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Clear Resin Chiavari Chairs wholesale

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We wholesale resin Chiavari chair worldwide. Resin Chiavari chairs made of solid polycarbonate material from Japan or Germany, clear resin Chiavari chairs are so popular in Brazil and America, and South Africa, we can offer knockdown clear Chiavari chairs and assembled resin Chiavari chairs. From 2011 years, our resin Chiavari chairs quality improved a lot. More than 20000 pieces of resin Chiavari chairs can be finished one month, including different color. We have more than 5000 pieces of clear Chiavari chairs in ready stock. So we can deliver the prompt shipment.

Clear Chiavari Chair Features:

  1.  Strong PC Resin frame
  2.  Comfortable and resistant at the same time
  3.  German and Japanese materials used for the making of the chairs for optimal quality
  4.  Stackable up to 10 chairs
  5.  UV Protected from fading and discoloration
  6.  Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  7.  Ready stock available for faster delivery
  8.  All materials are reusable and recyclable
  9.  Customizable color
  10. 100% of new materials do not add recycled materials
  11. Minimum Order Quantity: 200 pieces

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Now we produce Clear resin Chiavari chairs more than 26000 pieces monthly, we selling our Clear resin
Chiavari chaired more than 46 countries and areas in the world from 1998. These chairs are so popular in wedding
And kid’s birthday events.

Gllery of kids chairs

Advantages of Clear resin Chiavari chair:

1. knockdown Chiavari chairs are made of materials from Germany and Japan better than those from Korea
in intensity.
2. We adopt the mold of aluminum alloy of high quality made in Ningbo China, which confirms the smooth
surface of knockdown Chiavari chairs.
3. There are the least air bubble and water ripples about knockdown Chiavari chairs.
4. The capacity of knockdown Chiavari chairs in a static state is >500kgs(1100lbs).
5. HS-CODE IS 9401809099
6. Minimum Order Quantity: 200 pieces

More advantages:

5. All the materials of knockdown Chiavari chairs are reusable and recyclable so it does well in environmental
protection. And they are knockdown and assembled good for loading much more in containers.
6. Qingdao Blossom Furnishings Limited has read stock and can achieve prompt delivery after placing orders.
7. Qingdao Blossom Furnishings Limited has wonderful after-sale service, including 3% of free parts, the
supplement for shortage and damage, and the recommendation of new products.
8. Great stackable ability provides better warehouse management and more efficient delivery
9. UV protection prevents knockdown Chiavari chairs from being scratched and prevents discoloration

How to produce resin Chiavari chairs?

And How to control the quality of Chiavari chairs?
Do you know How many pieces of clear Chiavari chairs monthly from Qingdao Blossom?
What is the difference with another supplier of our chairs?
Please follow us to visit our workshop for mass production and quality control.

It has the properties of anti-fading, anti-cracking, anti-peeling, and anti-warping. The bright colors of the
Chiavari chair corresponds to the overall color of the frame, rather than painting the exterior frame after
construction. This reduces the need for paint to repair areas that are knocked down during installation or
disassembly and extends the life of the chairs.

Material Choosing

We buy imported PC from Germany and Japan as raw materials. We refuse to use inferior recycled materials
and domestic materials. Our factory uses PC and PP on the chairs, PC resin is used to produce transparent colors,
because other materials cannot do transparent colors, so we use PP resin to produce common colors, such as
gold, silver, black, white, and so on.

We put these imported raw materials into the machine, and then make the legs and seat plates of the clear
resin Chiavari chair. The parts of these clear resin Chiavari chairs are formed at one time.

clear chiavari chair

clear chiavari chair factory

clear chiavari chair supplier

In the machine is the mold for making clear Chiavari chair legs.

We use imported materials, so the color is clear and there is no impurity. Our factory adopts special technology
to control and reduce air bubbles,
making the chair frame clear and beautiful while maintaining the structural
integrity of the chair frame. The
more random the bubbles in your chair, the weaker the frame.
Our chairs have the smallest bubbles!

The seat plate should be removed immediately, and the burrs on the edges need to be manually polished.
The sitting part is thicker than 4.5cm, much stronger to hold, and durable.

We hired 2 experienced QCs to take charge of every step of production. We will eliminate the bad projects
and ensure that every chair is of high quality. Screw it tight so that the chair won’t shake. Provide a screw
cover to cover the screw hole to ensure a beautiful chair. Easy to install and remove.

We keeping regular quantities of white and clear Chiavari chairs around 2000 pieces in our warehouse.
And we keep very clear in the warehouse and put the plastic film on the spare parts of Chiavari chairs.

Different gold color for your choice

different gold color

Gold color

gold resin chiavari chairs manufacturer

Can we check more details? Yes, sure, please check all the details.

detail of pc chairs
More photos as following as well
pc resin chairs wholesale gold resin chairs wholesale

pc chairs wholesale

pc resin chairs factory

pc resin chairs manufacturer

White ones
resin chiavari chair white

Details of back

white chiavari chairs resin

Black ones as well

black resin chiavari chairs wholesale

Sometimes, clients will ask us to assemble the chairs and ship them, so customers do not need to assemble them by themselves.

Detailed Display of Clear resin Chiavari chair :

This transparent resin Chiavari chair offers a lightweight, elegant design that will complement any banquet
hall, banquet hall, or wedding event while providing guests with durable seating. The resin frames of these
ballroom chairs are made of high-impact polycarbonate and weigh 1,000 pounds statically. And UV treatment
to prevent discoloration and discoloration.

