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Wooden Round Table Manufacturer

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This stunning round bar dining table has a medieval look and will give your dining space a new look. The round bar dining table uses a slatted, arched base to create an eye-catching centerpiece for your restaurant. It can accommodate up to 4 people and has a spacious 45-inch wide tabletop made of walnut veneered medium density fiberboard to highlight the gorgeous wood grain. The rich and classic table is very suitable for small spaces and can be perfectly integrated with a variety of styles of decoration. Enjoy your favorite meal with your loved ones or play cards on this beautiful table. This table has a timeless appeal and can perfectly blend with classic and modern dining. Requires adult assembly.

Wooden Round Table Feature

  • The table has a unique slatted base
  • The table is made of a solid rubberwood base and medium-density fiberboard with decorative panels
  • Has a round top and a tapered base
  • Table size: table top 91cm, table height can be made of two kinds, 76cm, and 106cm.

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The wooden round high table made of high-quality wood, and dark finishes are perfect for bold interior
decoration or made of solid teak in light tones to add luster to your space. At the same time, its
authenticity and individuality shine in the visible wood pattern. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
Clean the product with a damp cloth dampened with a mild detergent and let it dry immediately. Use
a dust collector to remove dust.

wooden round high table bulk

Wooden Round High Table Product Details

The beautiful solid rubberwood and hardwood solid wood are carefully hand-washed to highlight the unique
oak texture and create a perfect patina. The solid hardwood slats are cleverly configured into open hollows
and are strong enough to express a bold and masculine posture.

wooden round bar dining table

This wooden round high table is handmade by us. The round six-person Acacia professional garden table
will add a real touch to your outdoor terrace. Let you immerse yourself in the shape of this round professional
garden table, adding a touch of exoticism to your decoration.

wooden bar table bulk

The unique base really makes this piece stand out from other works. This is achieved by the taper angle of
the slats forming the base. Due to the unique combination, shapes and open spaces are played out between
the slats.

wooden bar table manufacturer

Gathering the family together and sitting around the solid teak round dining table is the perfect
way to improve the dining experience. Made of solid teak, the slatted design of the table legs adds
an amazing element to this table, and its round shape means it can be easily placed in a narrow place,
so if there is not enough space, please don’t panic!

wooden bar tables

There are a lot of big-ticket chairs in our factory. The tabletop and table legs are made and placed in the
warehouse waiting for painting. They can be rolled up and placed, which saves space.

wooden bar table factory in China

The table is made of selected high-quality walnut wood, ensuring the high quality and durability of the material.
The natural texture of walnut wood is clear, which brings a unique natural beauty to the tabletop. After
careful design and processing, the edges of the table are polished, presenting a rounded and delicate touch,
providing users with a comfortable use experience. This treatment not only makes the table more ornamental
but also effectively prevents potential injuries caused by sharp edges. Overall, the selected high-quality walnut
wood and meticulous processing technology work together to create a table with clear natural texture and
rounded and delicate edges, adding a natural and elegant atmosphere to the space.

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Wooden Round Table Spray Paint

The wooden round bar dining table is made of solid teak wood with natural finishes, revealing the texture
that makes each table unique. The base also has an original design made of the same type of wood and
finishes, placed one after the other.

wooden table top

With its rounded silhouette and wooden slat details, this contemporary dining table injects a sense of
modernism and elegance, making it suitable for any space. Its relaxed style not only adds a modern feel to
the space but provides plenty of space for your guests to sit and dine. The dining table has a diameter of
120 cm, which is large enough to seat 4 people comfortably. However, due to the design of the table and the
use of space, it can accommodate up to 6 people. This means you can invite more guests for dinner and still
have plenty of room on the table for food and plates.

brown wooden round bar table

The table is perfect for your house. Its extremely simple design can stand the test of time. Made entirely of
local sustainable solid wood. This table is very beautiful.

wooden round dining bar table bulk

The table is first hand-painted by craftsmen, which ensures every part is evenly coated. By applying paint
by hand, craftsmen can precisely control the thickness and uniformity of the coating through experience
and skill. This method not only ensures that the paint completely covers the table surface to effectively
protect the wood, but also improves the appearance quality of the table.

