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How To Reupholster A Chair-Step By Step Guide

How To Reupholster A Chair-Step By Step Guide

Sometimes we simply replace our old chairs with new ones even though those are in working condition. Not only it increases your expenses but also you may not get satisfactory results. So what you can do is reupholster a chair. You can save some extra bucks without having to part with your good chair.

Today we will show you a complete guide about how to reupholster a chair. Hope you can get a new chair by this method. Now, start our journey.

 Here is a step-by-step guide on how to reupholster a chair and make it look new.

 Step1. Select The Chair To Reupholster

How To Reupholster A Chair-Step By Step Guide

Take a look at the picture above. The original version of the chair……awful, isn’t it? Bring the chair to the front.

Next measure the chair to get the right quantity of fabric for it. For this, you can follow two easy steps including:

  1. Take your measuring tape and measure the chair for rough estimates about how big every panel is.
  2. Remove the entire fabric from your chair and lay out every panel to gain a good idea of the overall estimate of fabric you will require for the piece.

I suggest buying extra quantities of fabric for your chair so that it doesn’t fall short at the end.

Step2. Choose A Fabric For Your Chair

How To Reupholster A Chair-Step By Step Guide

This is the next and crucial step in the process to reupholster a chair. And yes this is not an easy task…..I tell you.

It is NOT a surprise that you will have to do a bit of research for the perfect choice of fabric for the beautiful piece.

If you don’t mind traveling then you can check in the brick-and-mortar stores. Or else you can check online…… the internet is flooded with websites selling good fabrics for different furniture.

Checking online you can compare the:

  • Brands
  • Varieties &
  • Prices etc

You can get some unique design ideas to beautify your old chair.

Buy The Fabric

For offline stores, you can choose, buy, and bring the fabric instantly to your home.

But for online mode, you will have to choose and order the right quantity of fabric for your chair. And wait for the thing to be delivered to your doorstep.

Once you have the fabric at hand you can move forward with further steps to reupholster a chair.

Step3. Tools You Will Require

 Check if you have the tools nearby before you start the project. If you don’t then get those from the stores to reupholster a chair:

  • Scissors – 1
  • Flathead Screwdriver – 1
  • Hammer – 1
  • Sewing Machine – 1
  • Butter Knife – 1
  • Glue – As much as needed
  • Chalk – 1 &
  • Hand Gloves – 1 Pair

Step4. Begin From The Bottom

I recommend wearing hand gloves before you start working on the project.

How To Reupholster A Chair-Step By Step Guide

If you have already removed the fabric from the chair while taking the measurement then you can skip this step. Otherwise first of all remove the whole fabric from the piece.

While removing the old fabric begin from the bottom portion as the chairs mostly are finished here. So doing it in reverse will help you organize the fabric nicely.

A Small Tip Here: you can use a disinfectant to ward off the bad smell (if any) when removing the old fabric.

Step5. Take Out The Outer Frame

How To Reupholster A Chair-Step By Step Guide

Use the hammer and flathead Screwdriver to get amid your chair and frame then pry apart. There can be staples or nails open so be careful when following this step to reupholster a chair.

Step 6. Remove The Panels In an Organized Way

This step consumes most of your time. Remove the fabric cautiously so that you can use it later as a sample for the new one. You can choose the best alternative to remove the fabric gradually.

How To Reupholster A Chair-Step By Step Guide

Step 7. Label All The Sections

 Remove fabric and staples gradually. To reupholster a chair, label every section with chalk so that you can recognize how it will be when putting on the new fabric.

Step 8. Open The Ply-Grip Carefully

These honed metal teeth seen on the large sections at the edges and backs are very hard to open. Hence it is advised to use a butter knife to open them.

Step 9. Remove The Fabric Entirely

Keep on removing the old fabric until you can see all the frames of the chair. See if you have to remove some batting as well as foam pieces.

A Small Tip Again: To make your chair more comfortable to sit you can add some more batting and foam pieces. This will prove fruitful.

Step 10. Cut The New Pattern

How To Reupholster A Chair-Step By Step Guide

For this step, place the old fabric on the floor mat. Then place over the new fabric and do the cutting for an easy understanding of how to do it rightly.

If you have opted for a patterned fabric then cut it in a way the images are centered beautifully while attaching the fabric.

Keep in mind to replace the fabric in the reverse order you have removed.

Step 11. Do The Piping

 Take a look at the old piping and check how it has been done.

Then start with your project. Depending upon the length of your chair cut the new fabric measuring 2 to 3 inches longer than the size of your cord. Use your sewing machine to do the piping.

Now attach the piping in the same reverse order as you have removed it.

Step 12. Tuck Your Fabric In

How To Reupholster A Chair-Step By Step Guide

Ensure tucking in every panel and then staple it appropriately. Remember the staples should not be seen in the finished chair.

Step 13. Sew Your Cushion Cover

How To Reupholster A Chair-Step By Step Guide

Make covers for new cushion/s using a sewing machine. And place it on your chair.

To safeguard your reupholstered chair against stains and spills spray a Scotchgard or kind of something. The process to reupholster a chair takes much time depending upon the length and size of your chair.

How To Reupholster A Chair-Step By Step Guide

Enjoy your new comfort!

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