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Wooden Rocking Chair

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Blossom Furnishings, one of the leading wooden rocking chair suppliers, provide folding wooden rocking chairs wholesale to the rental company, wedding planner, big wholesalers, etc.

This simple wooden rocking chairs will look great in your casual or traditional style home. The lovely porch style wooden rocking chair has a simple look, comfortable with a slat back and contoured slat seat. Finished in light oak, this rocking chair will complement your decor.

Straight wooden arm, square leg and wooden rocker base below. Add this casual rock to your home, a classic look and relax. When you visit our wood rocking chair manufacturer, you can easily find some material of pinewood and oak wood. Sometime near the swimming pool, these antique rocking chairs bulk matching with folding tables in leisure space.

We selling our wood rocking chairs to American and European outdoor and home furniture shops for sales. All the cheap wooden rocking chairs packed with spare parts and easy to be assembled.

  • Wooden rocking chairs with safety control
  • Flat package, knockdown package with assemble instruction book
  • Natural or brown, white and other colors options
  • Production time around 4 weeks after deposit
  • Only accept wooden rocking chairs wholesale business
  • Minimum order quantity: 200 pieces

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We wholesale wooden rocking chairs worldwide. Our rocking chair is made of Tanoak wood.
The product size is 67.5x87x113cm. the NW of the chair is 7.5kgs. and the GW is 9.5 kgs. and
we have 2 colors for your reference. Black and white wooden rocking chairs are available.

Spare parts  of a wooden rocking chair

For the spare parts of wooden rocking chairs, we adopted the most advanced machine to process the spare parts of the
wooden rocking chairs, including cutting, polishing, bending, drilling, assembling, painting work, and so on,
So our rocking chair is so hard and good-looking.

wooden rocking chairs wholesale

The wood from our factory is characterised by its lightweight, high strength, good toughness, long fiber, and
high content. Our rocking chairs are made of thick legs that bear the force on all sides and are strong and durable.

rocking chair

This is the material of the handrail and the silhouette lath seat, we all use the machine to cut the shape professionally.

rocking chairs

The armrests and silhouette lath seats are 22 inches wide at the front, 19 inches wide at the back, and 17/4 inches deep.

wooden chair

wooden rocking chairs

The paint used in our rocking chairs is imported, which does no harm to the human body. There is no need to
worry about the harmful smell during use.

Our factory paints very carefully and evenly so that the chairs will not have any defects.

white rocking chairs back parts

rocking chairs parts painting

Every part of the rocking chair produced by our factory is the same without deviation so that you won’t
have any difficulty in the process of installation by yourself.

wooden rocking packing

rocking chairs boxes

This is the wooden back of the rocking chair, the classic solid wood rocking chair back design, slightly curved,
comfortable seat.

back and seat of dining chairs

After painting, the back of the chair is perforated with professional machines to ensure that every chair hole
is the same and standard.

before package of dining chairs

After the back of the chair is painted, it is put on the shelf for air drying, and the paint on each part of the
chair is uniform.

dryness of chairs

back of white rocking chairs

slat of rocking chairs

All Parts of the Chair

This is all the assembly parts of the rocking chair. Each part is separate. If any part is found broken during
use, you can contact us to replace it at any time so that your chair can continue to be used.

gray rocking chairs

We also have the installation manual, you can read the installation manual before the installation, so as to
avoid installation errors and waste of time.

Flat package of rocking chairs

Place and package each seat plate to ensure that there is no missing part after the customer receives it.

wooden seats

We have four big screws and twelve small screws for each rocking chair and a small tool. Easy to install.

full hardware of rocking chairs

Wooden Rocking Chair Package

Each of our rocking chairs is strictly packaged, and each chair is individually packaged without damaging
the color of the chairs by friction.

regular package of rocking chairs

rocking chairs loading container

Want a rocking chair on the porch to enjoy the sun? Our outdoor balcony rocker is your best choice. It is a long
– a term used by poplar and PU coating. The spindle is designed with legs and supports to make the chair strong.
Designed with a slightly curved back and smooth rounded seat edges, it gives you a comfortable experience.
Add an armrest for comfort. Use this rocking chair to relax.

wooden rocking chairs wholesale


  • Can be used for a balcony, porch, and so on.
  • Made of solid hardwood
  • Beautifully designed, spacious seats and armrests are comfortable
  • A sturdy backrest is comfortable and safe
  • PU coating, UV protection
  • Assembly requirements

The packing pictures of wooden rocking  chair

Wooden rocking chair inside 1 carton, the packing size is 118*64*12 cm, there will be polystyrene inside the
packing and packed well so when shipped out to our customers the items are well-protected.

We also can produce other wooden dining chairs as well.


Care and  Maintenance

To keep outdoor hardwood and wicker furniture fun to use for years, we recommend the following care tips:

  • Immediately wipe the spilled liquid with a clean, dry cloth.
  • For daily care, wipe with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Avoid using harsh detergents and abrasives.
  • Make sure the furniture is completely dry before storing.
  • Use a suitable outdoor cover to ensure adequate ventilation without trapping moisture.

If you are interested in our affordable rock chairs price, please leave a message for us to get detailed
information and wooden rocking chairs price.


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