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Wooden Round Table

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This farm table and cross-back chairs are also essential setting elements during special celebrations or farm events. Whether hosting a birthday party, family gathering or holiday celebration, this furniture set will add a warm and natural feel to the event. The decoration on the table may change according to the theme, with flowers, candles or lights, adding a unique charm to the entire scene. Everyone can feel the warmth of home and the beauty of nature in such an environment.

  • Rustic Craftsmanship: 1″ thick plank top, 4.25″ thick apron, solid wood construction
  • Round Farmhouse Dining Table: This rustic farmhouse dining table seats up to 8 people and brings warmth to your dining room. This beautiful folding dining table is sturdy enough to be used in a dining room to create a rustic atmosphere.
  • Foldable for easy transportation and storage
  • Product Dimensions: 72″Wx72″Dx30″ H

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Oak is known for its sturdiness and durability, being able to withstand long-term use without warping or
cracking easily. The grain of oak is straight and obvious, giving the furniture a classic and natural aesthetic.
Additionally, oak has good resistance to insects and moisture, making it ideal for high-quality furniture.

wooden farmhouse table and crossback chair

Wooden Round Table Dimension

round wooden folding table size

According to the design drawings, accurately measure the length of each component. Use a tape measure
to measure and mark cut lines on the wood. Make sure the length of each section is accurate to the millimetre.
Likewise, measure the width of each piece. For the spliced parts of the desktop boards, ensure that the
widths are consistent for subsequent splicing work.

wedding dining table

First, detailed design drawings need to be prepared. Design drawings should include the specific size and
shape of all components such as table tops, table legs, and support structures, as well as the connection
methods and locations between various components. Determine the type and size of wood required based
on the design drawings. Choose the right planks and blocks and make sure the wood is of the required
quality and has no obvious cracks, knots or other defects.

wedding table supplier

Choose the appropriate paint or oil based on the customer’s needs and the characteristics of the wood.
Commonly used coatings include clearcoats, wood waxes, and stains, which provide different colours and
protections. Before painting or oiling, make sure the tabletop is clean and free of dust. Use a soft cloth or
vacuum cleaner to ensure that the paint adheres evenly to the wood surface. Apply the first coat of paint
evenly using a brush, roller, or spray gun. Make sure to apply evenly to avoid missing coats and overcoating.
When applying, pay attention to following the direction of the wood grain to ensure a natural and harmonious

wedding table painting

Allow the first coat of paint to dry completely, which usually takes a few hours to a day. Once dry, lightly sand
with fine sandpaper to remove tiny particles and unevenness on the surface to ensure better adhesion for
the next layer of paint. Typically 2-3 coats of paint are applied as needed. The application method and sanding
steps for each layer of paint are the same. Make sure each layer is dry and smooth before applying the next layer.

wooden folding table painting

Secure the cut wood to the lathe’s spindle, making sure the wood is firm and centred to prevent shifting or
vibration during the turning process. Use the carpenter’s glue and screws to join the individual brackets together,
making sure the connection is strong and secure. For sections that require additional reinforcement, wooden
dowels or metal corner bars can be used for reinforcement. After assembly, check the stability and sturdiness
of the entire support structure to make sure it can bear the weight of the desktop. Finally, sand the surface of
the stand to remove any rough edges and surface unevenness, leaving it smooth and even.

wooden farmhouse table leg

Choose high-quality screws or mortise-and-tenon structures, and prepare screws of appropriate length and
specifications according to the requirements of the design drawings. Pre-drill holes at the marks on the bottom
of the tabletop and the top of the table legs. This step will prevent the wood from splitting when the screws
are installed. For mortise and tenon construction, make appropriate mortises and tenons at the junction of
the tabletop and table legs to ensure a tight fit. Attach the table legs to the brackets using carpenter’s glue
and screws.

round wooden folding table

First, fix the bracket to the bottom of the table, then connect the table legs to the bracket. When using screws,
make sure each screw is tightened in place. For mortise and tenon structures, after applying the carpenter’s
glue, insert the tenon into the mortise and tap lightly with a wooden hammer to ensure a tight connection.
To increase the stability of the connection, metal corner codes can be added to the screw connections, or
wooden wedges can be used to reinforce the connections of the mortise and tenon structures. Make sure
every connection point is firm and reliable, with nothing loose.

wedding banquet table

Whether it is a family dinner, outdoor picnic or large-scale event, the folding legs and locking device of the
farm table can provide great convenience and safety. When the table needs to be unfolded, the user only
needs to open and lock the legs to ensure that the table is stable before use; when it needs to be stored
or transported, the device can be unlocked and the legs can be folded easily, which greatly improves the
flexibility and convenience of use.


wooden folding table

Place a thick layer of foam board or foam padding on the tabletop to protect its surface from scratches or
dents. You can wrap the tabletop with a soft cloth or felt pad for extra protection. Wrap foam corner
protectors or foam strips around the table legs to ensure that the legs are protected from impact during
transportation. For parts of the table legs that are particularly susceptible to damage, additional foam blocks
can be used for protection. Place the protected table in a suitable cardboard or wooden box. Fill the box with
foam particles or bubble wrap to ensure that the table does not shake inside the box. Use sealing tape to
seal the box securely to ensure the packaging is secure.

wedding table package

This wooden round farm table and cross chairs are not only a functional piece of furniture, but also an
important element in creating a warm family atmosphere. They provide a comfortable and beautiful
environment for every joyful moment, making every gathering a beautiful memory.


wooden round folding table



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