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Metal X Back Chair

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Bulk Metal Cross Back Chairs Wholesale from Blossom Furnishings

This metal cross back chair is a very special model of our wooden cross back chairs. In fact, Qingdao Blossom Furnishings limited can produce this model about 15 years ago. In 2015, we began the mass production for this model. The strong metal X parts make the chair nice looking and very strong. And the seat, we use one round bentwood to make the support for legs.  We doing business for wooden x back chairs wholesale.

Main Features of X back chairs with Metal X parts

  • Chair size: 43*49*92 cm
  • Metal x parts width: 31 mm
  • Chair weight:  4.2 kgs net weight
  • Stackable pieces: 8 pieces
  • Color: Any wood color
  • MOQ: 200 PIECES
  • Weight Capacity: 352 kgs
  • Lead time: Around 4 weeks
  • Loading quantity: 392 pieces per 20 ft container
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Bulk Metal Cross Back Chairs Wholesale from Blossom Furnishings

we supply our metal cross back chairs wholesale to sellers on Amazon, they buy bulk cross back chairs for sale, so we just do
wholesale to them. Order MOQ is more than 200 pieces.

Bulk Metal Cross Back Chairs Wholesale details.

  • Type: Metal X Back Chairs
  • Color: Black, White, Red, Pink, Natural Color and Custom Colors Are Available
  • Application: Metal Dining Chairs, Farmhouse Cross Back Chair, Cross Back Chairs Wedding, Vineyard Cross Back Chairs
  • MOQ: 200 pieces.

Let us show the production processing to you as follows:
1. Wooden spare parts, including chairs front legs, chair seats, chair big back legs, we have a very strict standard size.
And before assembling them together, our workers do good sanding works.

2. Assemble the parts together without metal x parts, we use nice screws and glue to assemble the chairs.

3. Bottom painting work and surface painting works

4. Assemble metal x parts and pack the chairs

How about the package of X back chairs with metal parts?

Sometimes, as you know, international sea freight is very high, so in order to pack more chairs into more containers,
we don’t use cartons to pack them. But we will pack it very well and resolutely avoid the collision between the chairs.
We separated each chair with anti-wear foam.

mass production of x back chairs

bulk cross back chairs

We can do many colors depending on your request as follows, as same as our wooden cross back chairs, resin cross back chairs.

bulk cross back chairs for sale

5. Loading container without boxes

Metal Cross Back Chairs package Metal Cross Back Chairs manufacturer

6. In order to avoid falling from the container, we fix them as the pictures. also, we will put about 3% free metal
parts and feet sliders in the container, so when some reason, you can change them by yourself.

Metal Cross Back Chairs loading

As a professional event chairs manufacturer, Blossom Furnishings has been involved in cross back chairs
manufacturing for over 10 years.  Our product has been exported to over 69+ countries, and get the favor of local

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