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Long Rectangle Wholesale Plastic Tables

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Qingdao Blossom Furnishings Limited has its own plastic rectangle table factory, we can produce plastic long rectangle tables of all sizes.We also produce matching tablecloths and chairs.We can offer you wholesale prices.We have been exporting tables all over the world in China for many years with the lowest prices in the market and rich experience in exporting.For durable long term use, our “high density” plastic watch is an option for those interested in return on investm Aent (ROI).Our desk is more durable.Although plastic dining tables are often covered in linen, you cannot escape the importance of buying a dining table, which will provide a return on investment and increase your profitability.Buy our rugged plastic watch and watch it perform far beyond your expectations.

Plastic Rectangle Table Advantage

  • 100% pure, high impact ABS plastic top and bottom
  • Specifications all welded, combined, heavy steel internal frame
  • The patented spring-loaded sliding automatic locking system securely locks the legs in open or closed positions
  • Built-in corner protection to prevent damage caused by daily use
  • Use for catering, barbecues, family gatherings, holidays, tailgate and more
  • Dress with runners, tablecloths and place settings for a stylish look

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  • Plastic Rectangle Long Table Frame Material

Our plastic rectangle folding table factory stores a large number of high-quality steel pipe materials,
any steel pipe before processing, need our workers carefully check to ensure that customers receive duped
tables are high-quality, durable.

  • Cutting for plastic blow moulded trestles

Put these selected high-quality steel pipes into the cutting machine for processing, cutting into the legs of
the table required various sizes.

  • Welding

The different sizes of plastic rectangle folding table leg frame each part is connected by welding, our factory’s
welding technology is welded with high-tech robots, this technology requires professional workers to operate.
This welding is precise and also improves safety.

  • Spray

Welded table shelves hang on our workshop for spraying, these shelves hang on it, workers paint spray,
this method can make the spray even, the end of the spray can be hung in this direct drying.

  • Table Frame

The table shelf after spraying is put in the warehouse, we need to install it at any time if there are customers.
After spraying the plastic banquet table shelf will not rust easily, will not affect the beauty.

In addition, high-impact polyethylene surface will not crack, fall off, flake, indoor and outdoor can be used.
The plastic outdoor table is also easy to clean, so you can clean it quickly after the event.

long folding tables

  • Tabletop Processing

The panel material of the table is made of high-impact ABS plastic material. The material is put into the
machine and then processed. The plastic dining table is formed once.

plastic long folding tables

High impact ABS plastic has a thick honeycomb core on top and bottom surfaces.The finished tabletops are
put on shelves and shipped to the installation workshop.

  • Assemble for plastic blow moulded trestles

Workers will be table racks and table parts with hardware installation. Our hardware easily will not rust
will not fall off, repeated use of how many times will not be bad. But also need to install a protective case,
to protect your floor in the process of moving from damage.

This is the buckle of our plastic rectangle table. Our plastic long factory uses high quality metal parts.

resin folding table

  • Packaging

The tables are packed in bags to keep the dust from falling and getting dirty. Put the packed tables on the shelves.

plastic long table factory

And then finally we put these tables into the cardboard box that we made,

plastic long rectangular table

  • Rounded Edges

This table features sleek edges to prevent your customers and guests from bumping into sharp corners.

  • Leg Retaining Clips

The fixed clamps at the bottom of the table keep the legs in place during storage and transportation. And
so that the legs carrying this table will not accidentally unfold in the breeze.

  • Rubber Leg Caps

The folding table has a rubber cap on each foot to prevent wear or scratches on the floor.The pads also increase
the traction of the slippery floor.


resin long table supplier

Our general standard table size is as follows. Of course, we also accept customization. You can provide
us with the size you need.

plastic long table demision

Plastic Table Folding Legs

The table has collapsible legs that bend at multiple joints, making it flat and easy to store and transport.
plastic outdoor table

plastic dining table

Each folding table is suitable for 6-8 adults to sit comfortably, making it the perfect choice for them to easily
install, dismantle and transport while looking for a table.

resin rectangle tables


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