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Chair Cushions

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We are the manufacturer and supplier for kinds of chair cushions,our foam chair cushions are thicker than the typical industry standard cushions.  These cushions can be used for the Chiavari chair/napoleon chair/phoenix chair. our workers will are according to the difference seat board to make correctly size. Our Velcro cushion straps are wider so they connect to the body of the cushion across a longer area and do not rip away from the cushion body.  We use two lines of stitching to connect the straps further preventing straps that fall off.  Don’t look past our superior cushion details.  Everything we do is above average.  Each cushion supports high-quality design and function with its commercial-grade polyester material.


  • A high-strength sponge is not easily deformed after repeated use
  • Wider Velcro straps with double stitching to prevent strap/cushion separation.
  • Zipper to remove the cover for cleaning.
  • Also Available:  form-fitted cushion cover shams with tie straps in dozens of colors.
  • Matching with the chair makes people sit more comfortable

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As a professional chair cushions manufacturer, we produce kinds of chair cushions to match different chairs. Let
we show you different cushions as follows:

How many models of chair cushions?

1. Soft chair cushions made of sponge and fabric indifference colour
( Model A)
chair cushions for chiavari

difference color of cushion

We can produce almost all of the colours for soft cushions as well.

red cushions black cushion

The cushion shown in the picture below will have some light coming out. This is the more popular style this year.
For the same reason, we can also produce different colours.

chair cushion bulk

chair cushion

chair cushion factory

chair cushion supplier

For the same reason, these cushions can be equipped with different chairs. Generally speaking, metal chiavari
chairs and wooden chiavari chairs are both possible.

chair cushion manufacturer

Regarding the chair foam, we use a nice quality of them, the sponge will have no powder gain, and all native
sponges, 30 A or 36 D density for you choose – very strong. The high-strength sponge is not easily deformed after
repeated use. So you can stand them for more than 24 hours, and then, they will come back to their original shape
as well.

Regarding the Fabric material, we use min 60000 cycles of abrasion resistance durable, then all of the fabric
will easily wash, and always keep its shape after washing (without shrinking), the weight of
the fabric is 210 g/ m2 or 235 g/m2,  and we always use 100% polyester. Sometimes we use fabric mixed with 65%
polyester and 35% cotton.

chair cushions white
These chair cushions can be used on wooden Chiavari chairs, resin Chiavari chairs, wood napoleon chairs,
and so on. Ok, let us show you the zippers as well, we only accept high-quality zippers, they are very strong,
and so easy to open/close many times, also use sand washing with the cushion cover and velcro straps.
Then you can see they are very accurate and strong seams chair cushions

chair cushions with zipper

Of course, you can choose the colours from our color swatches, or we can offer the cushion colors depending on
the chair cushion color that you offered, then choose the same color to match the chair. You can see the
mass production of our cushions in the bottom videos and pictures.

chair cushions in bulk

chair cushions colorful

we produce child chiavari chairs cushion
soft cushion for child chiavari chairs

2. Wood base panel chair cushions provide a high-end
upholstered look to your chair. We are vinyl wood base
cushions manufacturer named Qingdao Blossom Furni-
things limited.
(Model B)
chair cushions leather

Double-sided Velcro secures the cushion to the chair seat with peel-away self-adhesive.
High-Density Foam
Material: Vinyl
Fits all sizes of Chiavari chairs/phoenix chair/napoleon chairs.
Custom colors available
Box size: 48 x 78 x 160 cm (66 pieces)
More than 35% of customers choose IVORY PADS as well

Which chairs can match with a hard cushion or hard pads? Normally, all kinds of Chiavari chairs and resin chairs can
be matched with hard pads as well.

Ivory pads

The following photo shows different colors of pads for white resin Tiffany chairs as well.

hard cushions for chiavari chairs

chair PU cushion

pu cushion of chair

PU Soft Cushion

pu soft cushion supplier

pu soft cushion manufacturer

(Model C)

leather pads wholesale

Modified model C-2 as well

black leather cushions wholesale

3. Fireproof pads (Model D)

Velvet cushion, Most European customers like it very much. Especially for UK customers, the cushions
need fireproof and will be more Safety. More than 75% of British customers request fireproof pads.