How to Assemble the Resin Chiavari Chair? Is that Difficult?

Blossom Furnishings provide the assembly instruction in each carton box, you can assemble the clear resin
Chiavari chair easily according to the instructions. We offer the assembling service before shipment if you can
accept the volume bigger after assembly.

Clear resin chiavari chair assemble

Clear resin chiavari chair weight
Let us see the Clear Chiavari Chair Bearing weight

The resin Chiavari chairs sold by our company are durable and can provide you with better rental business
or wedding service. Each resin chair is inspected by our best QC department before it leaves the factory. 
The resin frame on these ballroom chairs is constructed of high-impact polycarbonate with a static weight
capacity of 1,100 lbs.

Clear resin chiavari chair test

Clear resin chiavari chair test report

Our Resin Chiavari Chair Color

We offer Chiavari Chairs in transparent and opaque colors, both resin materials. We have many kinds of
colors: black Chiavari chair, white Chiavari chair, gold Chiavari chair, silver Chiavari chair, clear Chiavari
chair, mahogany Chiavari chair and blue, pink, green, smoke, red,  so on. You never need to repaint or redecorate these chairs!
The color of the resin runs through.

Color Swatch for Our Chiavari Chairs Resin:

Clear resin chiavari chair colors

difference color of resin chiavari chairs

Please check the Resin Chiavari Chair Size

The size of the transparent resin chair is perfect for the comfortable sitting of most customers. The overall
seat size is 41*42*92 cm, the seat height is 45 cm, and the seat plate size is 40*39 cm. The width of the back
of the chair is 37 cm, which is very suitable for the back of the guest and allows the guest to rest. Also the resin
Chiavari chairs can be matched with nice leather pads and vinyl wood base pads.

Clear resin chiavari chairs wholesale

Clear Chiavari Chair Display:

These clear integral resin Chiavari chairs are required by most commercial-grade event facilities and rental
companies and each clear resin Chiavari chair features a lightweight, Integrated frame design, which does
not need to be polished, repainted, or dyed, non-stick and anti-static finish, is UV treated to prevent discoloration,
suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Clear resin chiavari chairs
Chiavari chair seats have become one of the world’s most popular seats for special occasions, from weddings
and graduations to major events such as dancing with the stars. The crystal clear Chiavari stacking chair
combines classic elegance and durable durability.

Clear resin chiavari chair gallery

The solid resin structure of our Chiavari seat features four supporting spindles to keep the seat stable, thus
eliminating chair sway, and the convenience of stackable, mobile chairs. Often used as wedding chairs, these
Chiavari Chairs stack 10 high for easy storage and transportation, with clear sliding floors designed for indoor
and outdoor use.

Resin Chiavari Chair Packaging Process

After production the resin Chiavari chairs and packaged with a layer of polypropylene bags, airbag form, and
leatherette to avoid scratches and damage in the course of transit.
The loading of our chairs is according to your requirements:
– loading with box
– loading without box
Assembled already loading:
20 ft container: 396 pieces  40ft: 782 pieces 40 ft HQ: 900 pieces

KD knockdown box size:
without cushion box size: 93✘41✘31cm (4 pieces)  with cushion box size: 93✘41✘38cm
KD:  1032pcs/20GP,2120pcs/40GP,2400pcs/40HQ(without cushion)
          852pcs/20GP,1650pcs/40GP,2000pcs/40HQ (with cushion)

mahogany chiavari chairs

Please kindly read the assembly instructions for resin Tiffany chairs, it is very easy to assemble the chairs

assembly instructions of resin chiavari chairs

Let us show you the result of the mahogany resin Chiavari chairs as follows:

mahogany resin chiavary chairs

chiavari chairs boxes

Our box main mark shows the color very clear

main mark of resin chiavari chairs

Side mark shows the size of box is 93*40*31 cm, and the net weight is 17.6 kgs, Gross weight is 19.5 kgs

side mark of resin chiavari chairs

200 pieces will be at 5.766 CBM
container date:
Per box CBM is 0.11532 cbm   Per chair is at 0.02883 cbm

DDP station measures the size as follows:
95 x 47 x 32 cm (0.14288 cbm per box)
95x47x37 cm (including cushion )

We put some spare parts for after-service

loading of resin chiavari chairs

Our client from Seattle offers some gallery photos, so nice!
Crystal chairs

clear chiavari chairs

clear chairs and tables

Our resin Chiavari chair can be disassembled and assembled by yourself, and it is very easy to disassemble and assemble. Buying such a chair
can save you a lot of space. Save a lot on shipping. And the resin Chiavari chair is very sturdy, you can step on it without any problem. Hope you
are interested in our event chairs and tables, please send an inquiry to us.

2 reviews for Clear Resin Chiavari Chairs wholesale

  1. David

    1000 chairs, great quality, durable and transparent as mentioned, perfect for our banquet. Nice and reliable supply manager! You deserve a five star!

  2. manage1

    I ordered 200 White resin Chiavari chairs with 2” foam cushions, 150 white folding resin chairs with cushions as well as 17 each 72” round folding tables. All arrived in the predicted lead time. Doing business with Bob was very easy. He was responsive and very helpful. The shipment arrived with a few damaged chairs due the freight company mishandling during the unloading process. Bob compensated me for the damaged chairs without issues. Great service, quality product and ease of doing business. I would purchase from this company again. Thank you Bob.

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