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How To Choose A Coffee Table?


How to choose a coffee table is an immediate thought that pops up when designing your living room. The coffee table is one of the most essential components of the living area. Hence, with the addition of the table, the sofas or any other furniture can fulfill the living area requirement. Are you looking for some guidance in selecting the coffee table? Then you are at the right place. So, go through the blog further to learn the best about it.

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How To Choose A Coffee Table?

A coffee table is perfect for eating, relaxing, and using it as a work table. Hence, you use it as a multipurpose table. So, whenever you are about to get a new coffee table, several questions bounce back into your mind. Where to keep the table? What size would be perfect? What shape is the best? Questions like these help you learn how to pick a coffee table. An average person spends on this table once after a couple of years. Therefore, you always need guidance in selecting the right one.
Reading the features below, you will find the best centerpiece for your living area. So let’s go through them.

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  • The perfect size for the table

The first and foremost feature to look for in the coffee table is the size. How to choose a coffee table size? It is the first query you would ask. You have the exact measurement for your sofa and the living area for this. Experts often suggest choosing a size that matches two-thirds of the size of the sofa. Also, it should be a manageable size in comparison to the sofa. Hence, the selection of size is a very crucial step.
For the size selection for the table, look for the leg space between the sofas and the table. The leg space should be ample. So, if it has, consider the size; otherwise, look for another dimension. Similarly, for better guidance, the table section should depend on the height of the sofa seat. The table should match the sofa seat height. Choose the size of the table according to the living space size. For example, choose a small table for small living rooms and vice versa for large rooms.

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  • The shape of the table to fit the living area

The first and foremost feature to look for in the coffee table is the size. How to select a coffee table reflects the shape of the table. The table comes in numerous shapes, and choosing a particular one could be challenging. So, what to do?
For the smaller living area, choose the table in an oval or circular shape. This particular shape makes the room look bigger. Also, these tables protect anyone from exposure to the corners of the table and make them hurt. What if the living room is big? When the size of the living room is bigger, then choose a square or rectangular-shaped table. It maximizes the utilization of the space. For a modern look, one can look for modern shapes, unlike ordinary square, circle, or rectangular shapes.
Similarly, a customized shape table can add aesthetics, style, and a modern outlook to the place. Long sofas and long-shaped tables that are rectangular serve the best combo. How to pick a coffee table for the living room? What to do if you have two sofas or more in the lounge? Then, select an oval-shaped or square table.

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  • Material to determine the strength of the table

The coffee table buying guide includes selecting the proper material for the table. You will get numerous options when selecting material. However, a wooden table is the best to choose from. That’s because it appears rigid, heavy, and luxurious, with versatile options in its design. Similarly, you wouldn’t have to replace the table repeatedly; it would always last long. How to pick a coffee table? In case you don’t have a wooden sofa. Well, in such a scenario. A wooden table might suit the living space. You shall look for other options as well.
For metal or another type of material, select a glass table. The glass table shows simplicity with a touch of lavishness. Hence, it changes the overall outlook of the living space by adding a modern look to the room. Other than that, you can choose a fabric table. It is an excellent combination if the table comes in the same fabric as your sofa. However, avoid choosing such material if the fabric doesn’t match the sofa. How to choose coffee tables merely depends upon the suitable material of the table.

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  • Style your coffee table with the most attractive features

Learn how to pick a coffee table using the best styling options. Adding style to the table includes versatile features. For example, choose an appropriate color for the table that coordinates with the room’s overall theme. Also, add different patterns to the design that make the table attractive and unique.

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  • Table with easy maintenance

The most important thing to seek for the coffee table buying guide is to select the right table. The table you are purchasing undergoes rough usage. Therefore, choose a table that you can easily maintain. Some designs for the table come with complex architecture. Hence, users might need help cleaning the table thoroughly or offering maintenance services. Thus, choose a simple architecture for the table.

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  • The functionality of the coffee table

Sometimes the sole purpose of the coffee is not for placing things on the table, but much more than this. Similarly, how functional a table could be depends upon the usage of the table. The perfect coffee table would include multiple functionalities. For instance, you could choose a table with compartments. The drawers, cupboards, and shelves would provide abundant storage options. Along with the purpose of the table, use it for storing different things like remotes, stationery, and chargers.

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  • The overall budget and its assumption

Before picking a coffee table, you should be aware of your budget. Experts always suggest selecting an optimal budget for the table to invest in. Therefore, you should look for the best features that meet your fixed budget.


How to choose a coffee table? Well, the section of the right table depends on various features one must consider before selecting the coffee table. Your design should look attractive and stylish but with an element of comfort.

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