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Wooden Napoleon Chairs wholesale

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We have a professional factory manufacturing and wholesaling Corsica wooden napoleon museum chairs worldwide. All of them are made of solid oak or solid beechwood with a standard size. Pads match different chairs. In oversea, they are so popular, especially using an outdoor wedding. Mainly 60% of Corsica wooden napoleon museum chairs sold to the American market and Australian market. Showing the natural design from Corsica wooden napoleon chairs now. There are always semi-finished products, shorting the period of production and avoiding quality problems because of haste delivery. We have a wonderful after-sale service. We offer spare parts of them. So when the chairs have a little problem or a long time later, you can repair them by yourself.

Wooden Napoleon Chair Feature

  •  There are many kinds of materials such as beech or oak made out to different original color and staining effort.
  • Four kinds of seats such as plywood, solid wood and so on are available. We strongly recommend chill pressing seats which are sturdy and durable and have a large area of thrust surface.
  • Our wooden Napoleon chairs could be made to be stackable or not in terms of clients’ demand.
  • Fifteen kinds of color of wooden Napoleon chairs including light and matt are used extensively in the catering and wedding place.
  • There are always semi-finished products. On placing an order we arrange assembly and painting, shorting the period of production and avoiding the quality problems because of haste delivery.
  • Our products have passed SGS inspection, which is convenient for clients to clear customer and save cost.
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 300 pieces
  • Loading quantity: 450 pieces for one 20 ft container and 1100 pieces for one 40 HQ container

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Details of our wooden napoleon dining chairs and the MOQ of wooden napoleon dining chairs is 300 pieces.

Details of wooden napoleon dining chairs as following 7 points:

  1. Mainly use for wedding and hotels
  2. Wholesale wood wedding napoleon banquet chairs
  3. We can print your logo on the back of a seat for your Party Hotel Wedding Banquet Rental Solid Wood Napoleon Chairs
  4. antique quality banquet stackable wooden napoleon chair
  5. Made of solid beechwood or locust tree wood
  6. Minimum order quantity: 200 pieces per color for wedding chairs
  7. The solid wood material of the napoleon chair chooses high-quality beech wood or locust wood. The color of the original model
    is different, depending on the type of wood you choose.

Wooden napoleon dining chair color choice:

Please take a look at the following limewash napoleon chairs, this limewash napoleon chairs are very popular in the
Spanish market. We have more than 4 nice clients in Spain, they offer the color swatch samples, we copy exactly the
color. We can produce more than 9850 pieces monthly in one workshop in our factory.

wooden napoleon dining chairs manufacturer

Check the details of our wood napoleon chairs, you can find the quality control in our factory is strict.

wooden napoleon dining chairs gold

V-shape Metal cocked hat(angle iron) supports the bottom of the wood napoleon chair making it very stable and

wooden napoleon dining chairs hardware

Waterproof inner hexagon set screw, ensure the bolt does not strip. Durable high impact triangle metal hat
design. The metal triangle hat (Angle iron) supports the bottom of the chair, making it very stable and strong.
The unique internal structure manufacturing process ensures the reliability of the chair.


 napoleon dining chairs hardware

A unique craved design for chair brace makes the chairs more stable and strong.

 napoleon dining chairs size

Various different colors are available for your choice. Gold, Silver, Black, White, Brown, etc.

 napoleon dining chairs supplier

Our wooden napoleon dining chair factory can also produce Napoleon chairs of this style in black.

 napoleon dining chairs black

A 100% solid beech wood frame makes the chairs structure stable and stronger. Using simple pictures, you can
understand the wood napoleon chairs processing very clear. From spare parts, hardware, sanding, painting, every
step we have quality control.

 napoleon dining chairs production

All of the wood parts will be inspected carefully before sanding, ensure all the wood parts are wholes part and
strong, no knots, they were will sand all the wood parts before assembling, sanding work is very important
processing in the production, sometimes you need machine sanding work, sometimes, you have to use hand
made Sanding works.

 napoleon dining chairs spare parts

 napoleon dining chair spare parts

 napoleon dining chair wholesale

What color can you produce for napoleon chairs?

The napoleon chair can stack up to 10 pieces high to save more space for your storing.

wooden napoleon dining chairs factory
Due to urgent inquiries from some customers, we have a large inventory of semi-finished napoleon chairs.
All semi-finished products only need assembly and painting to ensure the aster delivery time.

wooden napoleon dining chairs silver

wooden napoleon dining chairs wholesale

9PCS FOR 20’GP,9PCS FOB 40’GP,10PCS FOR 40’HQ.Container loading quantity :450PCS/20’GP
1000PCS/40’GP 1100PCS/40’HQ

The Napoleon Chair is a classic favorite, and for good reason. Inspired by European craftsmanship of the
nineteenth century, this all-wood design brings imperial elegance to any occasion.

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