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ABS Corner Folding Tables Wholesale

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We are Qingdao Blossom Furnishings Limited, as wooden banquet table manufacturer, we wholesale ABS corner folding table. Our ABS corner folding table is equipped with ABS corner, so even if there is a bump in the transportation process, it will not damage the table. If there is a bump during use, it will not damage the wooden banquet table. If you accidentally knock down the wooden banquet table while using it, it will not break the corner of the ABS corner folding table.

The corners of this table are updated and improved every year. And if the corner of the table is broken, you can change it, and the table can still be used normally after it is replaced. There are a number of different folding tables on the market for hotels, banquet halls, party rental companies and other high-turnover industries where durable tables are not only a must but a necessity.


1. The corner is made of highly durable ABS plastic which is very structurally sturdy with the ability to stand up well to external impacts.
2. Considered the strongest folding table on the market.
3. Table legs fold for easy storage and handling.
4. Use-able Indoors or Outdoors

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If you are looking for Folding Table manufacturer, please choose Qingdao Blossom, we produce Folding Table
since 1998, and selling them more than 60 countries.

We use a machine to punch nail holes directly into the cut tables Corner Folding
Table Material.

There are large Quantities of excellent cutting 11-layers willow/birch plywood raw material in stock, therefore can
meet our client’s needs for banquet table & council board in a short time, good delivery time is our commitment to
our customer.

material of folding tables

  • ABS Corner Folding Tables Top

Use the machine to cut out the ABS corner folding tabletop. One of the advantages of this kind of control system is to
ensure the spacing of all the holes. Therefore, there will be no difference, compared with manual drilling, the accuracy
is much higher.

ABS Coner Folding Tables Wholesale

  • These are all machine-made wooden banquet tables with four corners cut into one piece.

ABS Coner Folding Tables

  • We use a machine to punch nail holes directly into the cuttable.

ABS corner folding tables

  • Just attach the ABS table corners to the cut.

PVC corner folding table

  • Our ABS corners are produced by our factory. We all use processed materials. ABS corners are strong and durable.

  • Screw the corners of the ABS table. These are all the components to install ABS Angle if this Angle
    is broken, it is easy to install.

Folding Table ABS corner supplier

How to assemble ABS ( Plastic ) corner?

Folding Table ABS corner factory

  • Aluminum edge of  Folding Table

We also have aluminum edge protector for choice, The aluminum edge provides better protection for the
table and is durable and easy to clean, extended the service life of the table. This is very similar to regular
rectangle folding tables.

Folding Table ABS corner

Folding Table with Aluminum edge

Why you should use ABS plastic corner?

If you wanna one tables for 10 seats, you should choose the size of 243 x 76 cm as following:

Folding Table wholesale

Packing OF ABS corner folding table:

We package our rectangle plywood folding table with a layer by polypropylene bags, airform, and leatherette
to avoid scratch and damage in the course of transit.

The loading of the rectangle wooden tables(according to your requirements):
Ø loading with box
Ø loading without box

Folding Table package

The following table describes in detail the different sizes of long table, round table, semicircle cooperation table,
meandering table, cocktail table, their respective sizes, weights, packing sizes, and the packing quantity of containers.
It is convenient for us to calculate and query the data.

weight loading quantity of plywood tables


We have professional customer service. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Our customer
service staff will answer your question in detail. Including workmanship, materials, color, design, transportation and
any other problems.


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