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Wooden Double Fishes Phoenix Chair

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Welcome to choose our new product, double fishes phoenix chairs, from the design you can see double fishes, our double fishes phoenix chairs without any patent confusion, production speed, novel style, fashion, double fishes phoenix chairs are very similar to the famous channel brand. Simple assembly to assemble and disassemble more. These wood phoenix chairs are so popular once they show on the furniture market for a wedding event, and used in the dining room, outdoor and so on, also you can see these wooden phoenix chairs in restaurant furniture marketing. Some customers change the back design base on normal styles, several oversea wholesalers visiting our factory for production processing, they are so surprised for more than 5 designs of these phoenix chairs, gold and limewashed colors more popular than natural color.

We are one big manufacturer for wood double fishes phoenix chairs in Qingdao China, our factory can produce some designed chairs depend on your draft or pictures.
No copyright for this design
Stackable of wood phoenix chairs
Difference color choice wood phoenix chairs including natural, gold, silver, brown and so on

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Technical Details

1)Polished high-quality, high-quality surface treatment. 
2)High-quality hardwood frame. 
3)The unique making technology of interior structure to ensure the chair’s reliability. 
4)The precision design of perforation. Durability ensured with steel flat socket 
  cap screw and lockout. 
5)V-shape Metal cocked hat(angle iron) support the bottom of chair making it 
  very stable and strong. 
6)The Distinctive Design of Wood Structures with Mortise and Tenon Connection.
The Use of the raw materials of Wooden Double Fishes Phoenix Chair conforms to quality standards. We have a professional production team, responsible for customer and product.
Phoenix chair is a new design for family, restaurant, wedding, indoor and outdoor. The cross pipe is a special black design for this chair. It looks elegant and gorgeous.
Wooden double fishes phoenix chairs production processing as following:
How to make wood phoenix chairs?
1. Spare Parts Production

2. Assembled and sanding work for our wood phoenix chairs in Qingdao blossom furnishings limited

3. First painting works for our wood phoenix chairs, bottom painting can be white or yellow-white color

4. Surface painting finishings of our wood phoenix chairs

Also, the black wood phoenix chairs as following:
These black funeral chairs for funeral events use. But you can see the pictures, we use matt painting work,  not shiny results.
we will paint 2 times of bottom painting and 2 times of surface painting.
black wood phoenix chairs
phoenix chair wood black

Popular Antique Ivory Color as following:
antique ivory phoenix chairs

Wooden double fishes phoenix Chair Packaging process

We package our wooden double fishes phoenix Chairs with a layer by polypropylene bags, air form, and leatherette
to avoid scratch and damage in the course of transit.
The loading of the wooden double fishes phoenix  Chairs (according to your requirements):
loading with boxes  and  loading without boxes

Where are the wood phoenix chairs using?
Wood phoenix chairs galley for wedding

Welcome to see the bellow video
How to make the wood double fishes phoenix chairs?
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