fireproof chair cushions

chair cushions uk style

4.  Burlap cushions for vineyard cross back chairs

(Model E)

linen chair cushions

About the cushions for cross back chairs, we have 2 cartons for you to choose from.
The cushions are very light and thin but it does not affect quality.
One material is Polyester and one material is burlap. they are all very retro.
cushion for child chairs

tie cushion for child chairs


cushion show

cushion On x back chairs

tie cushion for x back chairschair cushions cross back chairs

We have very suitable cushions for wooden x-back chairs as the photos



Our seat cushions are zippered, don’t worry about getting dirty, just remove the seat cover and wash it,
that is, it is easy to wash and dry quickly. Our zippers are all high-quality hardware that can last a long
time if used properly.

chair cushion
So now you can see the photos of cushions for lime-washed cross-back chairs as well

limewash cross back chairs with white cushion

Also fabric material as well

fabric cushion for crossback chairs

cross back chairs with cushion

We also produce linen cushions for child cross-back chairs

cushions for child cross back chairs

PU Soft Cushion

We can also make the PU soft cushion of the cross chair. We can make the seat cushion the same colour
as the chair. We can also make the colour you need and make the colour according to the customer’s needs.

pu cushion

crossback chair cushion
5. Customized cushion, depending on your chair design

chair cushions for ghost chairs

Ghost Chair with Arm PU Soft Cushion

belle chair cushion
Chair cushions for Bella chairs


6. Cushions for bamboo folding chairs are as follows:

line cushion for bamboo chairs

folding bamboo chairs with cushion

fabric cushion for bamboo chairs

cushion for bamboo folding chair

tie cushion for bamboo chairs

round soft cushion for bentwood chairs

Belle Epoque Chairs Cushion

belle chair cushion

belle chair cushion supplier

Do you have pads for wooden thonet chairs?

Yes, we have special cushions for bentwood chairs. They are round and very suitable. I took a photo. In my office,
you can see that the cushions match the chair very well. Of course, we will provide a variety of colours.

pads for thonet chairspads for thonet beetwood chairs

wooden thonet chair

metal thonet chair with cushion

In addition, about ghost chairs, cross chairs, including all kinds of chairs we produce, we can provide
corresponding cushions.

white cushions for crossback dining chairs

ghost chairs with cushion

Do you have hard pads to match wooden Phoenix chairs? Yep……
natural phoenix chairs with hard pads

Chiavari Chair PU Cushion

chiavari chair cushion

white chiavari chair


white crushion

black cushion

Velvet Cushion Color Selection

The seat cushion cover is made of velvet fabric, very soft to the touch, and filled with pearl cotton, providing
complete comfort and extra support, adapting to your body and reducing pressure on your hips.

chair cushion

Velvet cushion supplier

Velvet cushion bulk

Velvet cushion manufacturer

Velvet cushion factory


cushion color

cushion color supplier

cushion color bulk

We also have cushion covers made of spandex as follows:

spandex cover for soft cushion wholesale

spandex cover for leather cushion

spandex cover for leather cushions

Details as well

hard pads cover

hard pad cover

Changing the seat cushion covers in different colors can make the chair suitable for different occasions and
decoration styles. You can easily change the look of your seat to match a specific occasion or personal
preference by choosing cushion covers in different colors or patterns. This flexibility allows you to decorate
and customize to suit your needs or mood.

chair cushion bulk

cushion cover

white chair cushion

cushion cover bulk

black cushion chair

chair cushion cover supplier

Elastic cover chair covers are available in various colours

Elastic stretch chair seat covers provide a beautiful appearance to square, round, or rectangular chairs,
suitable for home beauty decoration.Colour: white, pink, brown, burgundy, beige, light purple, dark grey,
light grey, blue, brown and so on.

chair cushion

Elastic sleeve cushion

Elastic sleeve cushion supplier

Elastic sleeve cushion bulk

We have 60 kinds of colors for your choice as well

Color of cushion covers

pad cushions color choice

back of cushion with spandex cover

Rattan seats for cross back chairs

rattan seats

pads for metal chairs

pads for metal chairs

Hard fabric cushions

hard pads

How to pack the chair cushion?

All cushions are finished then we will pack them into individual OPP bags to avoid getting dirty.

mass production cushion

When we loading goods. we will load all cushions for one preparation bag, or put them into cartons directly.
And also, put the cushions into chairs cartons together so that they can save space. Save space means you
can save more ocean freight. Please see more pictures below as well.

blossom furnishings cushion

blossom furnishings bulk cushions

loading container for cushions

Is there any good feedback about your chair’s pads and cushions?
Yes, our American customer is very happy about the quality and purchasing from us:

feedback for pads

How to Produce Chair Cushion?


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