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Top 10 Chair Manfuacturers UK

Top 10 Chair Manufacturers UK

About Top 10 Chair Manufacturers UK

Chairs are considered an integral part of the daily used household and office furniture items. Chairs of different materials and designs are available in the market. While buying chairs, you should be aware of the fact that we require chairs of different designs for different tasks in our daily life. We mostly like comfortable seated chairs at home to relax, watching TV, for reading while we prefer supportive and posture adjustment chairs for work so we can support our back.

Comfortable seating, posture adjustment, durability, and affordability are some key features that should be considered during purchasing furniture. Although there are a lot of UK-based furniture manufacturers available, for ease of readers I picked the top 10 Chair Manufacturers UK based on variety, year of expertise, services, and affordability. In the following, I enlisted key features, signature products, and services offered by these famous chair manufacturers.

About Blossom Furnishings

The Qingdao Blossom Furnishings Limited Company, an events chair factory, is located in the northern part of China. Established more than 15 years ago, the company specializes in the large scale manufacture of tables and chairs for events.

crossback chair factory

Blossom Furnishings has a large factory which covers approximately 12,000 square meters. There are over 70 qualified craftsmen employed in the company, as well as 320 machines (both autonomous and semi-autonomous) used in the manufacturing process. The skilled employees and modern machines used guarantee high-quality and durable furniture.

resin chair factory

Every month, Qingdao Blossom Furnishings produces over 20,000 pieces of furniture and 60 kinds of items. The most commonly produced event furniture includes wooden chiavari chairs, metal banquet chairs, wooden cross back chairs, resin chiavari chairs, plywood folding tables, Louis chairs, farm tables and folding chairs.

The event chairs and tables manufactured by the company are usually sold locally, and also exported worldwide to more than 56 countries. Furthermore, the manufacturer has a quality control team that ensures that all furniture pieces produced have perfect finishing and meet the best quality according to Australia, Euro, and USA quality standard testing.

  1. The Chairmaker

The Chairmaker, one of the leading dining chair manufacturers in the United Kindom, is considered one of the best wood chairmakers in the UK and owned by a Sussex based company CVOUK Ltd. Their unique and innovative design and extent of customization makes them the best in the furniture industry. The Chairmaker believes in collaboration with different designers around the world to create unique and innovative ideas. The featured products of The Chairmaker include:

  • Hove Tub Chair
  • Rottingdean Chair
  • Fontwell dinning Chair
  • Rusper dinning Chair
  • Ditchling dinning Chair
  • Horley dinning Chair

The restoration department of the Chairmaker is famous in the furniture industry due to the restoration services they offer to their clients. With the help of virtual CAD designing, the user can select the style and fabric of his own choice. Similarly, The Chairmaker can build chairs for you according to your provided design, prototype, or pictures. For a better experience, users can visit them personally in their main store in Sussex or can visit them online to get the price.

  1. Ergochair

If you are looking for chairs for posture adjustments, back-pain-aided chairs, or health-aided chairs online, Ergochair is the correct place. Ergochair, a professional office chair manufacturer UK, was founded in 2004 by a group of ergonomics and health professionals to provide the best-customized chairs to their clients.

ergochair1 (1)

The craftsman of Ergochair takes measurements like height, weight, etc. to create a customized chair for you. If you are facing any health liability, contact Ergochair because Ergochair is a recommended brand by physiotherapists and health professionals among all wooden chair manufacturers in the UK. Due to their 17 years of experience, many UK-based international companies like Unilever, MicroLink, FUJITSU, Webhelp, Astrazeneca use Ergochair manufactured chairs for their workers and staff. The featured products you can find online here:

  • Adapt series (adapt 500, adapt 600, adapt V600, adapt 200, adapt 700, adaptLift)
  • Zen series (zentoFit, zentoFit SE, zentoSmart, zenkiSit, zenkiDesk)
  • Actyv series (Reactive, Large, Vertical and Portable Lumbar support )
  • ergoKids
  1. Morgan Furniture-Best Wooden Chair Manufacturer UK

Morgan Furniture is one of the finest wooden chair factories in the UK with the head office and show-studio in Hampshire. Their craftsmen and designers are known for building classical, innovative wooden articles for their clients on demand. Their slogan “We start with trees and ends with beautifully crafted wooden chairs” itself shows their commitment and passion to produce high-quality products.


