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Wedding Trends You Need to Know About

Wedding trends 2023

When it comes to weddings, many couples nowadays are following the latest trends and want to incorporate something new and modern in their special day.
For this reason, we picked a few wedding trends for summer 2023 that we think are worth noticing by rental companies in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Natural light and transparent chairs

Experts emphasize how important the light is not only for picture-taking but also for creating the desired atmosphere around the whole event. There has been an increase in interest towards wedding venues made of glass, such as botanical gardens. To make the most of such a venue, we suggest adding transparent chairs. This way the sunrays will be able to pass through the chairs and engage in a game of light, creating a magical atmosphere.


Violet has proved to be a leading colour in 2023 weddings, combined with silver elements for elegant and classy décor. Apart from incorporating violet in bouquets and flower décor, another way to make the colour present on the table is through plates and napkins, as well as coasters and name tags. Silver chairs can contribute towards a more luxurious look.


Small details might seem to be less important for some, but couples usually pay special attention to them and want everything to be perfect for the Big Day. Having everything match and fit perfectly is something the newlyweds and their guests will truly appreciate. For this reason, at Blossom Furnishings we offer one-stop wedding solutionseverything from cutlery and plates, through chairs and tables, to dance floors and tents. We are ready to provide you with all the equipment a wedding might need and make sure that is up to your standards.

Most importantly, keep it simple. Let the flowers on the table do their magic. There is no need to spend on excess decorations. Clean lines and simplicity is a hit. Less kitsch and more attention for the bride and groom.