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Fan Back Plastic Chair

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Qingdao Blossom Furnishings Limited not only produces pp regular plastic folding chairs, but also we produce Fan Back Plastic folding chairs in different colors. The round back will be more comfortable when you sit.
This chair is widely used. In addition, it is easy to transport and store, and the price is relatively cheap. So many customers buy this chair. Our quality is excellent and we have stock, so we are always favored by wholesalers and end users.

Main Features:
Material: Metal 19×1.2 mm iron and pp frame
Production capacity: 150000 pieces monthly
Finishing: Powder coating
Size of chair: 875x450x445 mm
The packing size is 107 x 46 x 29 cm
Chair weight: 3.5 kgs
Weight Capacity: 350 kgs
Chair Colors: White, Blue, Red, Black, Green and so on
MOQ: 300 pieces 

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As one famous Fan Back Plastic Chairs Wholesale in China, we supply more than 150000 pieces of chairs monthly
now.  We just accept the business of Fan Back Plastic Chairs Wholesale.  These chairs are thinner than Fan Back
Folding chairs
as well. You can check all the details as follows:

Fan Back Plastic Chair Wholesale details:

Please see the detailed size and weight marked in the following black chair pictures. Due to our mechanized
production, the details of each chair are the same. The size and weight are standardized production. We have a
special quality inspection team to carry out strict inspection on the assembly process of the chair and the individual
spare parts, and resolutely replace and eliminate the defective products.

details of fan back chairs

Different colors of chairs:
We produce more than 7 kinds of folding chairs, red, green, black, white, brown, yellow, blue, etc. These chairs are
comfortable and strong to sit on, with a bearing capacity of more than 200kg (440 LBS). These chairs are widely
used outdoors, in parks, outdoor weddings, outdoor activities, etc.
MOQ: 300 pieces 

Fan Back Folding Chairs Wholesale

Colorful of Fan Back Chairs

Connect parts of Fan Back Plastic Chair

connetting of chair parts
spare parts

Normally, we have ready stock for white chairs, we have more than 3000 pieces of white ready chairs and 2000
pieces of black ready stock for prompt shipment.

ready fan back folding chairs

The packing size is 107 x 46 x 29 cm

We use high-quality of metal frames as fan-back chairs frame, We firmly refuse to use renovated materials to
ensure the bearing capacity of chairs and the safety of people.

Fan Back Folding Chairs Wholesale

Perfect Loading for our Fan Back plastic folding chairs as follows:
Normally, ten chairs are placed in a cardboard box. The chairs are separated by plastic to ensure that there is no
friction between them. Our chairs are not easy to lose paint. The paint has strong adhesion.

loading container of fan back folding chairs

Gallery of fan-back plastic chairs
White folding chair with a long table, a long table covered with a white tablecloth, coupled with high-grade tableware,
knives and forks is a good choice for a wedding.

Galley of Fan back folding chairs

Fan Back Folding Chairs Wholesale

Fan Back Folding Chairs Wholesale

2 reviews for Fan Back Plastic Chair


    They’re nice.l want to know the price

  2. Anthony Lee Dadzie

    I need about three 300 pieces and I want to know the price for One.

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