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Clean Wood Furniture

How To Clean Wood Furniture?


People with wooden furniture in homes, shops, and offices frequently ask how to clean wood furniture. The tough, grime or food stains indicate the right time to clean the furniture. If you are searching for ways to clean your furniture, you are at the right place. You will successfully clean the furniture by exploring the techniques and the cleaners below. Let’s see how it works.

clean table

How to clean wood furniture- The ways

Wooden furniture always reflects solid, heavy elegance and versatility. Almost every household includes a wooden bed, dining set, sofa, cupboard, etc. With usage, the furniture gets greasy and grimy stains that are hard to remove. Most of you practice placing the hot mug of coffee right on the living room center table. After you have drank the coffee take a glimpse of the table. You would surely see the coffee dripping stains or the water droplets on the table.
Similarly, dust and dirt penetrate the hidden sides of the furniture. The other indications are pen stains, makeup stains on the dressing table, food stains on the dining table, etc. Even after seeing those stains, one always shows carelessness toward the clean-up of furniture. Or whenever you see the spots becoming tough to go, the first thought is to replace the furniture. However, refrain from investing a heavy amount in the new wood furniture. Instead, with a little effort in cleaning wood furniture, you can make the old furniture shine like a new one.
So, read this blog further to get introduced to the ways you could use for cleaning the furniture. Below are some ways to clean old wood furniture. By implementing them, you would be amazed to see sparkling clean furniture as if you got a brand new one.

  • Clear the furniture

The first step towards how to clean wood furniture includes clearing the furniture. For this, you shall remove everything placed on the furniture and put them aside.


  • Damp cloth

Now, take a damp cloth. Ensure you don’t dip the cloth too much in water so it drips off. Then, rub the damp cloth all over the surface of the furniture. You can even scratch the dirt with a little pressure on the damp cloth. It will scrap off the soft impurities. Mostly this act is good for the dust and the grime that sticks to the furniture. For tougher stains, you need the wood furniture cleaner.

Damp cloth

  • Dry cloth

For cleaning wood furniture, now you should take a dry cloth. With a dry cloth, rub the wooden surfaces. It would take all the moisture if present on it.

Dry cloth

  • A toothbrush or sharp cleaning tool

Follow this tip if the furniture has curves and designs where your hand approach is inaccessible. Take a used toothbrush and brush the dust off from curves and depths in the architecture. Use a dry brush. Moreover, it behaves as an effective tool.

table clean

Hence, these steps would only erase the soft spots of dust and dirt from the wooden surfaces of the furniture.
Deep cleaning is further divided into different types with versatile cleaning products. How to clean wooden furniture? It is possible with some techniques using DIY cleaners. Try these wooden cleaners to see outstanding results on your furniture.

wood table clean

  • Vinegar solution

As you know, the wet cloth is insufficient to clear the tough grime from the furniture. Therefore, you shall use a wood furniture cleaner, a vinegar. So, grab a spare spray bottle and fill the vinegar and water in almost equal ratios. Spray the solution on the grime and wait for about a few minutes. Moreover, the action of vinegar would soften the hard grime and loosen their bonds. Then, use a damp cloth, and wipe the surface.
This product leaves an acidic effect on the rigid particles and immediately loosens their bonds with the surface. Hence, experts often consider it the best way to clean wood furniture.

cleaning table

  • Wood oil

The dry air causes the furniture to become dry. Therefore, it is likely that the wooden surface builds up cracks and creases. So, apply any wood oil to the surface and spread it all over the surface with a cloth. After a while, take a dry cloth to absorb the excess oil from it. This technique helps remove the buildup of dry scales on wooden furniture. Also, it prevents dust and dirt from accumulating on the wood.

wood oil

  • Dishwashing soap

This is the most used technique or an all-rounder way of cleaning furniture. It is the best solution for cleaning furniture. Every household kitchen includes dishwashing soap. Hence, this technique is very economical to use. Fill a bowl with water. Then, mix a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and let the bubbles form. The wood furniture cleaner is ready. Once you see the foam forming, it is the right time to take a clean cloth and dip it in. Afterward, rub the foamy cloth on the sticky wooden surface. Wherever you see the stains, rub the cloth and remove the stains.

Dishwashing soap

  • Mayonnaise

To eliminate the water marks from the furniture, you shall look to an amazing technique. Mostly dining area furniture has the most exposure to water. Usually, people consider mayonnaise as the best way to clean wood furniture. Many of you be surprised to see how it works. Therefore, take a small quantity of mayonnaise. Then, spread it over the water stains on the furniture piece, and paste a tissue over it. After some time passes, remove the tissue and mayo from the surface of the wood. Also, use a cloth to wipe the surface off. Hence all the watermarks and stains erase from the wooden surface.

Mayonnaise clean table

  • Vinegar and oil solution

Try the vinegar and oil solution as a cleaner for wooden furniture. Take similar quantities of vinegar and oil to use the technique. Olive oil is the best to use for this particular technique. Use this solution over the stains present on the furniture. Thus, keep rubbing the surface with the cloth until the stains vanish. After the stains vanish completely, then move toward the next step. Take a dry cloth and gently wipe the surface to make it completely dry.

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How to clean wood furniture? It is almost a challenge until you get introduced to the best cleaners and techniques to use them. If you regularly clean the furniture, then the chance of stains becoming permanent is less.

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