The designing team which is headed by Katerina Zachariades believes in designing furniture with unique design, yet durable and elegant. Due to their diligence approach, Katerina’s team has received the Design Guide Mark award for 10 products including Brompton, City, Kyoto, Lima, Manhattan, Miami, Pimlico, Rakino, Rio, and Valencia. Clients can approach Morgan Furniture either by visiting their studio in Hampshire or online to get the price:

  1. GOPAK-Best Folding Chair Mnaufacturer UK

If you are looking for lightweight and foldable furniture items, tables, and chairs in the UK, GOPAK is the best place to shop. GOPAK has been in this chair manufacturing business since 1954 and is famous for its signature product foldable tables and chairs. GOPAK furniture items are demanded by sports or events organizers, party events, restaurants, street vendors, charities organizing NGOs as they are easy to fold/unfold and carry.

wooden cross back chair bulk

GOPAK products are also admired on the government level due to their eco-friendly material which is durable and recyclable. A huge range of chair and table products are available on their official site and readers can visit them. GOPAK also offers free home delivery services of in-stock products to UK residents.

  1. Fiesta Furniture

Fiesta Furniture is considered a trusted name in the UK for its wide range of banqueting, wedding halls, restaurants, and hotel-based furniture items. Their furniture items are widely used in wine bars, pubs, and the hospitality industry all around the UK.


The products’ colors are unique and bright, the design is innovative and the material is durable and sturdy. Fiesta Furniture also claims to offer the lowest price for furniture items as compared to all manufacturers in the UK. That’s why Fiesta Furniture is popular for selling efficient, user-friendly, refurbished chairs at a reasonable price. Fiesta Furniture encourages people to visit their showroom in Hertfordshire or their online site here:

  1. Strictly Tables & Chairs

Strictly Tables & Chairs is also considered one of the biggest suppliers of foldable furniture items in the UK. This Hertfordshire-based company offers a wide range of daily used items in their store. The foldable table collection contains Wooden folding tables, Plastic folding tables, Heavy-duty folding tables, Student’s exam tables, etc.

Strictly Tables & Chairs

The Chair collection contains chairs made of wood, aluminum, steel, plastic, foldable, unfoldable, banqueting, wedding chairs, cross-stacking chairs, and many more. Along with these, sports, kitchen, and hospital accessories, items are also available at their warehouse or online site. Readers can view their entire collection at their site here:

  1. Style Seating

Style Seating also comes in the list of top 10 chair manufacturers in the UK due to their 30 years of expertise in chair manufacturing. Style Seating first started to make furniture for banqueting, hotels, and restaurants. But in recent years, they have expanded their collection and now manufacturing chairs and tables for different purposes like conferences, reception halls, worship ceremonies, educational institutes, etc.

The Chairmaker-top chair manfuacturers UK

Not only in terms of style, but they also bring variation in the manufacturing material of the furniture items. Currently, their signature products include Comodor Aluminium Stacking Armchair, Ascot Aluminium Stacking Chair, and Comet Aluminium Stacking Chair. Style Steaking doesn’t like the involvement of third-party and encourages users to directly contact their support team here:

  1. Lakeland Furniture

Lakeland Furniture is known for its wide collection of household furniture items, dining tables and chairs, kitchen accessories, trollies, garden chairs, moveable chairs, and tables. Along with these, they have a very wide collection of office-use items. Lakeland Furniture aims to build furniture items that occupy the least space, yet are comfortable in use.


Along with functionality and durability, Lakeland company also ensures the affordability of products for their users. Therefore, the company offers free home delivery to their UK resident clients. The company also holds time-to-time sale events, where buyers can get discounts on the purchase of their desired items. You can visit them here and can place your order online by contacting their support team.

  1. Dining Chair

The dining chair is a London-based wooden chair manufacturer company in the UK. The showroom of Dinning Chair in London is a one-stop-shop where a buyer can find all kinds of furniture items. Dinner Chairs proudly presents their wide collection of wooden furniture items which are the embodiment of traditional British Handmade craftsmanship.

dining chairs wholesale

The wide collection of dining chairs, dining tables, bar stools, Ottomans, Clubs, and bespoke chairs can be seen on their official site. Users can select the resources of their own choice for the building of furniture items such as wood, nails, arms, bases,s and fabric types. You can approach them or enquire about them here:


Being an important part of the daily used furniture, we can’t deny the importance of the chairs. Wooden chairs are preferred due to their classical appearance, durability, and sturdiness. On the other hand, foldable furniture items are also making our lives easy as they are easy to handle, carry, and cheap as compared to wooden articles. Customized chairs can be a life savior for working people as they provide support, maintain hip balance, and reduce strain from our back. All of the above, awareness of the purpose for which you require a chair, table, or any other article is very important while selecting the fur

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