wooden table

After the table is hand-painted, it needs to be placed on a rack to dry. This step ensures that the paint dries
evenly and creates a long-lasting coating. Next, craftsmen will use a spray gun to spray paint manually. This
step allows for more precise control over the spraying of paint, ensuring adequate coverage of the tabletop
surface and achieving the desired appearance.

wooden table manufacturer

Our painted table will be placed here for drying, not only to ensure that the paint is perfect when the client
receives the table. And to ensure that the smell of the paint is very small. The garden table immediately
attracts the eye, because the round base of the solid wood table and its delicate pillars bring a light and airy
design to your garden or restaurant. Our dining table is made of natural teak wood with a unique texture of
black Mindy wood. This garden table can accommodate up to 6 people.

brown wooden round bar table supplier

Our paint is water-based sprayed twice. Water-based paint is safe and will not harm the body. The
paints we use are of relatively good quality. It is also a guarantee of safety for the children at home.

brown wooden bar table manufacturer

The spacious desktop design allows this table to meet the needs of multiple people using it at the same time,
providing ample space for working or sharing. At the same time, the table legs adopt a unique grille shape,
which not only gives the table a unique and beautiful appearance but also enhances its bearing capacity,
ensuring stable and reliable support. This unique design not only focuses on functionality but also emphasizes
overall beauty and generosity, creating a pleasant working or using environment for users. Whether it is an
office space or a home living space, such a table has become an ideal choice to meet the sharing needs of
multiple people due to its superior design and practicality.

wooden farmhouse table

Every corner of the table has been carefully polished many times to give it a rounded and smooth touch.
This not only adds a refined appearance to the table but more importantly, effectively prevents potential
damage caused by bumps. This design takes into account the user’s safety needs, providing reliable protection
for you and your family, and making activities around the table more secure. Whether it is work, study,
or daily life, the fine polishing of the table corners shows careful care for the user’s safety and comfortable experience.

wooden farmhouse table supplier

The bottom of the table adopts a horizontal frame structure, which provides stable and strong support for
the wide desktop, ensuring that the table will not shake during use and maintain stability. This horizontal
frame design not only helps distribute weight and improve the overall load-bearing capacity but also
effectively prevents the table from deforming. No matter what usage scenario it is faced with, this design
ensures the long-lasting stability of the table and provides users with a reliable platform for work, study,
or other purposes. This structure is designed with practicality and durability in mind, creating a comfortable
and reliable experience for users.

wooden farmhouse table bulk

round farmhouse table supplier

The highlight of this table is its unique flared base, which adds unique style and charm to the traditional
round table silhouette. Its flared design not only gives the table stability but also creates an eye-catching and
visually stunning silhouette, making it a unique focal point in any space. The carefully crafted round table top
provides a spacious surface to display your favorite decorations or enjoy quality time with friends and family
over drinks and food. Not only is this table perfect for home decoration, it’s also the perfect place to hang out
with friends and family.

wooden farmhouse table manufacturer

Its acacia wood structure adds a touch of warmth to any space, while its rounded shape ensures it doesn’t
take up too much space. The sloping legs give it a modern feel, and when paired with other pieces from
the collection, you can create a truly elegant space.

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farmhouse table supplier

The packaging of our wooden high dining table is first wrapped in foam film, and then in a thick bubble bag.
Some can also be packed in cartons. This prevents damage to the table due to bumps during transportation.

wooden farmhouse table factory

The table is packaged with bubble wrap, which not only helps protect the table surface from scratches and
damage but also has a stackable design. This design allows for more efficient use of space during the cabinet
installation process, saving a lot of space. Through stacking, not only can the packaging volume be minimized,
but the transportation and storage process can also be simplified, and the overall transportation efficiency
can be improved.

wooden round table

wooden round bar table package

round farmhouse table

Wooden Round High Table Usage Scene

Gathering the family together and sitting around the solid teak round dining table is the perfect way to
improve the dining experience. Made of solid teak, the slatted design of the table legs adds an amazing
element to this table, and its round shape means it can be easily placed in a narrow place, so if there is not
enough space, please don’t panic! This table is your ideal choice. The dining table is not only a place to eat,
it can also be used to play board games, help with homework, or just sit down and chat after a Sunday
barbecue. No matter what you do with it, it will be a welcome addition.

wooden round bar table supplier

wooden round bar table


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