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Plastic Stackable Dining Chair

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Qingdao Blossom Furnishings Limited. Is a 10-year-old plastic stackable chair factory.We have a professional machine and work team.We also have a special design team, no matter what style and color you need, we can meet your requirements.This chair is made of pure PP plastic, solid and strong. Very friendly to the environment, and easy to clean, stacking for saving space. Use for home, restaurant, garden, meeting room and many places. Selling to many countries in the world with cheap and competitive price.

Plastic Stackable Dining Chair Advantage

1. MOQ : 30 pcs each chair, 40HQ container; Mix-container is available.

2. Payment terms: BY T/T. 30% deposit in advance , balance amount please kindly paid before shipment.

3. The prices base on FOB Shenzhen , Price is valid in one month.

4. Delivery Time: 35 days after confirmed the purchase order and received the 30% deposit.

5. Quality Warranty: 3 years for plastic shell .

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Plastic stackable dining chair is our patented design product, two-color design, design elements are
line and surface gradient, simple but not simple appearance, stable structure. According to BIFMA, the
test can withstand 130 KG, 68 kg rubber back and 120,000 back pushes.

plastic stackable dining chair

stackable chair factory

The support of the rubber shell seat facing the leg and the wrapping of the backrest to the back are in line
with the ergonomic concept.

plastic dining chair

Plastic Resin Cafe Stackable Restaurant Dining Chair

New PP material, in line with international environmental protection requirements (seven colors optional,
ABS seat cushions can be matched with color).

Plastic Resin Cafe Stackable Dining Chair

A buckle can be added to the back of the seat to make it easy to hang things. The screws are all anti-skid and anti-falling screws.

Resin Cafe Stackable Dining Chair

Plastic Stackable Dining Chairs Color

Our plastic chair factory can produce 7 kinds of regular colors. If you want to customize other colors, you can send us samples.

plastic chairs for sale wholesale

The legs are Nylon.The imported pure PP material, and the thickness of the plastic shell are 10mm.

Resin Cafe Stackable Chair

The anti-skid and anti-falling screws are grade 8.8 hardened. The paper panel is 160g with Strengthening treatment.

Plastic Resin Cafe Stackable Restaurant Dining Chairs

Plastic Resin Cafe Stackable Restaurant Dining Chair supplier

Plastic Resin Cafe Stackable Restaurant Dining Chair manufacturer

Our chairs have professional test certificates, strong and durable, and suitable for all sizes and weights of guests
, waiting for a long time will not make people feel uncomfortable.
stackable plastic dining chair manufacturer

Stackable, effectively saving space.Packed in 5 sheets and 1 case, effectively saving transportation costs.

resin stackable dining chair bulk

These plastic dining chairs are stackable, so you can stack them to save space. These stackable chairs
are also always easier to clean after you need to clean or mop the floor.

plastic dining chair wholesale

With this trolley, stackable dining chairs can be moved quickly and easily. The trolley can push 10 chairs at a time.

china resin stackable chair

Provide quality, reliable seating for any modern restaurant, waiting room, or office. This seat offers plenty of
comfort and style.
It is perfect for the use of accent side chairs in waiting areas, cafes, lounges, and casual restaurants.stackable dining chairs

These plastic stacked chairs are ideal for multi-purpose rooms, training rooms, conference centers, lounges,
restaurants, hotels, schools, and restaurants.

plastic dining chairs

This chair also features a waterfall chair to help reduce leg tension and provide superior comfort for your
guests during their stay.
Nothing is off-limits, as the plastic stacked chairs can be placed in classrooms,
meeting rooms, dining halls, or around the house.

plastic resin dining chairs

Different Types of Plastic Chairs


Stainless steel leg plastic stackable chair. There are two kinds, one is without an armrest, and the other is with an armrest.
Each chair leg has a protective cushion.

china resin stackable chair


china resin stackable chairs


This style of chair leg is one-piece, easy to install, but also very durable. With or without handrails.

china resin stackable chair factory


china resin stackable chairs supplier


A chair with handles allows you to rest your arms on it for a more comfortable sitting.

china resin stackable chairs manufacturer


This chair has a shelf under it for putting things and wheels for easy movement.


Resin Cafe Stackable Chair bulk



Resin Cafe Stackable Chair factory



Resin Cafe Stackable Chair supplier


Resin Cafe Stackable Chair wholesale


Resin Cafe Stackable Chairs


The legs of this chair are stainless steel, which makes it look more beautiful.

Plastic Resin Cafe Stackable Dining Chair


The chair has a hanger on the side that can be used to hang cups or bags, with some material underneath.
And it’s easy to move on wheels.

Plastic Resin Cafe Stackable Dining Chairs


The plastic chair has four wheels. And you can adjust the height of the chair. Suitable for different people.

Plastic Resin Cafe Stackable Dining Chair bulk


The chair features a wheel underneath for easy movement and a shelf for things like bags and data.

Plastic Resin Cafe Stackable Dining Chair factory


The chair is also wheeled and has adjustable height. And below there is a very human design, to put
the foot of the ring.Suitable for different people.

Plastic Resin Cafe Stackable Dining Chair manufacturer


This chair is fixed and can be used in one place. It has a computer stand and a water cup holder, use
in a meeting room to save space.

Plastic Resin Cafe Stackable Dining Chair supplier


Plastic Resin Cafe Stackable Dining Chair wholesale


plastic stackable dining chair


Wooden legs and different materials of the seat collocation, are also very practical and are suitable for different places.

plastic stackable dining chairs


plastic stackable dining chair bulk


plastic stackable dining chair factory


plastic stackable dining chair manufacturer


plastic stackable dining chair wholesale


The chair features a computer stand, is comfortable to sit on, and has wheels that make it easy to move around.
I can put some information down here. The chair also has a cup holder. That would save me a table. There are two colors.

stackable dining chair


stackable dining chairs


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