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Resin Louis Chairs B

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We are one Gold Louis XV Chairs Wholesale and French Style Resin Chairs Supplier, Blossom Furnishings are manufacturer of Gold Louis Chairs. Although the resin Louis chair can’t be made into the color of a wooden pattern for the time being, it is widely used in the wedding rental market at present because of its fast production speed, more solid, recyclable materials, and not easy to scratch.

The Main Features of Gold Resin Louis Chairs are as follows:
1.  Back shape: Oval backrest, not round, which is the preferred shape among event planning professionals.
2. Chair frame material: Polypropylene (highest quality resin). The frame is “pure” grade resin.
3. Easy to maintenance: Save time and money
4. Chair finishing: Non-stick, anti-static finish.
5. Pads: Vinyl cushion, extra thick and extra wide – super comfortable.
6. Cushions are removed easily for stacking and are easily re-attached.
7. Stacking Style: Stacks 9-11 high for better space management.
8. Free cover: Each chair ships with a protective stacking cover.
9. UV-treated paint prevents fading and discoloration.
10. Weight Capacity (static vertical load): 500 lbs.
11. Chair Weight: 20 lbs. (Ultra-light, Ultra-Strong Design)
12. Chair size: Chair Height: 39.00”  Seat Height: 18.5” Seat Dimensions: 19.5” Width x 21.0” Depth
13. Package size: 78*50*149 CM ( 4 pieces) 616 pieces will be one 40 HQ container

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You are warmly welcome to visit our factory, we accept Gold Louis XV Chairs Wholesale, as one famous French Style
Resin Chairs Supplier. We not only produce fabric seat wood Louis chairs but also we produce RESIN ONE. Next
time, I will show you our resin chair workshop.

Spare parts of our Resin Louis Chairs:

The following shows you the various parts of the resin chair. You can see a large number of front legs and backs of the
chair is neatly placed aside. There are beautiful patterns on the top of the front legs of the chair, which are available
on the mold in the early stage, so they are made at one time. Gold White and black are the regular colors. We also
have some spare parts in stock.

resin louis chairs front legs

Because of the material, even if there is no protective film to separate the parts, they will not bump each other when
they are stacked together, which is one of the reasons why these chairs are popular. The hardness of the resin is very
high, and the adhesion of the paint is also super strong, so there will be no bump when you carry or stack these
Gold Louis XV Chairs.

Normally, we usually prepare 2000 chairs of each color to ensure our accurate and timely delivery. These chairs will
be equipped with cushions of different colors that can be disassembled according to the requirements of customers.
These detachable cushions are convenient for transportation and storage, saving space, and are easy to stack.

Gold Louis XV Chairs Wholesaler

Gold Louis XV Chairs Wholesale

In the corner of our exhibition hall, you can see different styles of resin Louis chairs and other styles of resin chairs.
We provide more than 50 different styles and more than 10 colors for customers to choose from. At the same time,
there are more materials and colors for you to choose from in cloth and leather.

Our showroom of Resin Louis Chairs

The packaging size of our wooden Louis chair is 78*50*149CM. Our Louis dining chair is 4 in a box.

wooden louis chair


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