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Top 10 Chair Manufacturers In Malaysia

Malaysia is renowned for its vibrant culture, beautiful scenery, and cutting-edge architecture. However, it is also among the biggest exporters of chairs worldwide. With ample forestry and a devoted workforce, Malaysia has become a leader in the furniture sector, making it one of the top 10 global furniture exporters. If you are searching for the finest furniture for your residence, workplace, or furniture shop, you should opt for Malaysian products. But, with numerous companies, how can you decide which offers the most outstanding quality? Have no fear! This blog lists the top 10 chair manufacturers in Malaysia. 

Blossom Furnishings 

Blossom Furnishing, a renowned furniture manufacturer based in China, is dedicated to delivering quality products globally. With many years of experience in furniture-making, the company has established a strong reputation for providing long-lasting and fashionable furniture that serves its purpose without breaking the bank. 

Blossom Furnishing stands out from other chair makers through its dedication to high-quality construction materials. They offer chairs in various materials like Wooden, Stainless Steel, Resin, Metal, Plastic, and Bamboo for maximum durability and comfort. Moreover, the fabrics and leather used for the upholstery are of excellent quality and simple to clean and maintain. 

Blossom Furnishings has a vast selection of seating choices for all occasions, such as wedding receptions, dinner parties, coffee meetings, and bar events. Their products are available in a range of styles and designs to satisfy everyone’s preference and can be obtained in multiple colors and finishes to fit with any existing decor. Also, these chairs are designed to be suitable for indoor and outdoor settings. 

Also, Blossom Furnishing is devoted to offering excellent customer service. Their knowledgeable customer service representatives are on hand to assist with your inquiries or concerns. Moreover, customers can benefit from free shipping and hassle-free returns, granting assurance in their purchasing decisions.  

Top Chair Collections

  • Chiavari Chairs 

chiavari chair

  • Folding Chairs

banquet folding chairs

  • Cross Back Chairs

wooden crossback chair

  • Bentwood Chairs


  • Phoenix Chairs

Phoenix Chairs

  • Resin Ghost Chairs

Resin Ghost Chairs

  • Belle Epoque Chairs


  • Louis Chair

louis chair

AFA Stores

With years of service in the furniture industry, AFA Stores is well-respected for its selection of chairs for residential and business spaces. They prioritize affordability in their collection of high-quality home decor and accessories. By employing an experienced team of buyers, AFA Stores can offer an extensive selection of the finest home decor and accessories, ensuring that their customers are always pleased with their purchases. 

Shopping for furniture can be overwhelming, and AFA Stores recognizes that everyone’s needs are unique. They’ve stocked their website with everything you need to create the perfect space in your vacation home, apartment, or home. They provide a vast selection of furniture styles, from classic to contemporary, which are budget-friendly and appeal to all tastes. 

Their inventory consists of pieces for bedrooms, entertainment spaces, libraries, dining areas, kitchens, bars, work zones, and entryways. They offer products from notable names such as Pulaski, Lexington, Liberty, and Universal Furniture, all of which craft top-notch furnishings but still at competitive prices. 

Best Products

  • Kaplan Outdoor Chair – KO60013WH-MI

outdoor dining chair

  • Astrid Indoor/Outdoor Metal Dining Chair – CO6270-MB

outdoor dining chair supplier

  • Brighton Outdoor Chair – CO1030-RE

outdoor dining chair manufacturer

  • Kaplan Outdoor Dining Swivel Chair – KO60026BZ-MI

outdoor dining chair factory

  • Camille Chairs – KF13036MB

outdoor dining chair bulk

Classic Chair  

Classic Chair, an esteemed furniture manufacturer in Malaysia, has acquired renown for creating durable and premium quality chairs. Established over decades, they specialize in a broad selection of models, from timeless leather executive chairs to modern mesh task chairs, allowing anyone to find the ideal piece. 

Classic Chair stands out due to the outstanding comfort of their chairs. Their designs are thoughtfully crafted to prioritize ergonomics and ensure optimal posture, reducing strain on the back and neck while looking fantastic. 

Classic Chair offers a variety of office chairs and complimentary desks, bookcases, and filing cabinets to help create a sophisticated atmosphere in any work area.

