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Wooden Folding Chairs Wholesale

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Blossom Furnishings, an old banquet chairs manufacturer,  provide Wooden Folding Chairs Wholesale worldwide. The material of padded folding chair with cushions,  we use birch wood or beech wood, please do not use pinewood. The padded seat of Folding Chair can be removed. In overseas, our foldable wooden chairs are so popular, especially using an outdoor wedding. Normally 4 pieces of wooden folding chairs for sale can be packed into one box. Regarding the loading, the ability is about 140 kgs. One 40ft HQ container can load 2600 pieces of wooden fold up chairs. Showing the natural design from our Folding Chair now. We offer spare parts of wooden folding dining chairs. So when the seat long time later, you can change the seat by yourself.

Padded Wooden Folding Chair Feature

  • Folding chairs foldable. Easy to move and store.
  • Wooden folding chairs can easy to store and can save more space for your warehouse.
  • They are suitable for formal ceremonial occasions, even their natural decorative pattern matches the wedding with natural style.
  • Compared with resin folding chairs, the strong point is they can show the natural wood vein.
  • Nowadays, we can make water-proof folding chairs for you. Therefore you can rent them on Friday and recall them on Monday even if it’s a rainy day on weekends.
  • Compared with the other style chairs, it can load more chairs in one container.

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Start Your Order For Wooden Folding Chairs Wholesale Now

As a professional folding table and chair manufacturer, our company provides wooden folding chairs wholesale for chair rental companies, chair suppliers,  and wholesalers.

More than 12000 pieces of Padded folding chairs monthly, we selling our Padded folding chairs to Spain and the USA.
MOQ is 500 pieces per order for wholesale

Wooden Folding Chairs Wholesale

Wooden Folding Chairs Wholesale

  • True solid beech wood frame
  • Foldable, easy to move, easy to store
  • Vinyl upholstered seats bring a comfortable seating experience and a natural color finish to make events a natural style.

padded wooden folding chairs

Wooden Folding Chairs Wholesale

  • Check the Padded Folding Chair Size, please

Wood folding chairs with padded seat size: 45*44*78 cm Padded folding stool weight: 4.5kg/pc
 Wooden Wimbledon Chairs Wholesale

Wooden Wimbledon Chairs Wholesale

White Wooden Folding Chairs Wholesale

White Wooden Folding Chairs Wholesale

wood brown padded chairs

Foldable Wooden Chairs Wholesale

Our factory can also produce brown wooden folding chairs, which can be matched with ivory and black cushions.

Wholesale Wooden Folding Chairs With Cushion

Wooden Folding Chairs With Cushions Wholesale

Wholesale Wooden Folding Chairs For Sale

Wholesale Wooden Folding Chairs For Sale

wooden folding chairs cheap

Padded Wooden Folding Chairs Wholesale

  • Let us show the Padded Wooden Folding Chairs Production Procedure

  1. Adopt high-quality beech wood material.
  2. Cut the wood with a machiner with accurate size.
    We use computer control machines to cut all the material

We prepare regular more than 2000 pieces of cheap wooden folding chairs without painting.
wooden folding chairs factory

how to produce wooden folding chairs
wooden folding chairs production
3. Drill the hole with a machine with high speed.
4. Assemble every part of padded fold-up chairs.

5.Polish the padded folding chair surface of unfinished wood to make them smooth.

ready chairs for painting work

wooden folding chair painting

wooden folding chair

wooden folding chair supplier
wooden chairs
ready folding chairs

wooden folding chairs cheap
sanding work for folding chairs
6. Assemble the padded cushions. Vinyl upholstered seats with a soft seat, comfortable seating experience.
It’s easy to clean and changeable if old. we offer matching colors pads for padded outdoor folding chairs, so
they look nice

White Pads

Ivory Pads

Ivory pads for folding chairs

Brown Pads
pads for folding chairs bulk
brown folding chairs factory

Mahogany Wimbledon Chairs mass production

Dark Brown padded wooden folding chairs wholesale

Padded Folding Chairs Bulk

Padded Folding Chairs Bulk

Natural color of wooden folding chairs wholesale
natural color of folding chairs

Wholesale Wooden Folding Chairs Cheap Price

white folding chair

White padded folding chairs processing

white Wimbledon chairs wholesale

White Wooden Wedding Chairs For Sale

If you looking for white Wimbledon padded chair wholesale, please choose Blossom Furnishings

  • Our Padded Folding Chair Color

Our product’s color can be customized to your requirements. Gold, Silver, Black, White, Mahogany,Light

Mahogany Natural, Brown, Bronze, walnut, lime wash, red, ivory, Fruit wood color,it’s up to you.

