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Wedding Chiavari Chairs

Top 10 Made in USA Dining Chairs Manufacturers


Are you searching for Made in USA Dining Chairs with high quality and cheap prices?  Buy From the original chair manufacturer is a good idea to save your money.

Wedding Chiavari Chairs

Here we list the top 10 Made in USA Dining chair manufacturers known to provide the best quality dining chairs:

  1. Blossom Furnishings-Best Recommended USA Dining Chairs Manufacturer

The Qingdao Blossom Furnishings Limited Company, an events chair factory, is one of the leading dining chair suppliers in the USA. Established more than 15 years ago, the company specializes in the large-scale manufacture of tables and chairs for events.

crossback chair factory

Blossom Furnishings has a large factory which covers approximately 12,000 square meters. There are over 70 qualified craftsmen employed in the company, as well as 320 machines (both autonomous and semi-autonomous) used in the manufacturing process. The skilled employees and modern machines used guarantee high-quality and durable furniture.

resin chair factory

Every month, Qingdao Blossom Furnishings produces over 20,000 pieces of furniture and 60 kinds of items. The most commonly produced event furniture includes wooden chiavari chairs, metal banquet chairs, wooden cross-back chairs, resin chiavari chairs, plywood folding tables, Louis chairs, farm tables, and folding chairs.

The event chairs and tables manufactured by the company are usually sold locally and exported worldwide to more than 56 countries. Furthermore, the manufacturer has a quality control team that ensures that all furniture pieces produced have perfect finishing and meet the best quality according to Australia, Euro, and USA quality standard testing.

  1. Events Table-Banquet Chairs Manufacturer USA

Events Table is a banquet tables and chairs manufacturer company in the USA that deals with events and party supplies. The chair manufacturing company is based in California and offers renting services for a wide range of event furniture, such as folding chairs, Chiavari chairs, and folding banquet tables.

Events Table

In addition to the event chairs and furniture, the distributor company also offers more equipment and supplies used in different events, such as hotel banquets, church services, weddings, graduations, and festivals. The easy availability of these event supplies and equipment makes Events Table Company a go-to source for everything you need to set up and ensure a successful event.

The most outstanding aspect of this California-based rental company is its great customer service. Unlike in most companies where you can never speak to the same person twice, Events Table offers personalized customer service to its customers.

Even if you do not know which tables and chairs to use, you can expect to get expert advice from the team. More so, each customer is assigned to a particular sales representative, ensuring that they always get help and support quickly.

  1. Chiavari Chair Company-Best Chiavari Chair Manufacturers USA

The Chiavari Chair Company, a professional Chiavari Chair Manufacturer, is located at 4211 Van Kirk Street, Philadelphia. It was established in 2003 and specializes in the manufacture and distribution of fine antique furniture. The main event furniture produced by the company is wooden Chiavari chairs.

clear chiavari chairs

Chiavari Chair Company mainly focuses on producing Chiavari chairs of the highest quality and value. The team of workers employed in the company tests the chairs regularly, re-evaluates them, and also makes improvements whenever possible. Therefore, customers are always guaranteed to get the best quality rental furniture for their events.

In addition to being of great value and quality, the wooden Chiavari chairs manufactured by the company are also durable, long-lasting, and very attractive. In fact, in the entire market, only the Chiavari Chairs pass every single BIFMA commercial furniture test conducted for strength and safety.

So if you are looking to rent top-notch chairs for your events, the Chiavari Chair Company would be the best manufacturer to go to. The good news is that the chair manufacturing company sells its services both locally and internationally; so you won’t have to worry about your event location being accessible.

  1. CTC Event Furniture-Best Wooden Chairs Manufacturer

This event furniture manufacturer is based in the United States. It has branches located in several states, such as Nevada and Georgia. CTC Event Furniture Company deals with the production and selling of event furniture, such as church chairs, plastic folding tables, Chiavari chairs, wood folding tables, wedding chairs, and x-back chairs.

CTC Event Furniture

The furniture manufactured by the company can be used to provide seating needs for rental companies, schools, convention centers, banquet hall facilities, hotels, and wedding venues. The company also distributes its products to both the local markets and the global markets.

When a client from the global market places an order, they get a confirmation message through email. In addition, the client is provided with the actual freight costs that they will be charged for shipping the furniture.

Therefore, when you order from CTC Event Furniture, you will only be required to make a single payment, after which you will comfortably receive your items. This saves customers a lot of stress and hassle involved in following up on shipping processes and payments.

  1. Atlas Chair-Made in USA Dining Chair Manufacturer

The Atlas Commercial Chair Company, a professional dining chair manufacturer, is located in Los Angeles, California. Having been first launched in 2004, the company has more than 16 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality furniture and event equipment.

Atlas Chair Company supplies stacking chairs, folding tables, plastic folding chairs, plywood, and other equipment used for special events. The furniture products are distributed to both retail and wholesale markets, with its main buyers being markets in Canada and the United States.

Atlas Chair

In 2018, Atlas Commercial Products performed a merger with the Events Table Company. With this partnership, the company provides high-quality items and great customer support to its customers. The furniture manufactured is mainly supplied to event venues, party rental companies, and other online retailers.

