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Vintage Rattan Folding Chair

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Qingdao Blossom Furniture is a rattan folding garden chairs factory in China. This series is mainly made of handmade round natural rattan or rattan and FAS-grade wood. It can also be made of natural rattan and steel. Natural color is one of the best-selling colors. Other colors can be customized according to customer requirements. French rattan weddings use airy and breathable octagonal mesh fabric, made of well-treated natural rattan or synthetic rattan. It is made by machine and hand. The long-lasting connection between the rattan webbing and the main structure is the crystallization of years of wisdom of life-long craftsmen.

Rattan Folding Garden Chair Feature

  • Mainframe: finger-jointed solid wood or agate rattan or a combination of both for best results
  • The gentle combination of modern Nordic design and traditional Chinese craftsmanship
  • Different colors to choose
  • MOQ: 200 Pieces
  • Chair Weight: 6.6kgs/PC, Box size:94x55x50cm

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Our vintage rattan folding chair is made of imported beech wood, which is not only strong and durable.
And the texture is hard, the service life is strong, and the abrasion resistance is strong. By nature
Indonesia imported rattan, hand-woven through more than ten processes, with a smooth surface.

rattan folding chairs manufacturer

Vintage Rattan Folding Chair Dimension

Manual measurement is different from batches, and there will be errors in size. Please refer to the actual size received.


wooden rattan dining chair

Folding Storage Saves Space

The compact figure does not occupy space, foldable storage saves space, is open and ready to use.
It takes only a step to fold easily. Effortless, even small women can use it easily

wooden cane folding chair

rattan folding chair weight

Versatile styles, classic solid wood rattan folding chair, strong artistic sense, suitable for various styles of
environment, high practicability, light and retro easy to carry.

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Foldable function, suitable for small spaces, can also go out for a picnic, easy to carry. Natural rattan, with
strong air permeability, stronger toughness, and high toughness mesh support at the bottom, which is more firm.

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The chair is made from ash wood from responsibly managed forests (FSC certified) and features a foldable
design and a contrasting woven rattan chair and a movable back. Felt pads on the legs to avoid scratching
the floor. The product was delivered assembled and folded.

rattan folding dining chair

Natural rattan is added to the back and seat of this folding chair, making it an attractive seating solution
for additional guests. Natural beechwood is comfortable, light, and durable. Simply fold it up for easy and
space-saving storage.

rattan folding chair

Due to the folding design, the chair can be easily stowed when not in use. This chair is made of solid wood
frame and hand-woven rattan back, very suitable for dining chairs, dressing chairs, etc.

wooden folding chair factory

Due to the natural materials used, fine fibers may appear on the woven back and back of the chair, which
can be easily trimmed.

rattan folding chair factory

wooden rattan folding chair bulk

The worker polishes the chair in the workshop. When polishing, our workers will also wear masks to
prevent sawdust from entering the lungs.

wooden rattan chair supplier

The chair has a foldable design and contrast-colored woven rattan seat and a movable backrest. You can avoid
scratching the floor because there are foot pads on your legs.

wooden rattan dining chair manufacturer

Our rattan folding chairs are not only widely used in hotels, cafes, balconies, terraces, sunrooms,
but also living rooms, bedrooms, gardens, villas, swimming pools, leisure occasions, etc.

wooden rattan folding chair factory

This step is to paint the chair. Our workers wear masks when they spray paint. Although the paint we use
is non-toxic. But for the health of workers, we still choose to let them carry it.

rattan back dining chair

After painting, the folding chairs will be placed here for drying. After the paint is dry, we will weave the
rattan backrest and rattan cushion.

wooden rattan folding chair supplier

A classic solid wood rattan folding chair with a strong sense of art, suitable for various styles of environments,
and high practicability. Lightweight retro and easy to carry.

wooden folding chair supplier

Main Framework: Finger-jointed solid wood or Manau Cane or a combination of both for the best effect.
A gentle combination of modern nordic designs with China traditional handicraft work.

wooden rattan folding chair supplier

The surface of natural walking sticks may feel rough to the touch. Before packaging, we remove the tiny
canes with fire or cut them by hand with scissors. The surface of natural rattan/rattan may feel rough to the
touch. Before packaging, we run a flaming flame across its surface quickly to remove tiny vines or trim it by hand.

rattan folding chairs

The load capacity makes it very comfortable for anyone of any size. A classic and versatile look, this chair
can be perfectly placed indoors or in the garden. Indoor/outdoor use, no assembly required. The chair will
not fade, chip, crack, chip, peel, or rot when exposed to the elements.

rattan folding chair test

Our rattan folding chairs are all professionally tested and we have professional reports. Every aspect of the
rattan folding dining chair has been tested and the report shows a pass.

rattan folding chair test report

Packaging and shipping

Standard export package
1. Thick inner bubble
2. Outer carton
3. Conical protective foam and corrugated cardboard packaging

wooden folding chair supplier

Handcrafted Rattan Folding Chair – A stylish space saver with a contemporary design that will fit in any
space in your home or vacation home. The seat back is designed to move with your upper back, keeping
people cool and comfortable.

rattan folding chair supplier

The bottom is reinforced with mesh support, which is not easy to collapse. The natural Indonesian rattan
seat cushion is comfortable and breathable. The 110° reclining angle gives you a comfortable sitting feeling.

folding chair

Our cartons are all custom-made and fit perfectly with the packing of this chair. We pack four chairs in one
carton, which saves both space and shipping costs during transportation.

rattan folding chair

The connection of the rattan folding chair body adopts the dark tenon connection process, the wood, and
the wood are closely interlocked, and the structure is more stable.

rattan folding chair package

Every time we put a chair, a layer of bubble film will be covered to prevent the chair from rubbing during
transportation and damaging the paint of the chair.

rattan folding chair bulk

Rattan/rattan itself has a reputation for longevity over the decades in furniture applications. But how to
combine rattan and wood is the wisdom of many years of craftsmanship. For example, where strength and
durability are required, we use hidden nails, eco-friendly glue, and sometimes woven rattan to secure the canes/canes.

rattan folding chair factory

rattan folding chair manufacturer

Rattan folding chairs factory

Tired of the noise and traffic of modern cities, do you want to feel the simplicity and purity of nature? Then
I will choose this rattan chair. The rattan chair is light and generous, simple, and full of ancient style. It can
make you feel an intimate contact with nature in a reinforced concrete house. It is simple and interesting, as
if intimate with nature. touch.

rattan dining chair bulk

One of our new customers sent us a positive email after receiving our chair! Very happy with our chair and
will repurchase it in the future. The quality of our chairs and tables is very good, and they have been inspected
by professional workers before leaving the factory. If you doubt the quality of our chairs, check out these
positive reviews from our customers.

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