Wooden Folding Chairs Wholesale

Wooden Folding Chairs Wholesale

  • Mass Products of different colors

Natural Birchwood Color Wooden Folding Dining Chairs

Beech Wood Natural Wood Wedding Chairs

Beech Wood Natural Wood Wedding Chairs

Beech Wood Natural Wood Wedding Chairs
Our fold able padded chairs dolly will accommodate about 50 plastic folding chairs or 25 wooden or resin folding chairs.
Buy one chair for each stack so they don’t fall on the floor and are quick and easy to transport. Upholstered
folding chairs with padded seats are made of solid wood, strong and light. The design of this cushioned folding chair makes it
easy to fold and store or transport, making it one of the simplest cushioned folding chairs.
The following pictures show the chairs we selling to Italia, antique brown folding chairs:
mass prodution of brown folding chairs

Buy Wooden Folding Chairs Wholesale

The pad color is exactly matched for the wooden frame color as following, brown color chairs and brown pads
Folding Padded Folding Chairs For Sale

Folding Padded Folding Chairs For Sale

mass production of padded chairs

Cheap Folding Dining Chairs Wholesale

Also we offer LIGHT MAHOGANY COLOR of padded fold up chairs

light mahogany folding chair

Wooden Folding Chairs Wholesale

light mahogany folding chairs

Black wooden Wimbledon Chairs mass production as following:
black Wimbledon Chair manufacturer

  • Padded Folding Stool Packing Marking ” Made In China”

light mahogany folding chair marks
Packing Specification: 4 pcs chairs in one carton.  Box Size: 92*46*25cm 
The padded folding dining chairs can’t break during transportation.
Each carton weight 20kgs.1200pcs/20GP,2400pcs/40GP, 2600pcs/40HQ.

Simple Guide:
One box CBM is 0.1058
100 pieces: 25 boxes , 2.7 CBM

boxes for wooden folding chairs

Our padded folding chairs can stand hardly the test. They have passed SGS, please check below the certificate.
The weight-bearing for chairs is over 140kgs. We can provide you with comfortable chairs of high quality.

If you want a rustic modern appeal, folding farmhouse tables set with wooden padded folding chairs
will get the desired result. Folding chairs of different colors are suitable for farmhouse tables.

wooden folding table chairs

Wooden Folding Table Chairs

And our News Zealand customer really like the brown chairs with Ivory pads, also the color matching tables.
Brown chair with Ivory pads

Wooden Padded Folding Chairs For Sale

wooden pad folding chairs

Real solid beech-wood frames provide superior durability and steadiness. Different colors finish complimenting
most decors, no matter indoor or outdoor. The true seating comfortable will bring more happiness to your
wedding or event occasions.

Outdoor Wooden Folding Chairs Wholesale

Outdoor Wooden Folding Chairs Wholesale

Upholstered white folding chairs are ideal for weddings and can be used for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies.
These fordable wooden chairs are also great for many other activities, such as birthdays, graduations, and reunions.
The seat of the cushioned folding chair has a cushioned cushion to make it more comfortable and make your guests happier and
stay longer. The comfortable and portable design of the chairs makes them one of the best cushioned folding chairs.

White Wedding Folding Wooden Chairs

Wooden folding chairs provide an attractive design for weddings while providing industry-leading durability.
These beech folding chairs include a durable, easy-to-clean beige vinyl upholstered seat with a soft, comfortable
seat surface. These wooden folding chairs provide a great solution and versatile selection for most wedding
venues, banquet halls, and event facilities.

Our customers say they like it very much after receiving our chair for the first time.

folding chair

Wedding Wooden Folding Chairs

Please watch the following video, you will how to see the production processing of wooden folding chairs.
How to produce wooden padded chairs?


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