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Wooden Phoenix Chairs Manufacturer

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Our phoenix chairs with Chiavari inspiration, carefully conceived with the shape and form that reflects an infinite cycle on its center of attention. the material of wooden phoenix chairs use beech wood, and they are very strong. This chair is very popular around the world, especially in the USA, the wooden phoenix chairs can be used for inside or outside. they can stackable 9-10pcs, easy to store and transport.

  1. This high-performance chair is of strong structure and reinforced with durable spare parts
  2. Chairs using superior quality lacquer and adopt spray painting tech, avoid painting peel-off
  3. The rate of water content for wood will be no more than 12%, Insurance that it will not crack
  4. Assembling spare parts such as seat pads and chair legs with not only glue but screw
  5. Plywood seat pads are reinforced with Metal brackets
  6. Installed glide tack to make it be skidproof and protect the floor from damage
  7. More than 350kgs static load

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We are a Phoenix chair manufacturer in Qingdao China, our phoenix chair manufacturer more than 68 workers.
Let us show you the size of our Wooden Phoenix Chair manufacturer

white wood phoenix chair

1. Our Phoenix chair is manufactured with a Very smooth wood surface due to an accurate additional
inspection of every single chair and making extra polishing (1-2 times depending on the problem )

phoenix chairs finishing

2. The painted surface hasn’t any scratches on the chair, no damaged paint at the end of the legs, dirt spots/stains.

 phoenix chair manufacturer

3. The bottom of the wooden Phoenix chair also ensures enough paint to keep the entire chair perfect. As you
can see we use more hardware to fix the wood legs and seats together.

bottom of seat

Selection of Color of our Phoenix chair manufacturer

Normally, we can make different colors for you to choose, such as gold, silver, white, and black. They are regular
colors. You can choose the color that you want. Also if you have your own color samples, you can show us, then,
we will produce the matching colors depending on your requirements.

Color swatch of chiavari chairs

The back design of the Phoenix chair is made of plywood or MDF material. the round back is made of CNC, so
the size is exactly the same. And the back makes the chairs more fashionable. We accept wholesale business
about Phoenix chairs. And the MOQ is more than 200 pieces.

spare part of wood chair

The connection between our parts adopts the traditional mortise and tenon structure. The connection is very
strong. In addition, with nails and glue, the assembled chair is very strong.

seats of phoenix chairs

How about the production time of these wooden chairs?

Under normal circumstances, our production cycle is four weeks, your order is a small container or two ultra-high
containers, our production cycle is four weeks. Why is that? Because our production process is the same, we have to
go through the same process of wood assembly, grinding, painting, and packaging.

spare parts of wooden phoenix chairs

The finished products installed with all parts will be put in the workshop for polishing. After polishing,
paint will be applied uniformly. After grinding, the paint will be more uniform.

wooden phoenix chair

phoenix chair

wooden phoenix chair supplier

After assembly, each chair will be hung up for painting and drying.

phoenix chair manufacturer

wooden phoenix chair supplier

wooden phoenix chair factory

wooden phoenix chair

Mass production of wooden Phoenix chairs for your reference. All chairs will double-check the quality before
packaged to make sure the surface of the chair is very smooth and the quality is the best. Also, we can
produce phoenix chair bar stools as well. Regarding the finishing of the color, you can ask Matt or the bright ones.

white wood phoenix chairs

What color can you produce?

In fact, for wooden products, most of the colors you want to achieve can be completed by manufacturers. However,
every year’s wedding and gathering places, different markets, and different countries have different popular styles. At
present, we can produce white, brown, gold, silver, primary color, retro color, washed white color, etc.

wooden phoenix chair white

We produce shiny white and Matt white too

wooden phoenix chairs white

white wooden phoenix chairs manufacturer

Another popular color as follows:

gold wood phoenix chair manufacturer

wooden phoenix chairs

antique natural phoenix chairs

We ship our limewash and white-washed wood phoenix chairs to Thailand and Australia as well.

limewash phoenix chairs wood factory

limewash phoenix chairs wood wholesale

limewash phoenix chairs wood

wooden phoenix chairs limewash color

The following light natural color is also very popular as well

light natural phoenix chairs

natural phoenix chairs with hard pads

wooden phoenix chairs natural

light natural phoenix chairs wood

How about the package?

The packing ways of wooden phoenix chairs with wooden Chiavari chairs are the same. They can stack up
to 9-10 high for efficient space management.., there will be polystyrene inside the packing and packed well
so when shipped out to our customers the items are well-protected.

box of chairs

container with phoenix chairs

Another packing model and loading container

Is possible to not use the boxes?

wooden phoenix chairs packing

loading without boxes

loading container of phoenix chairs

wedding galley of wedding chairs

Our Canadian Customer offer the feedback as well

white stone phoenix chairs

Jenny Gadzia from the USA ordered one container of wooden phoenix chairs, feedback is as follows:


feedback of phoenix chairs

We get very good reviews about these chairs, she sent a photo gallery of the chairs as well

natural phoenix chairs manufacturer


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