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Wholesale Round Tables Wooden

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We are Qingdao Blossom Furnishings Limited. As a round dining table manufacturer, we wholesale folding banquet table for sale. Solid wood folding tables and chairs come in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes, and are ideal for indoor or outdoor activities, banquets, parties, and even medical and institutional USES. Thanks to its foldable design, they offer a way to convert an empty room into a restaurant or lecture hall in a matter of minutes and maximize storage space when not in use. You can learn about the right desk for you through our website. Our production ability of round folding table is more than 6200 pieces monthly.

Product advantage:

  • High-quality plywood, 11 laminated sheets
  • Computer controlled cutting makes the round folding table size more accurate
  • You can add a sun umbrella in the middle of a round folding table
  • Fully automatic roller painting equipment ensures uniform and quick drying of paint
  • Automatic sanding machine ensures even sanding
  • Paper cover with plastic foam ensures high-quality packaging
  • We producing children wooden round folding tables as well

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We produce Round Dining Tables with our CNC machines, using computer control, so we produce the tables very
fast, we can finish more than 15 containers of Round Dining Tables monthly.

Round Dining Table Material

There are large quantities of cutting solid wood raw materials in stock, therefore can meet our client’s needs for
banquet tables & council boards in a short time. Normally we can keep regular material for 10 x 40 ft HQ containers,
ensuring all the orders will be finished in 2 weeks.

Round Dining Table material

Round folding dining table/surface

Hard, flat surface, located on top of the table frame, usually made of wood, plastic, melamine, or laminate.
Round folding tabletop with Priming lacquer and cut a groove on the edge of the tabletop for installing
PVC material edge protector.

Round Dining Table production

Round Dining Table tops

Round Dining Table top transverse section: 18 mm thickness material Lauan Veneer with Poplar Plywood
and PVC protector.

Round Dining Table factory

  • The Wooden Round Dining Table Roller Coating

The cut tabletop on the roller coating machine, the first time the primer roller coating, the second time is
the varnish roller coating.

Round Dining Table painting work

  • The Wooden Round Folding Table Sanding

After the first roll finish, sand on the sanding machine, and then the second roll finish.

Round Dining Table painting drying

  • T mold

Usually made of resin or vinyl, placed on the edge of the table to prevent scratches, abrasions, and dents
and to help improve overall life. It also offers a finished, professional look.

Round Dining Tables

Heavy-duty round folding table with a metal edge. We also have aluminium edge protectors for choice.

High-pressure aluminium sides are crimped to the top without any adhesives, allowing for an aesthetically
pleasing finish and protection from moisture ingress. Folding legs are constructed of 1-inch diameter,
16-gauge cold-rolled, silver powder-coated steel tubing. Black plastic slides press into the end of the legs.

round folding table

  • Locking mechanism

A metal part is attached to the folding table leg below the tabletop, which can be locked in place by the user
to ensure safety and stability. After use, only the mechanical device can be opened to fold the table legs.

Additional support is attached to the folding table legs on either side of the table for extra durability.

  • Skirt board of 72” round folding table

A thick stick directly under the antique round folding table to distribute the weight evenly. If you are careful,
you may notice that some tables have four supporting wooden bars underneath, while others have
two. Such one is due to the customer’s cost requirements, and there is a round table with a diameter
of more than 180 cm, which must be four. Support is reasonable.

Round Dining Tables manufacturer

  • Frame/leg

Powerful support system for the desktop with a variety of styles and materials that effectively balance the
weight of the table surface and suit the end user’s needs.

Round Dining Tables supplier

  • Foot cover

A rubber or plastic glider is mounted on the bottom of the table leg to prevent the floor from being scratched
or scuffed. The lid also minimizes noise, nuisance noise, when the table is manipulated.

Customized logo printed is available. This logo is made by our special machine. It is permanent and will
not wear out.

Round Dining Tables wholesale

We can cut a hole in different sizes on our plywood folding tables for placing sunshades if necessary.

60'' round folding table

We produce Kids Round Dining Table as well.
round kids folding tables

kids round table manufacturer

white folding table

white folding table supplier

The Use of Folding Banquet Table:

Round and oval folding tables with folding chairs allow customers to sit face-to-face with guests so they can
talk easily. Versatility and functionality, from parties and banquets to conferences, are all good. They are
also the perfect seating layout for a gourmet event or wedding reception. However, while they help to break
up an aesthetic space, they do reduce the seating capacity of the entire building.

The wooden round folding table is the most common form of banquet. Some activities may include
banquet hall activities, weddings, anniversaries, company events, etc. The round table is usually found in
the banquet hall, country club, party rental company or anywhere that needs a big round table, mainly for
sitting down to eat. Sometimes the tables are set up during “casino night” events, where they can be used
to play card games. Round tables are usually decorated with tablecloths to make the banquet more elegant.

Decora sophisticated event with a round folding table in the forest.

Wooden Round Folding Table Sizes:

All of our round tables are 30 inches high (the industry standard table height) and come in six sizes: 36, 42,
48,54,60 and 72 inches wide of the round banquet folding table. You can choose the size of the round folding
table according to the size of your space and the number of people.

36 “round banquet table – this size table can seat up to 4 people. It’s the perfect table for small parties or
occasions with limited space. This table can be used for guest registration, gift table, silent auction, etc.

54 “Round Banquet table – this size table can hold 6 people comfortably. You may need around 30 guests
at a party and you want a more comfortable/intimate setting.

60 “round banquet tables – this is the most common size of the banquet table for most of any event. This
round banquet tables seat 8 people.  For most big receptions, like weddings, it’s very good. We use 72″
tables for 10 seats as well. 

  • Capacity testing

This superior quality round folding table can afford weigh more than 500 KG cause its fine workmanship
and durability.


We package our wooden round folding table with a layer of polypropylene bags,airform, and leatherette
to avoid scratches and damage in the course of transit.
The loading of the wooden round folding tables(according to your requirements):
Ø Loading with box
Ø Loading without box

We use strong cardboard and stretch film to protect it from damage.

72'' round folding table

Goods will be fixed with steel wire in case of toppling and fall after loading in the container.
Weight, details, and loading quantity as follows:

weight loading quantity of plywood tables

How to fix the tables in the container?

The big-sized round banquet table is relatively heavy, and we have matching carts for easy carry. The
carts are specially designed, carrying tables vertically on carts to convenient access through narrow passages,
can deliver 8 round tables at a time, on the front and rear of the side guardrail bars are fixed to prevent the round
table from rolling, the panel covered with a carpet to prevent scratching the tables.

Do you have a table trolley?

round folding table

Would you mind to learn a little bit more about our production proceeding? Please click this video for browsing.

How to produce plywood folding tables?

How to make plywood folding tables perfect?

When you visit these videos, you will know everything as well.


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