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Metal Chiavari Chairs Wholesale

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Blossom Furnishings, a professional metal Chiavari Chairs manufacturer, provide wholesale Tiffany chairs price for wedding planning company, and event and party rental companies. Our company has been engaged in the production and export of steel Tiffany chairs for more than 14 years. We have one of the best furniture factories in Qingdao, specializing in manufacturing all kinds of melt, wooden, and resin chairs, especially Chiavari Chairs and cross chairs wholesale. We wholesale event rental/hire Chiavari chairs worldwide. Steel Chiavari/Tiffany chair is made entirely of steel tube, favorable price and high strength are the main characteristics of this chair, to meet your different quality or price requirements, there is a variety of specifications for steel tube for you to choose from. Some advantages of working with us include excellent customer service and options to customize your products.

Steel Chiavari Chair Features:

  • High strength,price favorable
  • Rustless, durable
  • Stackable up to 10 steel Chiavari chairs
  • various colors to choose from
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • 2-year Warranty.Passed SGS certification
  • Ships fully assembled
  • MOQ is 200 pieces 

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Detailed Information About Wholesale Tiffany Chairs Price

We are the manufacturer of Steel Tiffany Chairs in Qingdao, China, we have to supplying Steel Tiffany Chairs for more than 17 years.  Welcome your order for wholesale Tiffany chairs price. please check the main features of our chairs as follows:

  1. Steel tube size:28*1.2mm
  2. Weight Capacity: more than 500 lbs per chair.
  3. Chair Net Weight: around 6kg.
  4. Stackable design.
  5. Our steel Chiavari chairs pass SGS inspection, the quality meets the requirements.
  6. Steel Chiavari Chair is the perfect choice for party rental and wedding place, and more durable
    than wooden and resin chair, and cheaper than aluminum chair
  7. Our steel Chiavari Chair is sold to more than 23 countries and areas. Our factory can produce more
    than 6000 pieces of steel Tiffany chairs monthly.
  8. Many colors are available, including gold, silver, white, black, mahogany, and so on.
  9. Matching Chiavari chair carts, chair covers, and cushions are available.

1. Humanized curved-back design that accords with human body engineering, the perfect radian backrest fits
the human body perfectly, makes the steel Chiavari chair sit more comfortable, but won’t look too lazy because
of slope too big, perfect for party and wedding.

wholesale tiffany chairs price

Wholesale Tiffany Chairs

2. Seamless welding, Precise drilling, cutting, and welding, let steel Chiavari chairs have a perfect appearance,
make the chair frame stronger, and make the surface finish face more durable, the most important is when
using outdoors, rainwater won’t enter into chair leg to cause rust.

Details Of Tiffany Chair

Wholesale Tiffany Chairs Details

3. Smoothly polished, tight solder joints ensure the strength of the chairs. Professional workers will try their
best to make them look smooth. That our steel Chiavari chair chairs look nice and don’t have awkward
welds so that they don’t scratch the clothes of our distinguished guests.

Details Of Tiffany Chair

Wholesale Tiffany Chairs Details
4. Antiskid foot, to protect the floor, and reduce noise,  the steel Chiavari chairs’ leg is covered with rubber antiskid foot.

Details Of Tiffany Chair

Wholesale Tiffany Chairs Details

Size of steel Chiavari chair

Metal Chiavari Chairs Wholesale

Metal Chiavari Chairs Wholesale


Color Swatch

Many colors are available, including gold, silver, black, champaign gold, and so on. Or we can customize the color for you.

We use a high-quality iron tube, the size of which is 28*2.0mm, with a large diameter and thick wall, so that
the chair can be durable. After the steel tube cuts the borehole, needs to be burned carefully, there are two reasons for this,
convenient installation of each component and removal of rust from the surface of the iron pipe,  can make the finish
smoother and beautiful, and the coating not easily fall off.

Tiffany Chairs manufacturingTiffany Chairs manufacturing
Skilled welding workers, all manual welding, can ensure seamless welding and can make the welding surface
smooth and beautiful. This is crucial for steel Chiavari chairs.

Tiffany Chairs manufacturing
Iron Chiavari chair with stackable design can be stacked up to 10 chairs, saving storage space and facilitating
transportation, classic design, sturdy and durable it is an excellent choice for activity rental.

Black Steel Tiffany Chairs Wholesale

Steel Tiffany Chairs Wholesale

The finish, using the process of baking paint, two layers of polyurethane finish coating the surface of the metal
chivari chair, the use of baking, coating evenly, and firm adhesion, gives them a beautiful glossy durable appearance.
And coating adhesion is firm, has good wear resistance, is not easy to fall off, not easy to scratch.

Gold Tiffany Chairs Wedding

This aluminum alloy CHIAVARI CHAIRS is currently the strongest one. In addition to the lightweight
aluminum alloy, as many as 7 BARS are also used under the seat plate. In this way, the chair is very durable
and does not rust.

metal chiavari chair

Gold Tiffany Chairs Wedding

Foam sponges are used to separate the chairs from each other to prevent the friction between chairs from
damaging the finish, and then the outside is packed and tied with thick woven bags to ensure that the chairs
do not shake or tip during transportation.

 Tiffany Chairs Packaging And Shipping

Silver Metal Chiavari Chair

silver metal chiavari chair

Chair Stacker Trolley

Black/Gold/Stainless Steel/White Tiffany Chairs

Black/Gold/Stainless Steel/White Tiffany Chairs

Two Kinds of Chair Cushions:

wholesale Chair Cushion

wholesale Chair Cushion

Metal Tiffany Chairs With Cushion

Our metal Chiavari chairs are widely used for Western-style weddings, lawn weddings, and other outdoor
venues, which were shot at Hilton Hainan.

White Tiffany Chairs Wedding

White Tiffany Chairs Wedding

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  1. Janaka

    Gold colour, 7 bars Tiffany chair with gold cushion
    Qty. 800 chairs
    Please send me the lowest price you can offer for the order. Thank you.

  2. Zuofa

    How much for one

  3. Zuofa

    How much f

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