?

The table should be stored in a dust-proof, moisture-proof, fire-proof, collapse-proof and dust-proof way. The table dust cover is necessary for dust-proof. The table should be placed in a dry space as much as possible to prevent damp air and water from entering the interior of the table.

(3) What are the maintenance points?

Prevent wooden tables from being eaten by insects and prevent metal tables from rusting


12. What kind of chairs should the banquet table be equipped with?

Wooden tables with various wooden chairs

Wooden tables with various wooden chairs

Wooden tables with various metal chairs, iron chairs

Wooden tables with various metal chairs, iron chairs

Wooden tables with various plastic or resin chairs

Wooden tables with various plastic or resin chairs

Stainless steel tables with chairs in velvet fabric

Stainless steel tables with chairs in velvet fabric

Stainless steel tables with all kinds of stainless steel chairs

Stainless steel tables with all kinds of stainless steel chairs

Stainless steel tables with various acrylic chairs

Acrylic tables with crystal resin chair

Acrylic tables with crystal resin chair

Acrylic tables with crystal resin chair

Plastic tables with plastic folding chairs or steel folding chairs

Plastic tables with plastic folding chairs or steel folding chairs

Bamboo banquet tables with bamboo folding chairs or wooden chairs


Don’t forget the unique mixed and matched effect. Personalized design, does not mean a table with a chair, can be matched with a variety of chairs


Personalized design table


13. How to decorate your dining table? Banquet table decoration idea.

In order to enhance the sense of ceremony of the dining table, in fact, the dining table is not only a table for eating but also a piece of decorative furniture whether it is at home or in a public area. Using different dining tables and chairs, you will have different sensory experiences. There is a sense of ceremony on the table.

(1) match with the right chair

Above we have introduced the details about how to match chairs

(2) Tabletop with the table runner

A table runner can usually be placed on the dining table, and you can buy a few more to replace it. Every time you change to a new style, the home will be full of freshness and charm. Sometimes the happiness people feel starts from these details. When eating you can take it off and put a table mat on it.

Tabletop with the table runner Tabletop with the table runner

(3) Arrange all kinds of flowers

If you have the habit of putting flowers at home, the dining table is a good choice for you, so that you can see beautiful flowers every day and feel very happy.

Arrange all kinds of flowers on tablesArrange all kinds of flowers on tables

(4) Exquisite tableware

A good-looking table should also be matched with a set of exquisite tableware. Tableware is necessary for improving the quality of life. A set of good-looking tableware, placed on the table, instantly enhances the grade of the home. The tableware includes plates, bowls, knives and forks, etc.

Exquisite tablewareExquisite tableware

(5) Matching drink glasses, wine glasses and water glasses with tables.

Matching drink glasses, wine glasses and water glasses with tables. Matching drink glasses, wine glasses and water glasses with tables.

(6) Assorted napkins

Napkins with different materials/ different colors/ different sizes


table match Assorted napkins table match Assorted napkins

(7) Beautiful tablecloths

table match Beautiful tablecloths table match Beautiful tablecloths

(8) Candlesticks

Being able to match the entire banquet table with suitable style, right size and color will definitely give a beautiful and deep impression to all the guests and friends attending the banquet.

table match Candlesticks


  1. How to find a suitable banquet table manufacturer?

Facing a dazzling array of suppliers and massive amounts of information, how do we judge and select the most suitable producers and exporters? The author believes that the following aspects can be considered comprehensively:

(1) Filter by web search

Network materials and content are also reflections of reality. Only reliable and real manufacturers can Google provide good positions and rankings. Therefore, you can primarily check the information or search for traces of manufacturers through Google search to make judgments.

find table Filter by web search


(2) Negotiate in person by attending professional exhibitions

Negotiate in person by attending professional exhibitions to buy tables

(3) On-site visit and inspection in person

On-site visit and inspection in person to buy tables

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