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Mayflower Farm Dining Table

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In Blossom Furnishing Limited, we are extendable dining table manufacturer, we bulk mayflower table wholesale. Mayflower farm dining table is made of solid wood including table legs that can be assembled. These products are the perfect seating for any big event. Mayflower farm coffee tables match perfectly our cross-back farm chairs. Dining tables are an important factor in every home as this is where most of the meals take place and the family gets together to socialize. Mayflower farm dining table is made with recyclable materials to protect our environment and has a unique fragrance. The natural color of the wood will fit your outdoor to make you feel closer to nature.

4′ Mayflower Farm Table
8′ Mayflower Farm Table
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Mayflower farm dining table is made of pinewood (there is an option to choose a different material). We only
accept wholes business for our mayflower tables.

The material of our farm tables, we use 100% solid pinewood to produce different size of farm tables, and we selling
our wooden cross back chairs and wooden farm tables all over the world.

Let us show you how to produce Mayflower Table, let us show the production processing:

From the picture below, you can see a very unique table. The table top and the legs of the table are in different colors.
This is because of the unique design, and we separate each accessory to paint, and then put the painted accessories on
Assembled to achieve such a unique effect, our customers like it very much.

wooden tables manufacturer
Let’s look at it from another angle. The color of the table top is brown, or brown, while the legs of the table are
Whitewash color. Sometimes we become limestone color. The effect of this table is very old.

wooden tables wholesale

What dimension can your factory produce?

You can check the difference size result from the following photos, we use cm and ft or inches as well
size change
We show you from small size to bigger size as well, 120×90 cm table,
120x90 cm table
The advantage of this small size table is that it can maximize the use of space. There are some large spaces. We will
use a larger size table in the middle, and then we will use a small size for the position against the wall or on both sides.
Table to enrich the space. These tables can seat four people and are very generous.

120x90 cm too

Size of 183X76 CM
Let’s take a look at a 72-inch farm table, which is 6 feet and a length of 183 cm. Its width can be produced as 76 cm or
100 cm. Because general farm tables are used in relatively wide places, we give buyers more choices in width.

183X76 CM
183×100 cm as well

183x100 cm
Many times, at various banquets, we need 10 people or more to sit together. At this time, we must have a table
length of more than 200 cm. In this way, sufficient space can be guaranteed.


240×100 cm tables are so popular as well.

Currently, sales of this size table are good this year because it can easily seat 10 to 12 people and is not crowded. The
the large and sturdy tabletop can put enough decorations and food, and the leg space is also spacious enough to stand up
and sit down very freely, so this size table is very popular, especially the lakeside and riverside, We can link multiple
tables like this together to enjoy a better view.

240x100 cm

Which color can you produce for your farmhouse tables?

In fact, we can produce outdoor tables in various colors. At present, we produce more than 20 colors. Each customer
has different requirements for colors. In many cases, the colors of these outdoor tables are Match the outdoor chair of
the corresponding color. In short, from light color to medium color, to dark color, or two-color, we have produced,
and we can also produce drawing effects.

ligh natural farmhouse tables

240x100 cm

240x100 cm farm tables


How do pack the tables?

When importing wedding tables, in order to save sea freight, most customers will choose the form of disassembly and
assembly. After the goods are received, their own workers will install them, so that each container can hold a lot of
tables. This Mayflower table is easy to install, with a relatively simple structure and complete hardware.

knockdown Mayflower farm tables
Through the following pictures, these pictures are taken from Blossom furnishings’ own factory. As you can see, we
used wrapping paper on the inner packaging and wrapped with plastic film on the outside to avoid bumps and
prevent moisture.

package of farm tables

What is main production processing?

We accept custom orders for different designs and different sizes of wooden farmhouse tables.
Put the two legs of the table on both sides. A small piece of wood under each leg helps the legs stand on their own for easy installation.

At either end of the Mayflower farm table, there are two grooves made of wooden sticks. So all of the tables will
be very stronger and no broken during transportation.

Put the legs of the table into the groove of the table, and the table can be fixed.

And finally, the installation of the wooden farm dining table. The dismounting of this table is so simple that
one person can put it on.

The finished products produced by our factory are beautiful in any environment. You can match this farmhouse
tables use wooden cross back chairs, that will be exactly matched.

Can you produce whitewash farm tables?

lime wash farmhouse tables as well
limewash farmhouse tables
limewash Mayflower farm tables

Where is the Mayflower farmhouse table used?

The Mayflower farm table in the living room or dining room will change the overall style of the interior.
Any chairs that go with are perfect.

Mayflower farm dining table is also beautiful for outdoor use to take rest and relax thanks to its solid wood.
This table is perfect for a small family gathering outdoors.


Mayflower farm dining table packaging process. We package our wooden farm dining table with a layer by
polypropylene bags, air form, and leatherette to avoid scratch and damage in the course of transit.

The loading of our wooden farm dining table(according to your requirements)

-loading with box

-loading without box




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