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Solid Wood Cross Back Dining Chairs Wholesale

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We are the biggest cross back dining chair wholesale.  We build a great quality cross back dining chair that is not only stylish but most long-lasting. That is possible thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies, the best raw materials, and the skills of our craftsmen. The value of our Solid Wood Cross Back Dining Chair is revealed over time. the highest quality of the wood makes our chairs sturdy and durable in the years. Our cross back dining chair will be the perfect furnishing element for your dining room. The classic style of this chair is the perfect solution for all your events, especially banquets and cross back chairs weddings.

  1. Our rental wood cross back chairs 3-year quality guarantee.
  2. UK and French style of outdoor wedding wood cross back hotel banquet chairs using.
  3. Our Vintage Furniture Solid Wood Cross X Backpass SGS quality test.
  4. More than 13 production processing and more than 15 colors choice.
  5. Your logo can be printed on the back of your stackable bistro wood cross back chair
  6. Wood or metal x parts can be used.

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At moment crossback dining chairs wholesale is very very popular in the UK and American markets. Our crossback dining chairs wholesale
widely used in the wedding place.

Specifications of crossback dining chairs wholesale as following:

  •  Weight Capacity: more than 350 Ibs/ 160kgs per chair
  • Chair net weight: around 4.8kgs/10.8Ibs easy to carry
  • Stackable 9-10 cross back dining chairs, saving storage space
  • Each chair has PE foam package and when chairs stacked together avoiding scoring each other
  • OEM depends on customers design
  • Samples available for confirming the quality
  • Widely used on party rental, wedding and banquet ballroom
  • 3% extra free hardware
  • More than 20000 pieces of production quantities
  • Matching chairs carts, chair cover and cushion available

crossback dining chair wholesale

Chairs with cushions as well
Crosback chairs with cushions

Our Cross Back Dining Chairs Size:

crossback dining chair size

Check Cross Back Dining Chairs Details:

Let us show you how is the fitting from underneath, what is the construction of seats?
crossback dining chair details

1.Natural Curve
Unique technology seat with the internal elaborate angel, making the X back dining chair set more steady and safer.
2.Metal Bracket
Four steel connectors between wooden cross back seat bottom and chair legs. Tightening the rustic cross back chair to be more safely used. Not easy to be broken.
3. Foot Pad
To reduce abrasion and noise, we use a white skidproof plastic footpad of each cross back dining chair leg.
4.100% Solid Wood
All X back chairs are made of grade A beech or locust wood with high durability. Stronger enough of long-term use indoors or outdoors.
5.Special Painting
Five times Eco-friendly PU paint of each wooden cross back chair. Including three times base and two times surface with high adhesion. Not easy to peel off, so the chair’s finish is quite beautiful.

oak crossback dining chair

Let you know Crossback Dining Chair Process:

We have our quality control team during the production of the wooden cross back chairs, each production processing, we have one professional inspector. Whole bentwood bar support under the seats. Several long screws ensure the strong construction of the rustic cross back chairs. Moisture control between 9% to 12 % match difference weather Using beech wood and make drifting colors.Deep brush paint and nice surface varnish painting E1 American standard glue 4 chairs legs on one water plane control.

See Cross Back Dining Chairs Wood Parts as Following:
crossback dining chairs

Our Cross Back Dining Chairs assemble work and sanding for shipment

Also some customers would like to paint the chairs by their own team, you can buy unpainted chairs
unpainted wooden x back chairs

Cross Back Dining Chairs Painting Works and Mass Productions
Color Options, standard color number, and customized colors:
The following item is very important for your order and mass production:

As a solid wood cross back chair supplier, we have our cross back dining chair factory. Here show you some actual
photos of mass productions in our factory workshop.
1. You can choose the colors from our pictures and color number, show us, please!

Let me show you the mass production with our color number as following:

Show you, No.2 X, back chairs mass production as following 2 pictures

See No.4 color and x back chair mass production as following 2 pictures:

You can call this color as limewash or whitewash color of wooden cross back chairs
limewash x back chairs

So No.5 color swatch and matching chair as follows:

Our No.7 Color and mass production x back chairs following 3 pictures

This is No. 8 Crossback chair color as following:

No.10 mass production x back chairs following 3 pictures

Color No. 11 B very light natural color

natural crossback chairs natural crossback chairs

Also can make the color a little bit darker
natural light crossback chairs

We have also other regular color and customers colors: Demi 001 Color

Spain Natural color 17003 

Color 1883 antique limewash 

crossback chair mass production
American No. 1779  special antique rustic country color of cross back chairs
Stain color of wooden cross back chairs

OEM color of x back chairs

Color 1784 Dark Antique Color: 

antique 1784 dark color

Germany Fruit-wood color x back chairs as well
Germany Fruitwood crossback chairs

Fruit wood crossback chairs, order number is 2009
Fruit wood color crosback chairs

Check our crossback dining chairs wholesale color, please

We are wholesale for wooden cross back chairs and we can produce many different kinds of colors for your option.
Here show you the color swatches of 14 colors, such as white, black, rustic, etc. As long as your preference, we can produce it.

We can make cross back dining chairs of any color you want to customize. Below is the color one of our customers sent to us,
which is the same as the sample sent by the customer.

We can produce same color of tables to match the chairs as well

Rustic Brown Farmhouse table

Our crossback dining chair wholesale Cushion:

Various of cushion colors are available. That can be provided with different materials of cushions. Such as ordinary cotton and burlap for your choice. Also can meet your different colors choice. Such as white, black, ivory and natural burlap color. Chair pads with ties. They are very popular in different countries.


Certificate of crossback dining chair wholesale:

Our wooden cross-back chairs Past SGS quality test. If necessary, we can send your sample.

Wooden crossback dining chair wholesale Packing:

Each cross back dining chair has PE foam package and when chairs stacked together avoiding scoring each other. There are two packing patterns for your option. One is with a carton and the other is without. You can don’t worry about any of the packings, because we are sure every chair are safe and sound to your port. We use a fixed strip to steadily in the container. Just loading capacity is different. Obviously, without cartons packing is somehow can save more cost of shipping for you. Normally the loading quantity as following:

Without Carton Loading Quantity:
396 pcs  per 20 GP container
792 pcs  per 40 GP  container
930 pcs  per 40HQ container

With Carton Loading Quantity:
Carton size: 65*51*235cm   for 20 ft:     342 pieces  (total 38 boxes, one box load 9 pieces)
Carton size: 65*51*235cm   for 4o GP : 684 pieces (total 76 boxes, one box load 9 pieces)
Carton size:
 65*51*265cm for 40 HQ container:  800 pcs  (total 80 boxes, one box load 10 pieces)

200 pieces will be at 18 CBM

Sometimes, our customer ask 4 pieces per box as following:
package of crossback chairs

Our Solid Wood Cross Back Dining Chair is widely used for weddings, special events and to furnish your home.
This chair is the result of the technical skills of our craftsmen, who guarantee safety and quality to our products.
Our Solid Wood Cross Back Dining Chair gives your home or your events a rustic and classic style. 

When our customers receive the chairs, how to say about our Hampton chairs?
unloading container
hampton chairs feedback


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