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Wooden Multiple Patterns Backrest Phoenix Chair

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Blossom Furnishings has been engaged in the production and export of wooden chairs for more than 14 years. We have one of the best furniture factories in Qingdao, specializing in manufacturing all kinds of wooden, resin, and metal chairs. Our wooden Phoenix chair is well received by customers. In order to further meet customers’ needs, we have developed multiple patterns of backrest Phoenix chairs for customers to choose from. We wholesale event rental/hire wood Phoenix chairs worldwide.

Our wood multiple patterns backrest phoenix chair is made of solid beech wood, multiple patterns backrests with a variety of colors to choose from, give our customers multiple choices, and can make your chair in the market or the venue of the event unique. Some other advantages of working with us include excellent customer service and options to customize your products, which are also the reason that customers choose Blossom.

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Our Backrest Phoenix Chair Wooden Multiple Patterns Features, we produce Backrest Phoenix Chair
Normally around 6850 pieces monthly.
wooden phoenix chair
wooden phoenix chair black

  1. Weight Capacity: more than 400lbs.
  2. Frame content: 100% beech wood
  3. Multiple patterns backrest
  4. Limewash, gold, white, and varnish colors are the most classic colors
  5. Overall size:Depth: 42cm, Width: 41cm, Height: 92cm
  6. Matching chair carts, chair covers, and cushions are available.
  7. Elegance and grace chair to your wedding or event.
  8. Stackable design can stack up to 10 chairs
  9. Multiple patterns backrests with a variety of colors to choose from
  10. A variety of cushions to match the chair
  11. 1-year frame Warranty

The material of our wood phoenix chair

We always select high-grade timber, storage process should ensure ventilated and rainproof, making the moisture
content of lumber maintains to be controlled in 12%, such lumber is not easy craze,  these party chairs that
such production comes out just is more durable.

We polish every part of the multiple patterns backrest Phoenix chair carefully.  It is also a process of
screening out parts for defects, smooth surface, ready for spray coating, if the surface is not smooth, we will
not ensure nice painting work and beautiful surfaces.

The back of the two chair legs are radian, we will use steam to heat the chair legs, with the mold to squeeze
the chair legs to the appropriate radian, chair legs finalize the design after the mold is taken off.

Wooden Multiple Patterns Backrest Phoenix Chair Processing:

The legs of the multiple patterns backrest wooden phoenix chair removed from the mold will be
stacked together to dry, produce chair components in advance, storage, help us to speed up the production
of orders on-time delivery.

Multiple patterns of backrest are available, and we are also can make new patterns as customers requests, to
the greatest extent possible to meet the customer needs of our unremitting pursuit of the goal.

We can produce different wood phoenixes as follows:
unpainted wood phoenix chairs

Phoenix Chair mass production Phoenix Chair wooden Phoenix Chairs natural Phoenix Chairs mass production

The wooden phoenix chair back frame is made of all solid beech wood, and the size of the section is 3.5*3cm, big
size and strong enough. The contour of the backrest is formed by two semicircle splicing, using serrated joints,
so that the contact surface is larger and easier to bond firmly. After bonding with strong woodworking adhesive,
After gluing the joint, we will use an extruder to extrude the joint firmly.

Wooden Multiple Patterns Backrest Phoenix Chair construction:

Skilled and experienced assembly workers are very important for the processing. Our workers assemble the
chair parts together strongly in the right way. At the right angle and that the holes are punched in the right
places so that the chair is not only firmly assembled, but also does not produce abnormal sound during use.

Painting work of wooden Phoneix chairs

We spray paint manually.  Our quality control team will inspect every chair carefully, and make sure zero
mistakes, zero defects, and a perfect paint surface.

Wooden Multiple Patterns Backrest Phoenix Chair Package

After we finish the painting work, we will keep the wood multiple patterns backrest phoenix chair to
dry naturally. After the process of natural drying, the coating will stick more firmly and you will see more
beautiful colors of our wedding chairs as well.

Careful and thoughtful packaging is the best protection for the chairs to ensure the safety. We will deliver
our chairs to the customer in good condition. We will wrap the chairs carefully with PE film first and then pack
them in cartons, also we will secure the cartons with packing straps.

Our customers really love these chairs

Backrest Phoenix Chair Backrest Phoenix Chair wood Backrest Phoenix Chairs wooden Backrest Phoenix Chair natural


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