Best Chairs

  • CL 8118

office chair

  • CL 7705

office chair supplier


office chair bulk

  • F1 M/B

offfice dining chair

  • AKIRA 2 M/B

office dining chair factory

AM Office 

Established in Malaysia, AM Office has positioned itself as a premier furniture manufacturer, focusing primarily on ergonomically sound chairs and seating solutions that prioritize comfort, quality, and productivity. 

AM Office boasts of crafting the highest quality chairs, designed to offer durability and ergonomics that promote enhanced comfort and productivity in any workspace. Only the finest materials and up-to-date production processes are used to guarantee optimal excellence. 

At AM Office, delivering exemplary customer service is at the heart of our mission. Their specialists are on hand to address any queries or worries our clients might have and provide swift, efficient responses. 

AM Office offers a plethora of office chairs designed to accommodate individual needs and tastes. The selection is vast, offering executive, task, conference, and visitor chairs in various colors, materials, and designs. 

Featured Chairs

  • BOP A1

office dining chairs

  • Kingsley Director Highback Chair

Kingsley Director Highback Chair

  • XG09 Mediumback Mesh Chair

XG09 Mediumback Mesh Chair

  • BJ086 Office Visitor Chair 

BJ086 Office Visitor Chair 

  • Metro 1 Seater

Metro 1 Seater

KER Global Furniture

Based in Malaysia, KER Global Furniture is famed for manufacturing excellent chairs and seating solutions. 

The company’s expansive selection will accommodate your residential needs and preferences. They offer a diverse selection of pieces from the living room and bedroom to the kitchen and from the dining room to the occasional areas. Customers are spoilt for choice with a broad spectrum, including American, European, and Neo-classical, to match all styles and preferences. 

KER Group Furniture is praised for its devotion to delivering excellence. Utilizing the latest production methods combined with the best quality components, they manufacture chairs with lasting reliability. Customer satisfaction is always a primary focus of KER Group Furniture; they boast an exceptional support team prepared to address any queries or worries.

Top Collections

  • Dining Room

Dining Room chair

  • Living Room

living room chair

  • Bedroom


  • Occasional


  • Kitchen Room

Kitchen Room

Merry Fair

Established in 1974, Merryfair initially manufactured component parts, but by 1982 had successfully ventured into producing office chairs. As a result, they swiftly gained recognition as a top office furniture producer in Malaysia and started exporting their products to the international market in 1985. Beginning as a small enterprise, Merryfair has now established itself as a stable, up-to-date, and dynamic company. Mr. Ong Hooi Lim, the founder of Merryfair, has led the organization to the top of the office furniture industry internationally. 

They are devoted to delivering top-notch furniture from conception to fabrication for their customers. Their products – chairs, and system furniture – are marked by their client-centric solutions designed to meet modern office needs and provide different furnishing options. They offer a complete selection of office chairs and a wide selection of accessories and sizes for system furniture to make the most of the space for various office environments. 

They utilize stringent quality control practices at every step of the production process. Their production capacity is significantly in-house, allowing them to meet customer requirements with thoughtful solutions. 

Best Seating Solutions

  • Anggun

high back office chair

  • Balanz


  • Domino

Domino chair

  • Juvel

red dining chair

  • Muze

orange dining chair

  • Ovo

ovo chair

  • Regent

Regent chair

  • Saville

dining chair supplier

TekkaShop Furniture 

Established in 2015, Tekkashop Furniture has rapidly grown to become a reputable supplier of furnishings in Malaysia. With over a decade of expertise, their experienced management team strives to consistently provide excellent quality service and products promptly.

They provide stylish, modern, and sophisticated furnishings to suit the desires of their customers. They have an extensive selection of goods that accommodate the demands of commercial and domestic buyers. 

Tekkashop Furniture endeavors to deliver high-grade items at an affordable price. They perform rigorous market surveys to craft new products and advance production processes, ensuring customers always obtain the latest and most excellent products. 

At Tekkashop Furniture, excellent products are coupled with dedicated customer service, aiming to create long-term partnerships with each client through savings and competitive prices. They strive to build a sincere connection and make it the foundation of a successful business.

