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Fabric Seat Wood Louis Chair

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Blossom Furnishings are has been engaged in the production and export of Louis chair for more than 14 years. We have one of the best furniture factories in Qingdao, specializing in manufacturing all kinds of melt, wooden and resin chairs. We wholesale event rental/hire wood Louis chair worldwide.

Our wood Louis chair is made of solid oak wood or birch wood, in order to meet your requirements for different styles, there are several styles of Louis chair for you to choose from, Some advantages of working with us include excellent customer service and options to customize your products, are also the reason that customers why choose Blossom.

Wooden Louis Chair Features:

  1.  Elegance and grace chair to your wedding or event.
  2. Stackable design can stack up to 8 chairs
  3. Removable seat
  4. Humanized curved-back design
  5. Comfortable upholstery
  6. 2-year frame Warranty
  7.  packing size: 52x63x101 cm (2 pieces one box)

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Today we will show you our wooden Louis chairs, another design, fabric wooden Louis chairs, you can choose the
Different colors of our fabric wooden Louis chair.

  1. Weight Capacity: more than 350 lbs per Louis dining chair.
  2. Frame content: 100% oak wood/ 100% birch wood
  3. Upholstery material: cotton and linen blend
  4. Seat fill material: high-density foam
  5. Classic curved detail in wood frame
  6. Limewash and white color are the most classic colors
  7. Overall size:Depth: 58 cm (23’’) Width: 50 cm (19.5’’) Height: 98 cm (38.5’’)
  8. Matching Chiavari chair carts, chair covers, and cushions are available.

Fabric Louis Chair Details are as follows:

1. Humanized curved-back design that accords with human body engineering, the perfect radian backrest fits
the human body perfectly, A wide back can wrap around your entire back,  perfect for Louis dining chair.limewash louis chairs wood

gray louis chairs

design of our louis chairs

2. Wooden french Louis chair made from a solid wood frame with carving leg, Hand-carved, rustic, and elegant,
surface finished in limewash, is an Impressive choice for Elegant Venues.

wooden louis chairs legs

3. Louis chair’s back and seat upholstery material is a cotton and linen blend, it’s very breathable. The Louis XV
chair seat fill material is high-density foam, Ensure that the Louis-style chair cushion is not deformed,
and always maintains comfort and good appearance.

fabric of seats

Fabric options for wood Louis chairs are as follows:

Color of fabric

Fabric Louis Chair Process
Material control:
Select high-grade timber, The storage process should ensure ventilated and rainproof, make the moisture content of
lumber should be controlled at 12%, such lumber is not craze, be out of shape not easily,
the Louis dining chair that such production comes out just is more durable.

solid rubber wood

Cutting processing for Louis chairs
Remove the defective parts of the wood and cut the selected wood to the required size.

products processing of wedding chairs

Draw outline lines on the wood according to the size of each part. At this time, the size may be slightly larger
than the actual size of the part, because the next step is to polish the part.

We will polish the parts, but this is not the last polishing process. We think the machine is not perfect enough.
After the assembly, we will do manual polishing to ensure that our product is a work of art.

This is a machine-polished finished parts, waiting for assembly

Complete the assembly of the frame, After the assembly, we will do polish the whole French style dining chair
frame by hand.

Complete seat back assembly, now you have two choices, removable seat, and non-removable seat, We will
respect your opinions and provide you with the products you want.
Normally we have ready stock of wood Louis chairs without paintings, so we can ensure prompt delivery

After finish the wood Louis chairs with fabric, our own quality control team will inspect the chairs one by one
before package.

Louis dining chairs production

mass production of fabric wooden louis chairs

fabric wooden louis chair manufacturer

How about the package of Louis dining chairs?

Packing for wood Louis chairs before boxes
First of all, it is completely wrapped with thick PE film, which is a necessary protection to prevent scratches on
the paint surface of the chair in the process of handling, and at the same time, it can make the chair stack
more solid and not easy to shake.

After wrapping with PE film, then packed in corrugated boxes, in case of collision, can play a strong buffer.
All the boxes can be printed on your company logo and the details of the chairs.

louis chair factory

Also, we can produce Louis XIV chairs as follows:
Loading quantity: 160 / 320 / 420 pieces for 20 ft container/ 40 ft container/ 40 ft HQ container

fabric wooden louis chair factory

fabric wooden louis chair wholesale

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