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Willow Crossback Chair Manufacturer

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Qingdao Blossom Furnishing limited is a willow dining chair factory in China. Our Willow chair has delicate arched lines. It is curvier and more feminine. It looks lighter, whimsical, and airy. But it still shows the rustic charm perfectly! With our Willow chair, you can stand out from the crowd and make a real personal statement. Stop by our design center and let our event experts help you plan the perfect look for your special event!

Willow Dining Chair Feature

  1. Unique internal structure manufacturing technology ensures the reliability of the chair.
  2.  The precision design of perforation. Perfect welding, smooth and durable.
  3. Has a high-quality surface
  4. Impact-resistant nylon sliding to protect the bottom of each chair leg and your floor
  5. The cross-back dining chair is fully assembled and ready for use when it arrives

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The wood finish gives a warm and natural feel, perfect for any decor. These chairs are easy to assemble and
will last for years. This willow dining chair appears to be a furniture design characterized by a combination
of simplicity and sophistication. It comes with ventilated open-weave seats, which likely contribute to a
comfortable seating experience while also adding a sense of lightness to the overall design. Additionally,
dining chairs are paired with a farmhouse-style table, suggesting a rustic or natural-inspired decor.

wooden dining chair

French Wedding Chairs Cross Back Elm Rattan Seat Dining Chairs are a stylish and functional addition to
any dining room or special event. Made of solid elm wood, this chair features a cross-back design that adds
a touch of elegance to the piece. Rattan seats provide a comfortable and natural ride. These chairs are perfect
for weddings, special events, or any other occasion that calls for stylish and elegant seating.

rattan seat willow chair

These beautiful chairs ship fully assembled, are available with rattan or solid wood seat panels, and can hold up
to 400 pounds. Stacks 8 high for storage. Designed for commercial and residential use, this durable and attractive
bistro-style chair is a great choice for your home dining room or dining room.

solid willow chair

The Wicker Cross Back Chair measures 48cm (L) x 42cm (W) x 88cm (H), while the seat panel is 44cm wide.
This size combines elegant design with comfortable seating, making these chairs ideal for a variety of situations.
This size makes the wicker cross-back chairs great in a variety of settings including weddings, banquets, outdoor
gatherings, and restaurants. Their height and seat width have been carefully designed to ensure comfortable
seating and stable support. At the same time, the elegant appearance and classic shape of the wicker cross-back
chairs also make them a bright addition to the decoration of the place. Whether indoors or outdoors, the wicker
cross-back chair is sized to suit different arrangements and scene needs. Their sophisticated design and
comfortable seating make them perfect for interacting with people, enjoying a meal, and celebrating special occasions.

willow dining chair size

This willow dining chair combines texture, comfort, and reliability for an exceptional sitting experience.
At the beginning of the design, attention was paid to details, especially the legs. Each chair leg is equipped
with anti-skid pads, which not only increases the stability of the chair on different grounds but also provides
users with a safer chair environment. In terms of texture, the willow wood used not only endows the chair
with a natural wooden texture but also shows a unique beauty in texture and tone. This natural texture may
not only enhance the overall home atmosphere but also allow users to establish a closer connection with
natural elements.

willow crossback chair factory

Environmental protection is another highlight of this chair. The use of solid wood materials and an
environmentally friendly paint spraying process means that these chairs follow the principles of environmental
protection in the material selection and production process. This not only helps to protect natural resources
but also creates a healthier and environmentally friendly home environment for users.

white willow chair factory

This willow dining chair strikes a perfect balance between simplicity and refinement. With airy, open woven
seats and farmhouse-style tables, this relaxing and breezy collection looks sun-kissed, and the driftwood finish
looks like it has weathered naturally over time. Willow is elegant and understated, with attractive proportions
and casual style.

willow dining chair

The willow dining chair is a classic in production. Our chair is based on a century-old farmhouse chair with
a high X backrest and comfortable woven seat. The soft green hue instantly refreshes any restaurant space.

white willow crossback chair

High back support, easy dining. Rattan’s design creates a natural charm. The distinctive style of these
willow chairs stems from their carefully engineered distressed gray finish, which not only accentuates the
wood grain and details but also gives the furniture a sense of age.

wooden willow dining chair supplier

This set of two Willow counter chairs adds rustic beauty to your dining room or kitchen. The hand-selected
salvaged wood is combined with the rough design to create a rustic retro look and the distressed gray finish
complements the wood grain and details of these slatted chairs, bringing a pleasant beauty to your room.

brown willow crossback chair

Our Willow Crossback chairs are not only available in washed white color but also in brown and black,
according to the color you need, we can accept custom orders.

Willow brown Chair

We have a lot of semi-finished products in our warehouse. You don’t have to worry about delivery time.
We have a strong production capacity to complete your order. No matter big order or small order.

black Willow Chair

The willow dining chair seems to be a classic piece of furniture design that continues the centuries-old
the tradition of farmhouse chairs with some improvements and innovations. The chair is equipped with a high
back, which may provide users with better back support for added comfort. In addition, the chair is equipped
with a rattan woven seat, a design that may not only enhance the visual lightness but also provide a soft
feeling when sitting.

rattan willow dining chair

EPE foam is used for packaging, which is a material with excellent cushioning properties and can effectively
protect products from external shocks. It can tightly wrap products during packaging and prevent collisions
and vibrations during transportation. In order to prevent the influence of moisture on the product, the
product is also placed in a waterproof plastic bag. This practice can effectively prevent moisture from
penetrating into the product and keep the product in its original state.

willow crossback chair package

At the wedding scene, rows of wicker cross-back chairs are neatly arranged, as if a noble seat has been
reserved for the upcoming ceremony. Each chair adds a touch of sophistication and romance to the scene
with its unique design. The bride walked down the red carpet in her gorgeous gown, and the groom held her
hand tightly as they walked to the newly decorated wicker-backed chairs, creating an eternal memory of the
bliss of this moment. During the banquet, the guests sat in wicker-backed chairs and enjoyed delicious meals
and pleasant music. The unique design of the chairs not only adds a lot of color to the banquet but also
provides a comfortable seat for the guests so that they can enjoy the food and communicate to the fullest.

willow dining chair bulk


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