Best Selling Chairs

  • FDOC1642BK Ergonomic Full Mesh Lumbar Support Office Chair 

office dining chair

  • FDCC0400PK Curve Swivel Cushion Chair 

pink office dining chair

  • FDOC442BL Contemporary Style Steel Outdoor High Chair

outdoor high dining chair

  • MXDC731 Elegant High Back Multi-Function Dining Cushioned Chair

Dining Cushioned Chair

  • MXDC930 Contemporary Curved Shaped Backrest Wooden Dining Chair 

wooden dining chair

Meco Office 

In March 2009, MECO OFFICE SYSTEM SDN BHD inaugurated its first retail store in Shah Alam, Malaysia. An expansive product selection of furniture systems, tables, chairs, conference tables, open plan partitions, steel cabinets, home and office safes, blinds, and board series make up the inventory. They provide free office planning and renovation consultations, plus outstanding after-sales services. 

They strive to gain the respect and trust of those they interact with as the people demonstrate their expertise and politeness in the business sphere. Furthermore, they actively seek better and more efficient ways to carry out their tasks, disregarding outdated systems. Additionally, they always look for chances to join with other firms to generate advantages for both entities, thus, pushing for the perpetual development of all parties involved.

To remain a leader in the office furniture sector, they strive to offer customers the most cost-effective solution possible. Their strategy entails generating customized office systems with ingenious, budget-friendly designs to suit each client’s needs. Moreover, their first-rate products and services assist in developing economical workspaces that bring increased value to their customers’ business operations. 

Top Office-Seating Solutions

  • Director/Executive Chair

DirectorExecutive Chair

  • Mesh Chair

mesh chair

  • Typist /Visitor/Study Chair

Typist VisitorStudy Chair

  • Settee/Link Chair

settee chair

Kokuyo Furniture

At KOKUYO Furniture, customer satisfaction is paramount in all product design and development. Their corporate philosophy is to create aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, and highly functional items.

Working in collaboration with customers, KOKUYO delivers projects that fulfill each corporate strategy, account for workflows, and match the unique facility features. The company provides services that include designing spaces, planning furniture arrangements, and fabricating office furniture and store fixtures.

On an annual basis, KOKUYO delivers project proposals, management, and spatial design to over 1,000 different facilities, including offices, hotels, commercial buildings, hospitals, and cultural locations. By pairing each client’s corporate strategy, work style, and goals with their comprehensive space design services, KOKUYO is committed to developing collective spatial value for its customers.

Top Featured Chairs

  • Entry

Entry office chair

  • M4

M4 office chair

  • Spline

Spline office chair

  • Any

any chair

  • Mycket

mycket chair


coode chair

Bristol Furniture 

In 1983, Bristol began its foray into the world of office furniture and seating by trading components of chairs. Throughout the years, they have cultivated a powerful capacity to design and craft high-quality goods. Now one of the most prominent office furniture manufacturers in Asia, Bristol has proven its dedication to design, values, and purpose, resulting in significant growth to six countries and plans to further extend its reach.

Through innovation and design, they aspire to be the world’s most dependable source of premier office solutions. Their cutting-edge production plant in Malaysia designs and manufactures revolutionary products to fulfill the most exacting customer requirements.

Bristol’s commitment to the ISO has been recognized with the award of two major accredited standards – ISO 9001: 2015 for Quality Management and ISO 14001: 2015 for Environmental Management. These standards are set by experts to ensure organizational performance and excellence. 

Best Chairs

  • Como Office Chair

Como Office Chair

  • Ginko Chair

Ginko Chair

  • Merlin Chair

Merlin Chair

  • Kleiber Flex Air Chair

Kleiber Flex Air Chair

  • Soul Chair

Soul Chair


In conclusion, Malaysia is a country that offers a wealth of natural beauty and world-class furniture. With an abundance of wood resources and a population of hardworking and enterprising citizens, Malaysia has become one of the top furniture manufacturers in the world. The top 10 dining chair manufacturers listed in this blog are a great starting point for anyone looking for high-quality furniture. Whether you’re in the market for a new dining set or looking to furnish your office or furniture shop, you can’t go wrong with choosing a manufacturer from this list. 

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