  1. Modern Event Furniture (MEF)-Made in USA Dining Chair Supplier

The Modern Event Furniture (MEF) Company is popular for its production of furniture with great functionality and beautiful design. The office chair manufacturer firm entered the furniture rental business more than ten years ago. Hence, you can rest assured that the company has the needed experience to manufacture the best event furniture designs.

Modern Event Furniture

All the chairs and tables manufactured are specifically designed for event and rental purposes. The team of workers employed combine functionality with the latest trends in the market, such that the furniture produced always goes hand in hand with modern technology and advancements made in the event design industry.

The MEF Company is also known for its great innovation and creativity in the industry. The large-scale manufacturer of event furniture is constantly introducing new styles, concepts, finishes and designs. More so, all the chairs and tables manufactured offer sleek and polished looks.

Indeed, when you rent your event furniture from the Modern Event Furniture Company, you can expect to get the most attractive designs that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression to the event participants.

  1. MIDAS Event Supply-Table And Chair Manufacturers USA

MIDAS Event Supply, a professional event table and chair manufacturer specializes in the wholesale supply of chairs and tables for different types of events. The main products dealt with by MIDAS Event Supply include chiavari chairs, cocktail tables, wood folding chairs, banquet tables, table linens, resin folding chairs, and other event-related accessories.

MIDAS Event Supply

The MIDAS Event Furniture Company offers very affordable prices for its event furniture items. In fact, most of these event chairs and tables go for factory-direct prices. The good thing is that these relatively low prices do not sacrifice the great quality of the furniture. Rather, all event tables, chairs, and other event accessories are tested to meet the highest American production standards.

To ensure the production of high-quality event furniture, MIDAS Company has partnered with other factories that test and ensure U.S. quality standards. The furniture is supplied both locally and internationally.

At times, the company even sends teams overseas to work onsite and ensure that quality control is maintained. This is clear proof that the company always has their customers’ best interests at heart; by always providing premium quality products at the most affordable prices ever.

  1. Palmer Snyder-Made in the USA Since 1919

The Palmer Snyder Company, an American office chair manufacturer, also provide dining room chair, was started in 1919. However, it was previously known as the Snyder Chair Company, with its name being changed to Palmer Snyder in the early 1970s. The event furniture manufacturer company is based in Conneautville, Pennsylvania. However, it has other established branches in cities like Kentucky and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Palmer Snyder

Palmer Snyder mainly deals with the manufacture and distribution of event folding chairs. These chairs are made using Appalachian hardwood; a high-quality type of wood that ensures the durability and strength of the chairs. In addition, the chairs are usually designed with beautiful finishes and designs, such that they enhance the appeal and attractiveness of the event grounds.

This leading event chair manufacturer has a team of skilled Craftsmen, where 40% of the employees have more than 20 years of experience manufacturing event furniture. Also, the factory used in the production business is packed with modern machines and advanced technological equipment; all of which ensure a quick, yet high-quality manufacturing process.

  1. Southern Aluminum-Lightweight Furniture Manufacturer

Southern Aluminum Company is ranked among the top leading manufacturers of lightweight furniture. Started in 1978, the manufacturing company has more than 40 years of experience working in the event planning industry.

Southern Aluminum (1)

In addition to producing lightweight furniture, the Southern Aluminum Company is also known for its unique, stylish furniture designs. The firm has a team of very talented and skilled workers who offer exceptional ideas for linenless furniture.

Most of the furniture manufactured by the company can be used by a wide range of industries, including those in the education, healthcare, hospitality, and government sectors. The event chairs and tables are usually of very high quality, superior durability and strength. Also, the furniture is designed with contemporary aesthetics and advanced functionality, which enhance the appearance of the chairs and tables.

More so, the Southern Aluminum Company offers quick and reliable customer service to its customers. The customer support team is always available to offer dynamic solutions to customers and ensure that they get high-level, satisfactory services.

  1. Beaufurn-American Chair Manufacturer

If you are looking for beautiful furniture that will create the right impression at your event, then Beaufurn is just the ideal manufacturer to choose your furniture from. This company has its factory located in the heart of the USA; the Triad of North Carolina.


Beaufurn understands that each commercial space is different and unique in its own way; hence, each project requires a slightly different form of furniture design and functionality. With this in mind, the company provides a wide range of furniture for commercial projects. It offers chairs and tables of different designs; designs that can fit numerous commercial projects.

In addition, the event furniture manufacturer allows customers and clients to order their own customized furniture. For instance, you can order chairs and tables with wood or metal finishes, or even furniture with fixed and swivel bases.

Beaufurn also offers a wide range of upholstery and in-house items that enhance the beauty of your space. The materials used in the production process are eco-friendly and 100% certified; therefore, you won’t have to worry about the health risks and safety of your loved ones when you use these at your event.


Holding an event gives you a perfect opportunity to make a good first impression on the guests or clients. And the best way to make a lasting impression would be to use the best chairs and tables for your event.

However, while you might consider buying new furniture sets for the event, it is highly recommended that you rent these from furniture manufacturers. Renting furniture helps you keep the costs down and also makes the planning process much easier.

So if you have any upcoming events, consider the Top 10 Event Tables and Chairs Manufacturers discussed above; these manufacturers guarantee to provide you with furniture that will leave your guests talking for many more weeks to come.

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