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Cheaper Chiavari Chair Manufacturer

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Qingdao Blossom Furnishings Limited is a plastic chiavari chair manufacturer. We have our chiavari chair factory, so we have lowest price in China. The Chiavari chair looks very elegant, lightweight and easy to move. Basically this is the end of the professional.With its durable, lightweight structure and elegant shape, this Chiavari chair will become your main seating choice for all special events indoors or outdoors.

Plastic Chiavari Chair Feature

  • One-piece frame design, no screws required
  • The seat is made of super strong polycarbonate
  • Non-stick and anti-static surface treatment
  • 1000 lbs load capacity
  • Number of stacks: 8 to 10 pieces
  • Production time: 10 days for 1000 pieces
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Very Good Price
  • Minimum order quantity: more than 300 pieces for wholesale

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Plastic Chiavari Chair Arc edge

The meticulous workmanship and edge arc treatment of our plastic Chiavari chair are both beautiful and
safe, and comfortable to use.

plastic chiavari chairs

One-piece casting, solid four legs, strong bearing capacity, firmness, and stability.

resin chiavari chair

High-quality foot pads

Good anti-slip performance, safer to use, while protecting the floor from scratches

chiavari chair factory

cheaper chiavari chairs

Plastic Chiavari Chair Size

Overall size: 15″ W x 18.75″ D x 35″ H | Seat size: 15″ W x 15″ D x 17.25″ H |
Back size: 14.5 inches (width) x 19 inches (height)

plastic chiavari chair size

One-piece frame, no shaking, compact structure, no need to assemble, just to save your time.Our chair
has a strong and stable frame structure and a gorgeous appearance. The load-bearing capacity exceeds
400kg, making it safer and stronger.

white plastic chiavari chair manufacturer

We have different colors for you to choose from, pink, brown, white, black and any color you want. Usually our
production time is within 2 weeks, when the quantity is less than 2000, we will not waste your time.

gold plastic chiavari chair

With its durable, lightweight structure and elegant shape, this Chiavari chair will become your main seating
choice for all your special events. You can use the chair outdoors, which makes it ideal for summer parties
and special events.

plastic chiavari chair factory

Resin Chiavari chairs are ideal for weddings, banquets, and special events (from casual to the most elegant).
This chair is made of super-strong resin and polycarbonate. It is very lightweight, but very strong and does
not shake. These beautiful chairs are fully assembled and can be stacked in 8 high positions.

plastic chiavari chair stackable

Cheaper Chiavari Chair Package

The packaging of our chair is first made up of a protective layer of plastic. The chair legs are wrapped
with tape to ensure that there are no gaps to allow dust to enter.

white chiavari chair factory

Then put the packed chair in our custom-made carton, so that no matter how much it shakes during
transportation, the chair will not be damaged.

white plastic chiavari chair factory

Our carton packaging is also very sturdy and will definitely fall out during transportation.

plastic chiavari chair package

Our factory can also produce many plastic chairs with different styles of backrests. We can also add your logo,
and we can also accept orders.

plastic chair style

This is the chair we just shipped out. The customer ordered a container, and we made it for the customer
as quickly as possible.

plastic chiavari chair supplier (2)

All of the following items are with very competitive pricing around USD13/PC, which will be discount depends on quantity.
cheaper plastic chairs wholesale
cheaper plastic chair wholesale

2 reviews for Cheaper Chiavari Chair Manufacturer

  1. Karen Leal

    i looking estimate for 160 White Cheaper Chiavari Chair … and 160 Gold Cheaper Chiavari Chair … a package of 320 chairs please… with shipping.

    223 Shirley St. Ridgeland SC 29936

  2. Norah

    I’m looking for 10 white chairs and white round table plus 2 bride n groom chairs

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