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Led Bar Table

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Qingdao Blossom Furnishings Limited is a regular LED bar table and chair factory.The factory is in Qingdao, China.Therefore, our LED furniture is much cheaper than similar products in other countries.We can ship the goods directly from the factory as long as you place an order.We have a professional team with rich experience in modeling design, lighting system development and manufacturing.Please tell us what you think and we will help you realize your idea into a perfect project.You can pay for the mold by yourself, the mold belongs to you, or we can cooperate to make the mold.

LED Bar Table Advantage

1. Polyethylene (PE) is a thermoplastic material, not easy to break, suitable for long time transport
2. Non-toxic, safe for human health
3.Rechargeable batteries and remote controls
4. Polychromatic variation and color selection
5. Uv resistant and waterproof
6. EPISTAR dominant chip was adopted to ensure the color quality and service life

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Led Bar Table Material

All our LED bar table and chairs are made of plastic housing and internal LED panels.
In this plastic case, all the cases are original luminous linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE).
We import the best LLDPE from Thailand and then use our equipment to make LED tables and chairs.

led cocktail table

Create glamorous LED bar table to arrange your events with this LED cocktail table.Combine this LED
cocktail table with other LED bar table to create the final party arrangement that sets the tone for any
occasion.There are 16 colors and 4 different patterns to change the party atmosphere with the click of a button.

red led bar table

First of all, our LED bar table and chairs are shatterproof and cold proof.You can work well even at minus 40
degrees.Secondly, our LLDPE shell has good heat resistance.This means our LED desks and chairs are less
likely to break down on a hot summer day.Third, our LLDPE plastic case has good oil resistance.This means
our LED desks and chairs are easier to clean.

rectangle bar table

Our LED cocktail table is a new and unique way to add vibrant colors to an event.These tables are fully
(top and side) unlike inferior alternatives and are completely waterproof for safe outdoor use.It has a variety
of USES, including: positioning in the bar area;Beverage reception;Or dance around the dance floor.Cocktail
tables provide a stylish and modern place to leave drinks while your guests enjoy the functions.

Led bar table and chair

round led cocktail table

Can you produce LED Letter as well?

Yes, we produce a lot of LED Letter, and they are in different colors for you to choose. Customers can customize
letters, sizes and sizes according to their own requirements, and after receiving them, combine them into the words
they want, such as LOVE.
LED letter manufacturer
LED letter
Glow alphabet
Glow alphabet factory

Where these LED using?

You can also put an LED cocktail table inside.Especially in bars and nightclubs, the colors of the environment
and our RGB colors are perfect match!Be Sure.If you want to create a pure, stylish atmosphere, choosing a
single color from thousands of colors will satisfy you completely.

LED bar tables

led bar table packaging

Usage Scenarios

Our LED cocktail table is suitable for outdoor weddings with a pure white theme, symbolizing the purity
and beauty of love.You can also place an LED cocktail table in front of the hotel. The RGB color of the LED
cocktail table will attract customers.If you or one of your clients would like to host an outdoor cocktail party,
our LED cocktail table is easy to use.

LED cocktail tables

LED bars

LED bar

This is a photo of the Led bar table ordered by our Dutch customer, in the venue of the party, day and night
effects. It still looks very beautiful. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. At night, the lights are turned on so
that the whole place is filled with a party atmosphere.

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