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Oak Crossback Chair With Rattan Seat

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The designer oak cross back chairs adds a modern, yet classic appeal to your dining room. Constructed of beautiful Oak finish, Oak wooden X back chair is very lightweight, yet extremely strong and wobble-free. Oak wooden X back chair ship fully assembled, can hold up to 400 pounds and can be stacked 8 high for storage. Designed for commercial and residential use, this durable and attractive bistro style chair is a great choice for your restaurant or dining room at home.

Oak Cross Back Chair with Rattan Seat Feature

  • High-quality structure with solid oak or beech wood
  • Enhanced response points provide greater stability, safety, and durability
  • Available color: black, walnut, brown, coffee, mahogany, etc
  • Natural rattan seat bring perfect sitting experience
  • Stack 9 Chairs High
  • Minimum order quantity: 100 pieces
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We selling our oak cross back chairs to the UK more than 8500 pieces monthly, and we are the real
factory of oak cross back chairs in China.

Barn Cross Back Chairs

Material and hardware of oak cross back chairs:

Natural oak painting is to approach the color for wood. Make the wedding or events atmosphere natural and
special. We doing five paints for each chair, there is  three based painting and two times surface painting.
We also use high-quality screws spare parts for these dining chairs as well.

Our Natural rattan seat cushion, we mostly choose the horizontal stripes to make chairs beautiful and comfortable.
And we painting the rattan cushion to make them durable. One way is to let the rattan seat with snap button
to fix the wood seat frame. The other is to use rivet to fix the seat frame. It’s optional for you.

Durable foot-pads, to protect the floor and reduce abrasion and noise, we use the skid-proof plastic foot
of each leg.

Oak Crossback Chair with Rattan Seat Size

Blossom Oak Cross Back Chair Production Process

Cross back dining chairs raw material is adopted by import material. The characteristic of wood is stronger
than the other wood material. As you know, oak wood is very very hard.

How to produce OAK X BACK CHAIRS wholesale?

We use the machine to cut and polished the legs of chairs. we make the Every frames and chair use 100% solid
oak wood.

The seat pad is also, when you check the real picture for your reviewing, you can see, the seat is stronger and
durable. Our workers use a professional machine to cut the seat plate. The thickness of each seat plate is 9 mm.
We always use nice glue to fix the seat plate.

If you choose oak cross back chairs, you must choose the high quality and steady structure. The horse-heads
of the chairs are cut with professional machines, each of which is the same size, and then polished to make
it smooth.

What is the main assembly process of your farmhouse chairs?

Our workers would assemble all the parts of the chairs to make sure they perfect and stronger.We not only need to
ensure that each individual component is explained, but also that the components are assembled together, have
standard dimensions, are not deformed, and are durable. These need to be achieved with the help of some homemade
small molds.

wooden crossback chairs assembled

For quality and quality control, our blossom has always been very strict. From the neatly placed white embryos
below, you can see that we are all making standardized products, and the quality control is super strict.

dining chairs wholesaler

cross back dining chairs factory

How many pieces these chairs can stack together?

These chairs that can be stacked together are arranged neatly, waiting for painting, Even if more than 8 chairs are
stacked together, this stack of chairs will not fall over when standing naturally. Therefore, we can see the stability of
our chair and the standardization of product size.

oak chairs

oak x back chairs

Regarding to the rattan seats

The entire rattan seat board is composed of two parts. The dried plywood board, plus the requirements of rattan
seats and rattan seats, we use normal texture and soft weaving, so that the chair cushions made in the future will look
like specifications. Uniform, neat and beautiful.

natural rattan for crossback chairs

After assembly, we will arrange to wipe or spray paint the cross chairs. The original oak cross chairs are widely
welcomed in Britain, Australia and the United States.

mass production of wooden oak x back chairs

natural oak x back chairs factory

x back chairs in bulk wholesale

natural color oak x back chairs bulk

You can check the real picture of mass productions for oak cross back chairs. If you don’t want oak, we can also
be made of beech wood or the others.

UK oak chairs

UK oak cross back chairs

crossback dining chairs wholesale

Okay, let our workers put the rattan seats on the chairs as well.

rattan seat x back chairs oak

How to inspect the chairs quality?

Although we have quality inspectors in every process, our quality inspectors will conduct a final inspection before
packaging. Under normal circumstances, at this time, we will not find bad quality chairs, but we still Quality
inspection is carried out very seriously, and a bad chair will never be allowed in the hands of customers. We will
resolutely take out the defective products found.

natural oak chairs

cross back coffee chairs

Pizza cross back chairs

The wood material is up to you, the color is up to you. We accepted OEM.

Please check the mass production of white cross back chairs with rattan seats

white cross back chairs with rattan seats

Oak Crossback Chair with Rattan Seat Packing

This wooden stackable cross back chair can be stacked up to more than 8, we can pack it in bulk like this.

Inner Package as following

package of wooden x back chairs

The cartons size is 65*51*235cm, 65*51*265cm for 40HQ, 8PCS /20GP, 9PCS/40HQ, Every chairs must
packed with plastic film to make sure no scratch, no break.

Without Carton Loading Quantity:
396 pcs  per 20 GP container
792 pcs  per 40 GP  container
930 pcs  per 40HQ container

With Carton Loading Quantity:
20ft:  Carton size: 65*51*235cm   for 20 ft:     342 pieces  (total 38 boxes, one box load 9 pieces)
40ft : Carton size: 65*51*235cm   for 4o GP : 684 pieces (total 76 boxes, one box load 9 pieces)
40HQ: Carton size:  65*51*265cm for 40 HQ container:  800 pcs  (total 80 boxes, one box load 10 pieces)

We use high quality of box for our chairs as well


It can be packed in the container in this way. The chair will be fixed with wire on the outside to avoid falling
out when the container is opened. Paper shells are placed on both sides of the container to prevent the chairs
from knocking off the paint.

Loading chairs with cartons as following:

stackable crossback chairs loading

Our cross back chair has an elegant cane seat, which is a sturdy but attractive natural looking chair. The
chairs are finished in natural oak and can be stackable.

crossback chair factory


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