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Traditional Crossback Chairs Wholesale

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The Cross Back Chair creates a charming and inviting ambiance with its curved lines and smooth finish. The designer cross back adds a modern, yet classic appeal to your party rental. Constructed of beech wood finish, yet extremely strong and wobble-free. These beautiful chairs ship fully assembled, can hold up to 400 pounds and can be stacked 8-9 high for storage. Designed for wedding and party rental use, this durable and attractive bistro style chair is a great choice for your wedding or outside rental.

Traditional Cross Back Chairs Features:

  1. Attractive downward “U” design adds stability
  2. 400 lb. Weight Capacity
  3. Designed for outside or inside Use
  4. Our cross back chairs pass SGS quality test certificate
  5. Chairs can be stacked 8-9pcs easy to storage and transportation
  6. Impact-resistant feet at the bottom of each leg to prevent splintering.
  7.  Stain paint or brush color, even painting finishing, matt, bright will be ok.
  8. Can offer extra chair pads
  9.  MOQ: 200 Pieces, one 20 ft container can load with farmhouse tables or plywood tables
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Crossback chairs are so popular now at wedding parties. Our chair frame seamlessly connected with
hardware accessories, so that makes the cross-back chairs stronger and firmer.
Because of rustic color and antique results, more and more weddings use these x back chairs.

We have one good customer who bought our cross back dining chairs and give us excellent feedback
The photo is from Dallas Texas the USA
Ivory cross back chairs

Regarding the construction under the seats.

In order to ensure the firmness of the chair, we use L-shaped hardware accessories, add 2 screws to fix the front legs
of the chair and the seat plate, and then connect the cross parts with hardware. In this case, the base chassis of the
entire chair is very firm.

Crossback chairs parts

The backrest top bar shape & profile of our cross back chair is curved, perfect grinding technology makes the chair
more rustic and country.

x parts of crossback chairs
The seat board of wooden cross-back chairs is very nice. many of which are made of a solid wood frame with
multilayer assembly, After the workers use the machine to cool down layer by layer, make the seat plate more

Seat of crossback chair

Selection of color:

we can make different colors for you to choose, you can choose the color from our color swatches, or send your
color swatches to us, then we will make the color that you want. When you find one nice color you want on the
computer or website, show us the pictures, please. The workers can copy the color exactly according.

Color swatch of crossback chair

Is the size standard?

Product Size of the wooden cross back chair as the following draft as well. You can see that this size is the United
States and the United Kingdom, as well as a size standard in Australia. Of course, in the actual measurement process,
the error of 0.5 cm is in line with the requirements. Because we have a standard process, the size of each process is
fixed, so in the end, our mass-produced dining chairs are all the same size.

size of crossback chairs

We use a special machine, the wooden cross chair seat board, the size of a very precise, one-time cut 10, and
then further simple grinding, trimming, preparation for the next assembly. and Attractive downward “U”
the design adds stability.

Seat of crossback chairs

Okay, let’s focus on this semi-circular support below. We use solid wood bending instead of multi-layer boards, let
alone finger-jointed boards, so the bending strength and firmness are very good, so don’t worry about it. Cracked and
not strong.

spare parts of wood crossback chairs

Spare parts of following, when we deliver the cross back chairs, we will offer some extra X parts
chairs top

Why do we brush the spare parts firstly?

In many cases, the process of wiping and painting is not the same. For chairs that require wiping, the procedure
requires wiping the color of the various parts before assembling. The spray-painted products can be painted as a
whole after assembly. These two processes have well met the needs of different customers.

crossback chair parts

front legs of crossback chairs

These polished parts can show the shading of the original wood very well. This is the reason why many people like the
original style of polishing. Whether it is natural style or retro style, the original shading of the wood is very important. If
you spray paint directly, it will cover these shading.

X parts cross back chairs

cross back chairs sanding work
After the chairs are polished and polished, we will Stack them to save space. Normally they can be stackable
9-10 pcs. It’s very convenient to transport. and then further they are waiting for Spray painting.

crossback chair mass production

stackable crossback chair

Can we order the chairs no- assembled?

Then, some customers may ask, can we order a cross dining chair that can be disassembled? Yes, you can. The
premise is that you must have professional installation workers, and you can ensure that you can assemble the
various accessories, and the price is more appropriate. If your labor cost is relatively high and you cannot guarantee
100% of the chairs are assembled, then It is recommended that you buy finished chairs.

Which color can we produce?

We can make almost all wooden colors, and the color of outdoor dining chairs, from light to dark, whether light or
matte, on the one hand, we can display our products for customers to choose from, on the other hand, we can The
color plates or samples provided by the customer are produced with more than 95% consistency.

White shiny solid wood farm chairs

white crossback chairs suppliers

Lime Washed X back chairs factory, Qingdao Blossom Furnishings.

uk crossback chairs

Through these mass-produced pictures, you can see our production capacity and the assurance of color accuracy. We
ensure that more than 95% of the chairs are consistent in color. We use electrostatic spraying and spraying and then
experienced paint workers. Partially find repairs.

light natural crossback chairs

Metal X parts make chairs stronger
Cross Back Chairs With Metal Parts

white stone crossback chairs limewash crossback chairs

brown crossback chairs

Natural color

natural crossback chairs

We have more light oak color for your reference as well
oak light color cross back chairs light oak crossback

How about the package of chairs?

After the wooden cross-back chairs are finished. there will be polystyrene inside the packing and packed well,
so when shipping out to our customers the items are well-protected..normally We have 2 kinds of packaging
methods, one kind is without cartons, so that can load more chairs for one container. another kind of packaging
with cartons is .convenient for our customers to resell to their customers.

Natural Farmhouse table

Same Color of farm tables to match the chair color

package of wooden x back chairs
Carton of crossback chairs

Without Carton Loading Quantity:
400 pcs  per 20 GP container
792 pcs  per 40 GP  container
930 pcs  per 40HQ container

With Carton Loading Quantity:
Carton size: 65*51*235cm   for 20 ft:     342 pieces  (total 38 boxes, one box load 9 pieces)
Standard Carton size: 65*51*235cm   for 4o GP : 684 pieces (total 76 boxes, one box load 9 pieces)
Carton size:
 65*51*265cm for 40 HQ container:  800 pcs  (total 80 boxes, one box load 10 pieces)

loading container of crossback chairs

Chairs With cartons
perfect loading for crossback chairs

Excellent Feedback from our Britain Client
Gallery of our oak crossback chairs

Another London hires a company to offer photos as follows:

UK brown cross back chairs

crossback chair factory

wooden crossback chair

wooden crossback chair supplier

crossback chair manufacturer

This is the feedback we just received from our 2022 client for the farm table and cross chair, very happy
with our farm table and cross chair and love the color.

Customer praise


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