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Limewash Chairs

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We producing wooden limewash chairs more than 8600 pieces monthly, these limewash chairs selling popular to the USA now. In fact, this design of chairs from one of our customer, we produced OEM design, and our customer also allow us to sell to other country and other customers.

Details of this limewash chairs:
1. Two pieces of bentwood seat back support the strong design and construction.
2. The seat design as same as cross back chairs.
3. Simply but special design
4. Regarding to the colors, not only lime wash color, but also other colors as silver, gold, natural, black , brown, dark, black, and so on.
5. Four times of painting to finish these special lime wash color, the bottom painting is black, and after sanding parts to cover parts of MATT white color.
6. Stackable chairs models
7. One 40ft HQ container can load 900 pieces
8. MOQ is more than 200 pieces
9. Material: Solid wood for chairs legs, plywood for seats, bentwood for chair back

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In 2017, one of our biggest customers from the USA sent us one draft of the chair, and let us produce in limewash
color. So we improved the draft and make a sample first after our customer confirms the quality, we begun the mass
production of lime wash wood chairs. Then we always do business for lime wash wood chairs wholesale now.

From the following pictures, you can see our workshop for limewash dining chairs, you can stack all the chairs easy,
9 pieces of chairs also no fall down.  So if you are a party rental company, so you can save storage space.
Also, you can move the chairs from the warehouse to the event place easy.  Of course, these chairs can be matched
corresponding chair covers.

Normally, the production steps, we assemble the chair’s seat and back together with front legs firstly. Our
Quality control teams will inspect all the chairs one by one, mainly for the sanding works, and material of
wood, if we find bad material with big knots, we will take off it. If there is somewhere, the wood is broken, we
will arrange someone person to modify it.

After our workers assemble the bentwood back with the back legs, and also our workers sand the whole chairs
2 times, once our QC team confirms the chairs are good for painting work, we will move to the next step, painting
work. As the same as before we said, we use a computer control system to paint the chairs, and experienced workers
to repair the parts where lost painting work.

Before the package of single chairs, our QC workers will inspect the chairs one by one, after the dryness in our
no-dirty workshop, you can see very clearly the chairs, if you find little issue of painting work, you have to select
them out, and sand again, paint again, dry them again.  Even please do not forget to check the back of the seat.

If you look these chairs very carefully, you will find, the seats and front legs as same as traditional crossback chairs.


The chair size is at 42*42*89 cm 


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