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Wooden Stackable Thonet Chair

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Blossom Furnishings are has been engaged in the production and export of Wooden Stackable Thonet Chair for more than 14 years. We have one of the best furniture factories in Qingdao, specializing in manufacturing all kinds of wooden, resin and metal chairs. Our wooden stackable Thonet chair is well received by customers. Stackable chairs are a classic design, especially for event rentals.

Our stackable wood Thonet chair is made from solid beech wood, with a variety of colors to choose from, give our customers multiple choices, such as brown, black, white is a popular color, and we can also customize the color according to your request. Some other advantages of working with us include excellent customer service and options to customize your products, are also the reason that customers why choose Blossom.

Wooden Stackable Thonet Chair Features:

  1. A classic design is an elegance chair for your wedding or event.
  2. Stackable design, can stack up to 8 chairs
  3. The back of the chair is complete piece of wood, not several pieces joint together
  4. A variety of colors to choose from
  5. The chair cushion available
  6. 1-year frame Warranty

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Descriptions of  Wooden Stackable Thonet Chair

We doing business for Thonet Bentwood Chairs Wholesale more than 13 years, we respect the original design of
Thonet bentwood chairs wholesale.

Thonet Bentwood Chairs Wholesale processing as following:

1. The wooden Thonet chairs seat frame is all solid beech wood. The size of the seat frame is
big size, and strong enough. The wooden Thonet seat frame is formed by four semicircle
splicing, use serrated joints, so that the contact surface is larger and easier to bond firmly.

2. After bonding with strong woodworking adhesive, After gluing the joint, we will use an
extruder to extrude the joint firmly for our bentwood chairs.

3. Inspection of seat of Thonet Bentwood Chairs Wholesale

After the completion of the frame, we have the steps of re-check to pick out components that do not meet
the strength requirements. We component the defective products, and dispose of them as waste products.
You can see everything through the photos.

We will attach a solid triangle to the position, where the front leg of the chair is installed.  To prevent
the strength of the chair, from being reduced due to too thin around the front leg mounting hole. The seat
plate is a little sunk and is ergonomically designed to be comfortable even without cushions.

The monoblock setback of the chair is a complete piece of wood, not several pieces joint together, this makes
s the chair stronger and more beautiful.

Descriptions of  Wooden Stackable Thonet Chair

Our skilled and experienced assembly workers are very important for the Thonet chairs. They ensure to assemble
the chair parts are in the right way, and at the right angle, all of the holes are punched in the right places.

We use Anti-rust hardware, to ensure the chairs will not affect the appearance in the use of the process.
The chairs life will be longer because we use the corrosion hardware.

This chair that’s been assembled and hasn’t been coated yet, The wood used for the chairs is flawless and
has no cracks and does not need to be repaired before painting so that the coating adhesion stronger and
not easy to fall off.

Weight Capacity: more than 400lbs.
Frame content: 100% beech wood
brown, black and white are the most classical colors
Overall size:Depth: 42cm Width: 42cm Height: 85cm
Matching chairs carts, chair covers

Descriptions of  Wooden Stackable Thonet Chair

The stackable design, all the bentwood chairs can be stacked up to 8 chairs. So you can save storage space,
during facilitate efficient transportation and handling. Then you can save transportation costs. This is critical
and important for event rentals.

During production, one very important step, sanding work, between basing sanding work and surface painting
work, we arrange nice quality sanding work for our bentwood Thonet chairs.

Although this will make our manufacturing process more difficult, the user experience will be more important to us.

The stackable Thonet chair needs at least to coat three finishes, spray paint manually. Every chair should
be re-inspected to ensure uniform spraying, zero defects, and perfect paint surface.

black thonet chairs wood

Descriptions of  Wooden Stackable Thonet Chair

Sometimes, one part of our customers buy unpainted bentwood chairs, their workers paint the chairs by
themselves, so all the colors will be matched the same with their ready stock, this is so smart way.
Also, you can send us your color samples, so we can do the same color for your confirmation.

After coating the first finish, our workers will polish the chair carefully again, so that the surface of the finish
is more smooth and delicate. You can see we can painting different colors for our bentwood stackable Thonet
chairs as following.

Descriptions of  Wooden Stackable Thonet Chair

After the painting is finished, we will leave the wood stackable Thonet chair to dry naturally. After the process
of natural drying, the coating will stick more firmly and the color will be more beautiful. Then wrap it
with PE film, avoid bumping or dropping dust.

Careful packaging is the best protection for the chairs to ensure that our chairs will be delivered to the customer
in good condition. We will wrap the chairs carefully with PE film first and then pack them in cartons.
Also, we have a different model and designs of Thonet chairs as following, they have a great market in the Australian market.

Our factory can also produce kid thonet chairs in different colors, such as ivory and solid wood kid thonet bentwood chairs.

Packing size:   65x45x235 cm (8 pieces) for 20 ft and 40 ft container
65x45x265cm  (9 pieces) for 40 ft HQ container
Loading quantities: 20 ft: 360 pieces
                                   40 ft: 720 pieces
                                   40ft HQ: 810 pieces

4 pieces per box as following
wooden thonet chairs packing
4 pieces one box

Love them, order them, we accept wholesale business only. Thanks. Waiting for your enquirers.


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